What is a good electric chainsaw?

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View the Best Electric Chainsaw for the Money, Below.
  1. WORX WG303.
  2. DEWALT 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw.
  3. Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw.
  4. Remington RM1025SPS Chainsaw/Pole Saw.
  5. GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw Review.
  6. BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw.
  7. GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw.
  8. Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw.

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Likewise, are electric chainsaw any good?

Why We Prefer Electric Chainsaws Electric would be the way to go if you prefer an eco-friendly motor, a better ergonomic handling, a lighter weight for less fatigue, and a safer experience. Plus, it is generally less expensive – providing an overall great performance at a better value.

Also, what is the best electric chainsaw in UK? Best Electric Chainsaws for Homeowners and Professionals in the UK

  • Bosch AKE 40-19 S Electric Chainsaw. PROS.
  • Ryobi RCS2340 Electric Chainsaw. PROS.
  • Makita UC3541A Electric Chainsaw. PROS.
  • Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw. PROS.
  • Black & Decker GKC3630L20-GB Electric Chainsaw. PROS.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the best all around chainsaw?

Best All Around Chainsaw List

  1. Remington RM4214 Chainsaw. 14-inch Bar and Chain (Gas)
  2. Husqvarna 440e II Chainsaw. 16-inch Bar and Chain (Gas)
  3. Greenworks CS40L210 Chainsaw. 14-inch Bar and Chain (Battery)
  4. DEWALT DCCS690M1 Chainsaw. 16-inch Bar and Chain (Battery)
  5. WORX WG303. 1 Chainsaw.

Should I get a gas or electric chainsaw?

Although electric chainsaws are smaller and easier to carry, most lack the power and stamina to cut down large trees. If you have big trees on your property that you want to remove or cut into firewood, a gas model is your best bet. If you're using a corded electric model, you'll want to buy an extension cord.

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Do Electric chainsaws need oil?

Electric chain saws derive their power from an electric source, so they don't need fuel to run. Electric chain saws don't require this added oil, but the bar and chain do need to be properly lubricated. Electric chain saws use the same type of lubrication for the bar and chain as gas-powered chain saws.

Are battery chainsaws worth it?

For everyone else, a battery-powered saw is an option worth considering. Battery-powered chain saws are convenient, quieter than gas-powered saws and lower maintenance. Also, if you own or purchase other outdoor power equipment that can use the same battery, it makes even more sense to own a battery-powered chain saw.

Are electric chainsaws more dangerous?

The answer to the question, are electric chainsaw safer, is a big yes. They are lighter, produce less power, more consistent, and can be used by both experts and beginners. However, it would be best if you never underestimate the power that these electric models can produce.

Can an electric chainsaw cut down a tree?

A light-use chainsaw can get damaged when cutting thick tree trunks since it has a small blasé and cutting bar. While the majority of people who cut down thick trees prefer using gas-powered chainsaws, you can use your electric chainsaw as long as the user manual says you can.

Is there a gas chainsaw with electric start?

Gas Chainsaws with Electric Starts
An electric start chainsaw might sound like the perfect solution to the problems that people have when starting a chainsaw. We hate to inform you, but gas chainsaws with automatic electric-start systems don't exist.

What is the most powerful electric chainsaw?

Top 5 Most Powerful Electric Chainsaws: Which one will be the best for you?
  • #1. Black + Decker LCS1020.
  • #2. Greenworks Corded Electric Chainsaw.
  • #3. Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw.
  • #4. Earthwise CS33016.
  • #5. Makita X2 Lithium Cordless.

Is there an electric start chainsaw?

STIHL electric saws are emission-free and can be used anywhere where an electrical outlet is available. So whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, there's a saw for you.

Is Stihl or Husqvarna better?

Many users say that Stihl has more low-end torque, making it a better choice for tough cutting. Stihl chainsaws tend to cost less than Husqvarna. Stihl has a reputation for requiring less routine maintenance. Stihl saws tend to be preferred by homeowners.

What is the best chainsaw for the money?

View the Best Chainsaw on the Market, Below.
  1. Best Overall: WORX WG303.
  2. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 2-Stroke Gas-ChainSaw.
  3. Best Value: Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw.
  4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Chainsaw.
  5. DEWALT DCCS690M1 XR Brushless Chainsaw.
  6. EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chain Saw.
  7. GreenWorks 20362 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw.

What Chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Generally the Pro grade Stihls, Husquvarna (XP series), Johnserred (pretty much same as Huskys) with a smattering of Dolmars, Oleo Macs and a couple of others. Pro Mac 610 is a 60cc saw, so something like a Stihl MS 362 or a Husky 357XP would be the current replacement.

What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees?

A Comparison of our 5 Favorite Models:
Model Price Editor Rating
Husqvarna 460 Rancher (Top Pick) Check Price 5.0/5
DEWALT DCCS620B Check Price 4.7/5
WORX WG304.1 (Best for the Money) Check Price 4.6/5
BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Check Price 4.3/5

What size chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree?

An important factor to take into account is the diameter of the wood you will most often be cutting. The usual guideline is to choose a chainsaw with a bar that is two inches longer than the diameter of what you need to cut. For example, if you need to cut a tree that is 10” across, you will need a chainsaw of 12”.

Who makes the best battery powered chainsaw?

Best Battery Powered Chainsaws
  • The DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT Cordless Chainsaw.
  • The Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chain Saw.
  • The Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw.
  • The Zombi ZCS5817 Cordless Electric Chainsaw.

What is the best Stihl chainsaw for a homeowner?

High-Performance best all round stihl chainsaw MS 250
Apart from being the best STIHL chainsaw for cutting firewood, it is the best STIHL chainsaw ever made. It is designed with a balanced ratio of weight to power, which ensures that whatever job you get it in, it will deliver to its best.

What is the best mid size chainsaw?

the best mid sized (59cc class) chainsaw to get is none at all. instead go for a two saw combo of stihl 260/460 or husky 346/372 or what ever. smaller saw to limb with, larger saw for everything else.

Are electric chainsaws any good UK?

Compared to its petrol counterpart which is mostly used for heavy-duty jobs, an electric chainsaw it's a lot easier to use. It is far from being as loud as a petrol chainsaw, which makes it an ideal tool for domestic use. The best part of having an electric chainsaw is the ease of using it.

Are petrol chainsaws better than electric?

Electric saws need less maintenance than petrol chainsaws. If you're looking for something light and easy to maintain, your best bet is electric. Typical electric chainsaw maintenance has to do with keeping the chain working properly. Keep the chain sharp and lubricated.