Where should I stay outside San Francisco?

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San Francisco Hotels and Places to Stay
  • The Inn San Francisco. San Francisco, CA.
  • San Francisco Inn. San Francisco, CA.
  • Motel 6 San Francisco Downtown. San Francisco, CA.
  • The Grove Inn. San Francisco, CA.
  • Seal Rock Inn. San Francisco, CA.
  • Lombard Motor Inn. San Francisco, CA.
  • Bay Bridge Inn. San Francisco, CA.
  • Fairmont San Francisco.

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Also asked, what is the best area to stay in San Francisco?

The Best Areas to Stay in San Francisco: We recommend staying in Haight-Ashbury, Hayes Valley, The Castro, or North Beach. The Best Hotels in San Francisco: Our top hotel picks are The Stanyan Park Hotel, The Hayes Valley Inn, and Parker Guest House. Pick any one of those 3 options and you're golden.

Additionally, is it safe to walk around San Francisco at night? During the day, navigating this area requires extra care; at night, however, many visitors prefer to avoid walking in this neighborhood for more than a block or two. Overall, most San Francisco neighborhoods are not dangerous.

Beside above, is it better to stay in Union Square or Fisherman's Wharf?

Yes if you like shopping Union Square is great with food courts nearby. Fisherman's Wharf is great for walking distance to tourist attractions. And a Union Square Hotel is going to charge you quite a bit to park a car, if that is a consideration.

What towns are close to San Francisco?

Major cities near San Francisco, CA

  • 8 miles to Oakland, CA.
  • 28 miles to Fremont, CA.
  • 42 miles to San Jose, CA.
  • 63 miles to Stockton, CA.
  • 75 miles to Sacramento, CA.
  • 78 miles to Modesto, CA.
  • 161 miles to Fresno, CA.
  • 187 miles to Reno, NV.

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What should I avoid in San Francisco?

Top Five Areas to Avoid in San Francisco
  • The Tenderloin. Number one on the list of dangerous places in San Francisco is The Tenderloin.
  • Bayview-Hunters Point.
  • Sunnydale.
  • Potrero Hill at night.
  • The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Is Fisherman's Wharf safe at night?

7. Re: Is it safe to walk at night in Fishermans wharf? The Fisherman's Wharf area is quite safe. Your hotel is not that far from Pier 39.

How many days should I spend in San Francisco?

The general broad opinion of regular posters is that a visitor should have 4-5 days in SF proper before they start thinking about day trips outside of the city. Based on this I would say that you could easily fill up 3 days.

Is San Francisco Chinatown safe?

Chinatown itself isn't particularly dangerous but some areas around it (the Tenderloin) and up and down Market street can be. It's a big city here and big cities tend to have more crime. You mainly want to avoid aggressive panhandlers (seriously, just don't engage them at all and walk away as fast as possible).

Where do celebrities stay in San Francisco?

Celebrity Getaway Hotels in San Francisco
  • Fairmont San Francisco. Nob Hill, San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Phoenix Hotel SF. Tenderloin, San Francisco, California, United States.
  • The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel. Tenderloin, San Francisco, California, United States.
  • The St. Regis San Francisco.
  • Taj Campton Place.
  • The Westin St.

What is the first thing to do in San Francisco?

Here's a one-day itinerary that will take the first-timer methodically through some of the most interesting places San Francisco has to offer.
  1. Get Breakfast at Mama's.
  2. Coit Tower.
  3. The Stairs of Telegraph Hill.
  4. The Trolley to the Castro.
  5. Haight-Ashbury.
  6. Golden Gate Park.
  7. The Exploratorium.

Who is the richest person in San Francisco?

Top 4 Billionaires Living In San Francisco
  • Dustin Moskovitz ($7.9 Billion Net Worth)
  • Travis Kalanick ($5.3 Billion Net Worth)
  • Marc Benioff ($3.4 Billion Net Worth)
  • Doris Fisher ($2.9 Billion Net Worth)

Is Union Square safe at night?

With the caveat that big city street smarts should be used everywhere, yes Union Square is safe. It does, however, abut an area called The Tenderloin which is less so. And even then, while not attractive in the daytime, the "danger" factor ramps up at night.

Can you walk from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf?

The Powell-Mason line has less spectacular hills and goes to central Fisherman's Wharf. You can walk from Union Square along Powell if you have good lungs and legs; it has some steep hills. The alternative is to go a block east to Stockton and walk through the tunnel. Along the way, you can see Union Square.

Is Union Square near Fisherman's Wharf?

The distance between Union Square and Fishermans Wharf is 1 miles.

Where should I stay in Fisherman Wharf or Union Square?

Staying in Fisherman's Wharf is like staying near Leicester Square in London -- loud, brash, touristy, lots of chain restaurants with mediocre food, etc. Staying in Union Square is like staying somewhere else in London -- not as upmarket as Knightsbridge, maybe more like Oxford Street.

Is San Francisco a good place to vacation?

San Francisco is amazing to travel all-year round. San Francisco is a walkable city, but you do need a good condition due to the many hills in the city. You'll be going up and down. My first recommendation, isn't even in central San Francisco but crossing the Golden Gate towards Sausalito.

How far is Union Square from downtown San Francisco?

The distance between Union Square and Hyatt Regency San Francisco is 3878 feet.

What is the most dangerous part of San Francisco?

The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in San Francisco
  1. Mission Neighborhood. The crime rate in Mission is high enough to warrant concern.
  2. The Tenderloin Neighborhood.
  3. Chinatown Neighborhood.
  4. South of Market Neighborhood.
  5. Ocean View.
  6. Bayview Neighborhood.
  7. Excelsior Neighborhood.
  8. Downtown Neighborhood.

What are the worst areas in San Francisco?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in San Francisco according to data:
  • Bayview.
  • Visitacion Valley.
  • Lakeshore.
  • Downtown.
  • Chinatown.
  • Potrero Hill.
  • Excelsior.
  • Outer Mission.