Where do you fly to from San Francisco?

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The 10 Cheapest International Flights from San Francisco
  1. Fly from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for as low as $296 round trip.
  2. Fly from San Francisco to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for as low as $409 round trip.
  3. Fly from San Francisco to Cancun, Mexico, for as low as $457 round trip.
  4. Fly from San Francisco to San Jose, Costa Rica, for as low as $648 round trip.

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Keeping this in view, where can you fly direct from San Francisco?

Non stop flights from San Francisco – SFO direct flights

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico – ABQ – United, SkyWest Airlines.
  • Arcata/Eureka, California – ACV – SkyWest Airlines.
  • Aspen, Colorado – ASE – SkyWest Airlines.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – ATL – Delta, Frontier, United.
  • Austin, Texas – AUS – Jet Aviation Flight Services, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, United, SkyWest Airlines.

Likewise, what airlines fly into San Francisco? In general from United States, United Airlines, Air New Zealand and Delta fly the most to San Francisco.

Secondly, is it cheaper to fly into San Francisco or Oakland?

If your destination in San Francisco is the Financial District or Union Square, OAK is likely only 3 or 4 miles further away from where you are going than SFO. For Bay Area locals, OAK is often a cheaper choice when it comes to getting to the airport by car.

Where does United fly nonstop from SFO?

United currently offers nonstop service to Mumbai and New Delhi from New York/Newark. Seasonal service begins on December 5, 2019, with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. United is adding a second flight – flown four times per week – between San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea.

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Does Delta fly out of SFO?

Departures Terminal:
Delta Air Lines uses Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport (SFO). Some flights labeled as Delta Air Lines are codeshare flights operated by other Airlines. As a result, the following terminals are used for codeshare flights labeled as Delta Air Lines: Terminal IN - International.

Does Norwegian fly out of SFO?

Norwegian started operating out of Oakland (OAK) in 2014, but its flights to London, Barcelona and Paris moved to SFO earlier this year. All of Norwegian's flights from SFO will be operated by Boeing 787-9s.

Does Southwest fly to San Francisco?

Fly out to San Francisco (SFO)! Southwest Airlines® has great fares on flights from Chicago Midway International Airport to San Francisco International Airport that will get you excited for your next trip. Book your flight to San Francisco (SFO) with Southwest® and rest assured your travel experience will be fun.

Does Southwest fly to SFO?

Southwest Airlines® has flights from San Diego International Airport to San Francisco International Airport that will make you excited to plan your next trip. Find flights to San Francisco (SFO) with Southwest® and book yours today.

What airlines fly from LAX to SFO?

What Airlines Fly the LAX to SFO Route?
  • Alaska Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta Airlines.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • United Airlines.

What is the cheapest day to fly to San Francisco?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to San Francisco
High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to San Francisco is January.

Is San Francisco a big airport?

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco in California, covering 21.07km². The airport handled more than 55 million passengers in 2017, making it the 24th busiest in the world. There are four terminals at the airport, including the International Terminal.

Is it easy to get from Oakland to San Francisco?

The distance between Oakland and San Francisco is 8 miles. The road distance is 10.8 miles. How do I travel from Oakland to San Francisco without a car? The best way to get from Oakland to San Francisco without a car is to BART which takes 16 min and costs $2 - $4.

Is it better to fly into San Jose or San Francisco?

SFO is the best airport to use if you're trying to get to San Francisco proper, but it's also pretty easy to access from other parts of The Bay. However, the further east or south you go, the more likely it'll make sense to opt for Oakland or San Jose, assuming flight price and times are equal.

Is Oakland or San Francisco closer to Napa?

The closest major airport to Napa Valley is Oakland International Airport, only 50 miles south. San Francisco International Airport is 55 miles south of Napa Valley and Sacramento International Airport is 60 miles west of Napa Valley. Rental cars and public transportation are available at these airports.

Is it safe to fly to San Francisco?

San Francisco is a generally safe city, but like many popular tourist cities, they do have a pickpocket problem. Just watch yourself at Pier 39, the cable car car turnaround on Powell and around Union Square. Read 21 ways to outsmart pickpockets! San Francisco also has an intractable homeless problem.

How Safe Is Oakland Airport?

The Oakland airport is perfectly safe and it's right next to Alameda. I used to work five minutes away from there. Getting to SF from the Oakland airport will take some time, but it's do-able. SF is definitely expensive and you can take a shuttle to the BART station, if you don't want to drive.

How do I get to San Francisco from the airport?

There's only one BART station at SFO. To get to downtown San Francisco, go down the escalator from the ticketing area and take the Pittsburg/Bay Point train. On some signs, this is written as San Francisco/Pts Baypoint or SF BAY PT. Trains arrive about every 15 minutes.

Which airport is better SFO or OAK?

Some other things to consider: OAK has better on-time performance than SFO due to the number of flights and weather-related delays (e.g., fog). In off hours (after midnight daily, before 8 AM Sundays) when BART is not operating, it is cheaper to get a shuttle or taxi into SF proper from SFO than OAK.

What is the best month to visit San Francisco?

The best times to visit San Francisco are in the spring and fall months of May, June, September and October, when weather is generally clear and mild, and tourist season isn't at its peak.

Is it cheaper to fly into San Jose or San Francisco?

It's one of the fastest growing U.S. airports and is now the second busiest Bay Area airport, behind SFO, in terms of number of passengers. Located less than 5 miles from downtown San Jose, this is by far the most convenient airport to use if you live near downtown San Jose.

How far is Yosemite from San Francisco?

Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 200 miles east of San Francisco, about 300 miles northwest of Los Angeles and a little more than 400 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The park is a three to four-hour drive from San Francisco and about six hours from Los Angeles.