How do you hang curtains on a curtain track?

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For curtain tracks you will need to insert the hooks into the low or middle row of pockets so that the heading hides the track. For poles insert the hooks into the top row of pockets so that the curtain hangs below the pole. Just make sure you insert the hooks into the pockets rather than onto the cords!

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Simply so, what type of curtains go on a track?

Pencil pleat curtains with header tapes can be used with curtain rings on poles, whilst eyelet or tab top curtains can be used directly on the pole without the use of rings. Curtain tracks are suitable for hanging curtains with header tape, by attaching curtain hooks to the gliders.

Additionally, how do you put curtain rings on? Pin the eyelet tape along the top edge of the fabric and sew into place. Draw around the inside of each ring with a fabric pen, then cut out these circles to create the eyelet holes. 3) Press the eyelets into place at the front of the curtain. Fold the bottom 2cm of the panel under and lightly iron.

In this way, can pencil pleat curtains go on a track?

Pencil pleat curtains can be hung from a track or a pole. Pinch and Goblet pleat curtains can be hung from a track or pole but as they hang underneath either, to enable the curtains to concertina back properly, the track or pole will be in full view. Therefore, they can look smarter when hung from a decorative pole.

What are the two types of curtains?

Different Types of Curtains

  • Pinch pleat (or tailored pleat) curtains.
  • Box pleat curtains.
  • Goblet pleat curtains.
  • Pencil pleat curtains.
  • Eyelet (grommet) curtains.
  • Rod-pocket curtains.
  • Tab-top curtains.

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What is the best curtain track?

The 3900 Curtain Track from Silent Gliss is the best available, it is the top of the range in corded curtain tracks. The 3900 curtain track comes as standard with roller gliders that instead of sliding along the track, roll along the edge to make the working of the track much easier and smoother.

Can you hang pinch pleat curtains on a track?

PINCH PLEATED CURTAINS can hang on either a track or a rod with rings like in this pictures above. The type of hooks you can use either slip in next to the pleats or have a spike that you pierce through the pleat at the back.

What is a curtain holder called?

Hardware forms, often called drapery hooks or curtain hooks, are usually U-shaped pieces of metal, sometimes highly decorative, though other materials such as antler might be used.

What kind of curtains use hooks?

Types of Curtain Hooks
  • Round pin-on hooks have a rounded top that slides on a cafe or sash rod, allowing pinch-pleated curtains to be used without the standard traverse or rod and rings hardware.
  • S-hooks are commonly used to hang shower curtains; the top part of the hook goes over the rod and the bottom part fits the grommets in the curtain.

How do you hang pencil pleat curtains on a track?

- Along the track: place the hooks at 4' intervals The curtain or voile curtain is ready to be hung. Thanks to these fixtures, you can adapt your pencil pleat curtains to a track: position them along the top of the curtain at intervals of around 6' and tighten the screws firmly. Slide the rings onto the track.

What are the types of curtains?

Types of Curtains
  • Austrian Curtains.
  • Balloon Shade.
  • Blackout Curtains.
  • Curtain Pairs.
  • Curtain Panels.
  • Door Panels.
  • Grommet Panels.
  • Lace Curtains.

Are short curtains out of style?

Short Curtains
Visually speaking, high-water style is not the most appealing way to hang curtains. The shorter length can appear dated. Also, it can cut the visual height of your room in half. From a purely practical standpoint, however, short curtains are sometimes the best option.

How can I hang curtains without drilling holes?

Take one of your 3M Command hooks, take off the paper backing on the adhesive strips, and line the hook up on the wall using the pencil mark for guidance. Press it on the surface well, holding for at least 30 seconds, then let it be for at least a half hour. Repeat the same for the other side.

Where should a curtain rod be placed?

Rule 1: Hang Curtains Above the Frame
To create the illusion of a taller window, mount the rod four to six inches above the window frame—or halfway between the frame and the ceiling molding. (But within reason—don't go more than eight inches above the frame or it might look awkward.)

Do curtains have to hit the floor?

To finish off the illusion that your window is gigantic, your curtains must touch the ground. Because of the line the curtains make with your eye, they need to at least touch the floor. No more hang-man curtains, or short curtains, in your space.

Do curtains need to touch the floor?

As a general decorating rule, drapes should be long enough to touch the floor. The amount of drapery material reaching the floor depends on the desired look of the curtains once they are hanging around the windows.

How many curtain rod brackets do I need?

Count how many brackets are included with the curtain rod. As a general rule, there should be at least one bracket for each outside corner of the window, and one bracket in the center. Add more brackets if the expanse between the middle and outer brackets is more than three feet.

How do you hang curtains with sheer curtains?

How to Install Sheer Curtains Under Drapes
  1. Buy two different curtain rods.
  2. Install the hardware for a curtain rod or a café rod that will be used for the sheer curtains.
  3. Install the drapes' hardware.
  4. Insert the café rod or lightweight curtain rod through the end of the sheer curtain.
  5. Insert the heavier curtain rod into one end of the drapes.

How many inches from ceiling should curtains be hung?

Ceiling Height
The typical height for hanging drapery on a window that has more than 12 inches of space between the top of the window and the ceiling is about 4 to 6 inches above the window trim. If there is not at least 12 inches of space, hanging the curtains at window level may highlight the limited space.

Are pencil pleat curtains old fashioned?

Many people believe that pencil pleat curtains are old-fashioned when compared to eyelet curtains, which have ringlets incorporated into the fabric itself - but this is far from a blanket rule. Pencil pleat can look just as stylish as eyelet curtains in a contemporary apartment or new-build house.

What is the difference between pinch pleat and pencil pleat?

The amount of gather required is the same as pencil pleat heading (see above). This heading an be used with tracks or poles and has one row of pockets for the curtain hooks. Pinch pleat is a decorative heading for curtains, suitable for all fabrics. Pinch pleats use more fabric and are fuller than pencil pleats.

Do you have to gather pencil pleat curtains?

If your curtain has a pencil pleat heading, you must start by knotting together the three rows of string at the top of the heading tape. To create gather, start by measuring your curtain pole and add 6 inches. Then, half the total number and this is what you must pull your curtains to.