What is the rough opening for a standard bathtub?

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Standard rough opening for a 60" tub is always 60-1/4".

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what are the rough in dimensions for a tub?

Rough-In Dimension Terminology

Toilet Shower/Tub
Supply Line (Vertical) 8 1/4" 80" shower; 20 to 22" tub; spout 4" above tub rim
Supply Line (Horizontal) 6" max from center 8" apart
Discharge/Drain Hole from Back Wall 12 1/2" 14"
Discharge/Drain Hole (Vertical) 0" 0"

Likewise, what is a standard size tub? In general, standard dimensions will give you a rough figure for the size of the bathtub. However, they all vary depending on the shape and type of bathtub you are looking to purchase. For a typical standard, wall-wall bathtub, the measures will be roughly 60 inches long, 30-32 inches wide.

Considering this, what is the rough opening for a 5 foot tub?

the rough opening for the tub (stud to stud) should be 5'-01/4".

How far off the wall should a tub drain be?

The position of the tub drain will vary, depending on the size and design of the tub, and you'll need to cut an access hole in the floor at the drain end of the tub to allow for positioning and installing the drain line. This hole should be 9 inches wide and extend at least 12 inches from the wall.

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What is the deepest bathtub available?

american standard evolution bathtub at a glance
  • allows 3-inches more water than a traditional bathtub.
  • recessed tub with apron.
  • dual armrests.
  • backrest.
  • measures 5-feet by 32-inches.
  • requires deep soak max drain. (sold separately)

What is the average height of a bathtub?

The bathtub will be somewhere between 14 inches and 17 inches in height.

How deep is a standard tub?

Think about ergonomics. A standard bath tub is 14 to 17 inches in depth. A European style is 18 inches deep and a Japanese (or Greek) style is 22 or more inches in depth. There are numerous makes and models of bath tub styles including built-in, freestanding, soaking, and whirlpool.

How do you measure a bathtub drain?

Measure straight down from the center of the overflow to the point at which the drain is mounted to the tub: depending on what's easiest to get to, you can measure from outside the tub down to its underside, or from inside the tub to the tub floor. Do not follow the curve of the tub; measure straight down.

What is the biggest bath size?

Standard bath size
As it is commonly accepted that the standard bath width is 700mm, a wide bath is considered to be any bath with a diameter of 800mm and above. Large baths with dimensions over 1800mm in length and over 800mm wide tend to be freestanding baths.

What is a standard size soaking tub?

Typical soaking tubs range in length from 60 to 72 inches. It's common for the average soaking tub to hold around 250 gallons of water. Soaking tubs are available as single- or two-person bathtubs.

How many square feet of tile do I need for a bathtub?

The standard dimensions for a tub-shower combo are 60 inches in length, 32 inches in width and 8 feet in height. Tile — Your tile selection has the biggest influence on the look of the shower. You will need 90-95 square feet of wall tile and 15-20 square feet of shower floor tile.

How much does it cost to remove and install a bathtub?

Bathtub Installation or Replacement Costs
The average cost to install a bathtub is $3,399, but can range from $1,080 and $5,747, depending on the type of tub and modifications needed. The average cost of the tub itself ranges from $200 to $2,000 or more.

How deep is a soaking bathtub?

Standard tub depths allow for approximately 12” of water; soaking tubs should offer at least 14” or more so that the water covers the majority of the bather's body. To determine water depth, measure the tub from the bottom (interior) to the overflow drain.

Do bathtubs come in different heights?

There is a difference between bathtub height and water height. The bath height is from the bathroom floor to the top of the tub rim - step over height. To see if a tub will fit for you - lean or sit against a wall and measure from the wall to your toes.

How do you design a bathroom layout?

As you plan your bathroom, here are some tips to create a layout that will work for you:
  1. The toilet sets the tone.
  2. Take a headcount.
  3. Consider storage.
  4. Give yourself space.
  5. Overlap space.
  6. Clear the air.

What should I look for when buying a bathtub?

Bathtub Materials
  1. Plastic: Made of either fiberglass or acrylic, plastic bathtubs offer the greatest design flexibility because they can be molded into many shapes.
  2. Enameled steel: Formed steel bathtubs with a porcelain-enamel coating are the least expensive tubs.

What is the standard size of a bath?

The Standard Bath Size
Traditionally, a standard bath measures 1,700 mm in length and about 700 mm wide. This is the standard bath but you can also buy a smaller or bigger one depending on your needs. Normally, the smallest bath you can find measures between 1,400 mm and 1,500 mm in length and 700 mm wide.

How do you install cement board around a bathtub?

The best approach when installing cement board or other tile backer around a tub is to keep the cement board out of the lip area. Apply it to the wall with the bottom edge about 1/4 in. above the lip of the tub. Then apply a generous amount of thin-set to the bottom bathtub tile and position it 1/8 in.

Do you drywall before installing bathtub?

Drywall should not sit directly on the tub as it can "wick" moisture and will eventually fall apart (even green board) if the tub is not kept caulked properly. There is no need for drywall behind the cement board and I have never heard of it being done that way.

What is a tub apron?

The aprons that are cast into alcove bathtubs simplify the tub installation, but they often come up a bit short in the style department. One way to improve the appearance of a plain apron and create the look of a built-in tub is simply to build and tile a short wall in front of the tub.

How do you build a tub deck?

How to Build a Platform for a Bathtub
  1. Check the height of the platform that your tub requires and calculate the height of the platform wall studs.
  2. Nail the studs to the top and bottom plates to form the walls for the platform.
  3. Secure the wall framework to the floor with nails, and use deck screws to cover the framework with plywood to make the deck.