What is ItsFunneh and the Krew real name?

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Her real name Katherine La . Funneh was born on October 31, 1995, in Canada and she has 4 siblings, which is Gold, Draco, Lunar and Rainbow. Funneh has done a face reveal of her and her siblings (the KREW) on her 2 million QnA Video and the krew's Real Names - Kim (Gold), Allen (Draco), Wenny (Lunar), Betty (Rainbow).

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Also know, what is the real name of ItsFunneh?

ItsFunneh, aka Kat (Katherine La), is a Gaming YouTuber. She has over 5 million subscribers.

Also Know, what is the crew real name? His real name is Gary and he is from Arequipa, Peru.

Additionally, is ItsFunneh and Krew siblings?

The Krew's members are ItsFunneh (Kat), LunarEclipse (Wenny) , PaintingRainbows (Betty) ,DraconiteDragon (Allen) and GOLDENGLARE (Kim). The Krew usually plays Minecraft and ROBLOX, along with a gaming video every Saturday. They tend to do roleplays such as Yandere High and Roblox Family. The whole Krew are siblings.

What does Funneh mean?

A submission from Finland says the name Funneh means "COOL".

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How old is Draco?

Well, thanks to J.K. Rowling, we can confirm that he just turned 35! A fan realized that June 5 is Draco's birthday, so she tweeted the author and asked how old Draco (played by Tom Felton in the film franchise) is turning. "Draco turns 35 today.

Who is Funneh boyfriend?

Please no hate Funneh is a girl she is always with her friends and her boyfriend alec.

How old is gold from ItsFunneh?

GoldenGlare, real name Kim, is a Minecraft YouTuber who creates Minecraft role-plays. She was born somewhere in Canada on September 29, 1993 with her 4 siblings Funneh, Draco, Rainbow, Lunar.. No fan really knows about her past and her common life now. Gold and her 4 siblings play together on each other's Channel's.

What is the Krew's last name?

The Krew's names, are as listed: Draco as Allen, Funneh as Kat, Gold as Kim, Lunar as Wenny, and Rainbow as Betty. [1] In this post, Funneh has a badge with "Kat La' on it. Which La is suspected to be the family's last name.

Who is the oldest in the Krew ItsFunneh?

Krew member
Rainbow is the oldest in the Krew. She is also like a mother (to me) because of the way she talks to the rest of the krew!

How old is GoldenGlare?

GoldenGlare is best known as a YouTube Star. YouTube gamer with more than 900,000 subscribers who specializes in Minecraft Adventure Roleplays that are custom modded. She's also a member of The Krew music group.

Age 25 years old
Birthday & Zodiac
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date September 29, 1993

Is Draco Funnehs brother?

Family Life
Her brother is gamer DraconiteDragon.

Who is the leader of the Krew?

Anthony B. Krupski Jr.

What is Krew?

krew is a tool that makes it easy to use kubectl plugins. krew helps you discover plugins, install and manage them on your machine. It is similar to tools like apt, dnf or brew.

How old is lunar from ItsFunneh?

Wenny was born on February 28, 1997, in Canada. Her sisters are the famous YouTubers ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, all of whom are known for creating roleplay and mini-game videos.

Is ItsFunneh kid friendly?

As far as gamer channels go on YouTube, it is pretty kid-friendly! ItsFunneh and the Krew don't use profanity or discuss adult-themed topics, and they keep a generally lighthearted and fun vibe on all their videos.

How tall is ItsFunneh?

ItsFunneh Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics
ItsFunneh Quick Info
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 68 kg
Date of Birth October 31, 1995
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

How much money does ItsFunneh make?

2 ItsFunneh
Earning over 1.1 million dollars a year, it is no wonder why this channel is thriving as well as it is. Itsfunneh basically focuses on the gameplay of Minecraft and Roblox, but there are other things on this channel as well.

Who is Funnehcake?

Funnehcake (also known as Funneh and by her real name Kat) is a family-friendly gaming YouTuber with over 5330000 subscribers, going by the channel name ItsFunneh. She joined YouTube on September 1, 2011 and Roblox on July 6, 2016.

How much is ItsFunneh worth?

ItsFunneh Net Worth – $15 Million
ItsFunneh is a Canadian gaming YouTube whose real name is Kat. She has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

When was GoldenGlare born?

September 29, 1993

How old are the Krew?

ItsFunneh was born on 31 October 1995. ItsFunneh is 24 years old.