What does it mean when my Chevy Cruze says service StabiliTrak?

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One of the most common issues with the Chevy Cruze, or any newer GM vehicle is theService StabiliTrak” warning. If you have a service StabiliTrak warning, your Cruze will no longer be assisted when a loss in lateral traction is detected. StabiliTrak is a GM specific vehicle stability system.

Consequently, what does it mean when it says service StabiliTrak?

They can mean the system is malfunctioning, the system has been turned off, or the system is receiving a bad signal. Due to your traction service light being on as well, there is likely an issue with the system. You are absolutely fine to drive the vehicle.

Beside above, how much does it cost to fix the traction control system? The average cost for a traction control switch replacement is between $82 and $94. Labor costs are estimated between $39 and $51 while parts are priced at $43. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. When would you like to drop off your car?

Also to know, how do I turn off the StabiliTrak in my Chevy Cruze?

To turn off both traction control and StabiliTrak, press and hold the button. The Traction Control Off/StabiliTrak Off light will illuminate in the instrument cluster.

Is it safe to drive with service StabiliTrak?

It is only safe to drive with the TCS light on if it appears when you are losing traction: it means the system is engaging. Driving without traction control can make your vehicle susceptible to spinning out and sliding around on the road. This allows you to maintain control of your vehicle at all times.

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How do you reset StabiliTrak?

Then turn the steering wheel clockwise from the nine o'clock position to the three o'clock position. If this clears the message(s), the vehicle does not need servicing. If this does not clear the message(s), then turn the vehicle off, wait 15 seconds, and then turn it back on again to reset the system.

How much does it cost to repair StabiliTrak?

Costs to repair anti-lock brakes
The cost of a brake repair varies based on the make, model and year of your vehicle along with the severity of your problem. ABS wheel sensors cost anywhere from $100 to $200 each, while ABS control modules run from $200 up to $600 apiece.

What would cause the StabiliTrak light to come on?

Faulty Steering Angle Sensor
The steering angle sensor in your car is a super important system and is able to measure the position of your steering wheel and its rate of return. However, if this system is faulty and is unable to correctly compute information correctly, your traction control light might come on.

What causes Service StabiliTrak light to come on?

If it stays on, or comes on when you are driving, there may be a problem with your StabiliTrak system and your vehicle may need service. When this warning light is on, the system is off and will not limit wheel spin. Adjust your driving accordingly. This light will also flash when the StabiliTrak system is active.

How do I turn on StabiliTrak?

To turn the system on or off, press the TAS on/off button located on the instrument panel. If you used the button to turn the system off, the traction off light will come on and stay on. You can turn the system back on at any time by pressing the button again. The traction off light should go off.

Is StabiliTrak part of powertrain warranty?

Registered. Read the warranty, the powertrain warranty is pretty much internal engine, transmission, transfer-case, and axle components. Stabilitrak is not covered.

What does reduced engine power mean?

What Does the “Engine Power Reduced” Warning Light Mean? The Engine Power Reduced warning indicates that your car's performance has been limited to avoid damaging the engine. Your car's computer, often known as an electronic control unit (ECU), triggers Reduced Power Mode when it detects a system failure.

Why does my Chevy Cruze says engine power reduced?

If your Cruze has gotten this reduced engine power warning, it means that one of its engine management sensors or the ECU have gone bad. It's effectively “in the dark” without enough vital telemetry to control the engine properly.

What does the stability control light mean?

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) came about as a result of anti-lock brake systems (ABS) advancing over the years. If the computer detects a loss of steering control or traction, the computer can reduce the engine power and/or engage the brakes to try and retain control of the vehicle.

What does the service traction light mean?

Wheel-speed sensors are supposed to detect when one drive wheel is spinning faster than the others — meaning the vehicle is slipping or losing traction. When the traction control warning light stays on, that means you aren't getting any help from the system to control traction and the system needs to be checked.

What does T c light mean?

Traction Control

How do you test a traction control light?

Traction Control System Warning Indicator Light is on
When the traction control module is going bad or failing, the most common sign is when the traction control system (TCS) warning indicator light is on in the dashboard. This is an indication that a serious problem exists and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Where is the wheel speed sensor located?

A wheel speed sensor, also called an "ABS sensor," is part of the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). It is located on the tires (near the brake rotors for the front tires and in the rear end housing for the rear tires).

What does it mean when my car says service traction control?

Traction Control Light is on Inspection Service. The traction control system in your vehicle exists as a driving aid during adverse conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, or poorly maintained roads. When the system is not working, it will illuminate a warning light on the dashboard cluster.

Can low tire pressure cause ABS light to come on?

This suggests that you may have low tire pressure in one of your tires. Depending on the signal transmitted from the wheel speed sensors to the ABS system as a result of the change in tire pressure, this may have also caused the ABS light to come on.

How do I turn off Advancetrac?

Sorry.. Hold the brakes down.. the whole time. While the car is on and running press the button once to turn off traction control (press and release). The after the TC is off now press and hold the TC button and the advance trac will turn off (Press and hold for 6 seconds).