How much were Taylor Swift reputation tickets?

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Taylor Swift Ticket Prices & Historic Trends
Tour Average Resale Price
Speak Now World Tour $146
The Red Tour $173
The 1989 World Tour $243
Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour $279

Accordingly, how much do Taylor Swift tickets cost?

Typically, Taylor Swift tickets can be found for as low as $175.00, with an average price of $221.00.

Subsequently, question is, how much did the reputation tour cost? The tickets sold ranged from 35,419 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh to a high of 48,039 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Additionally, how much do VIP Taylor Swift tickets cost?

Afters fans complete their purchase, new fans are brought it, and Marcus said all fans scheduled for Tuesday will be able to buy tickets, which range from $49.50 for upper-level seats to $249.50 for floor-level seats, as well as pit tickets and some VIP tickets, priced between $800 to $1,500.

How much money does Taylor Swift make per concert?

The record was previously held by The Rolling Stones, whose "A Bigger Bang Tour" from 2005 to 2007 grossed $245 million across 70 shows. Swift shattered their record with $345 million from just 38 shows. That's a $9-million-per-show average.

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Who is touring in 2020?

Artists on tour in 2020
  • Metallica 11 concerts to Oct 09, 2020 Hard Rock / Heavy Metal.
  • Elton John 95 concerts to Dec 17, 2020 Pop Music / Soft Rock.
  • Justin Bieber 45 concerts to Sep 26, 2020 Pop Music / Soft Rock.
  • Bruno Mars 7 concerts to Jul 01, 2020 Pop Music / Soft Rock.
  • Journey 64 concerts to Sep 12, 2020 Pop Music / Soft Rock.

What do Taylor Swift VIP tickets include?

Taylor Swift Tickets. We carry a variety of VIP Taylor Swift entertainment packages that include pre-event hospitality such as a private upscale dinner or tailgate party, first class limousine service, deluxe hotel accommodations, VIP parking, celebrity autograph and meet and greet sessions, gift items and more.

How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

Swift already owns two female cats, considered the richest in the feline world.

Is Taylor Swift having a lover tour?

Taylor Swift announces Lover Fest tour with only four U.S. shows. Swifties are in for a treat! Taylor Swift announced on Twitter Tuesday that she will embark on a 2020 summer festival tour for her record-breaking "Lover" album, with only four concerts in the U.S. "The Lover album is open fields, sunsets, + SUMMER.

Does Taylor Swift do meet and greets?

Taylor Swift does not charge for meet-and-greets; instead she sends her team and - famously - her mom into the crowd to give out meet-and-greet passes to fans. She also likes to follow fans on social media and invites them to album parties before releases to show them the music before the album comes out.

Where can I buy Taylor Swift tickets?

Where can I buy Taylor Swift tickets? Buy your Taylor Swift tickets at StubHub, the online ticket seller for sporting events, concerts, and live entertainment, to have your tickets immediately sent to your phone or computer.

How can I contact Taylor Swift?

If you have any questions about either this Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected], or by mail at: Taylor Nation, LLC, 718 Thompson Lane, Suite 108256, Nashville, TN 37204.

Can you resell Taylor Swift tickets?

The Live Nation scandal shows the concert industry needs to learn economics from Taylor Swift. Billboard magazine reports that Live Nation, the concert promoter and ticket sales company, has allowed artists to directly sell concert tickets on resale websites like Stuhbub.

How many concerts has Taylor Swift performed?

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has performed on five concert tours, three one-off concerts, 21 music festivals, and 184 live events.

Is Taylor Swift doing a tour in 2020?

Taylor Swift on Tour
Swift is back on tour in 2020 to celebrate her critically acclaimed Lover album with "Lover Fest West" and "Lover Fest East", which each have two-night stadium stands.

Is Taylor Swift coming to Australia 2020?

About Taylor Swift
Ready For It?”, “Call It What You Want”, “Gorgeous” and ARIA #1 “Look What You Made Me Do” - will be produced and promoted by Live Nation in Australia and New Zealand. Tickets for all shows will go on sale on Friday, December 15.

Are Pit tickets more expensive?

Pit tickets almost sound like an old school “mosh pit”, but is essentially an area closed off around the stage that pit tickets holders are allowed into. Again, closest to the stage. These are also GA and usually the most expensive in the venue.

What is the highest selling tour in US history?

What most fans suspected is now official: Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour is officially the highest-grossing tour in U.S. history. And, when it comes to touring, no other artist comes close to her success over the past decade. Between May 8 and October 6, Swift performed 38 dates across the country.

What is the biggest crowd Taylor Swift has played for?

In a note of gratitude posted on Instagram, the pop star says her fans broke the concert attendance record at the 67,000-plus capacity Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night (Sept. 15).

What is the highest grossing tour ever?

The ÷ Tour by Ed Sheeran is the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, although, when adjusted for inflation, it is still eclipsed by the U2 360° Tour.

How much did Taylor Swift make on her last tour?

Domestically, the tour grossed $266.1 million and sold 2,068,399 tickets, besting The Rolling Stones' $245 million gross from their A Bigger Bang Tour in 2005-07.

What are the highest grossing tours of all time?

These are the most lucrative tours in history.
  • Roger Waters' 'The Wall Live' raked in $458.7 million.
  • AC/DC's 'Black Ice' tour brought in $441.1 million.
  • Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' tour generated $407.7 million.
  • U2's 'Vertigo' tour grossed $389 million.
  • Garth Brooks' World Tour with Trisha Yearwood made $364.3 million.