How much does slate sell for?

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Their average price is roughly $4 per square foot, and the more expensive slate tiles cost up to $7 per square foot. If money isn't an object for your project, you can even buy very high-end slate flooring materials at $15-$21 per square foot.

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Correspondingly, how much do slate tiles cost?

Natural Spanish slates

Slates (3,547 slates @ £1.27 each) £4,504.69
Eaves support tray labour and material £239.81
Universal dry hip and ridge system and ridge and hip tiles £3,989.00
– Labour (5 days) £1,260.00
Valley lead £92.42

Additionally, are slate tiles expensive? The biggest drawback of slate flooring for most people is the price. Slate is one of the most expensive flooring materials on the market. Purchasing good quality slate is costly, but its performance is, without a doubt, a worthy investment.

Likewise, how much does slate roofing cost?

Average cost: $11,000 - $24,000 The average roofing installation price for a slate tile roof costs anywhere between $11,550 to $24,000 depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your home's roof. You can expect to pay $9 to $16 per sq. foot or $900 to $1,600 per square installed on a standard sized single story home.

What can you do with old slate?

Some other ideas:

  1. Placemat.
  2. Chalkboard.
  3. Pond lining.
  4. Walking path.
  5. Painting surfaces.
  6. Kitchen/bathroom tiles.
  7. Wall, with or without mortar.
  8. Covering for cement patio furniture.

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Is slate more expensive than tile?

Slate tends to be more expensive than tiles. It is also double lapped to perform a watertight layer, which adds to the cost of installation. However, it's long-lasting properties usually mean that after the initial cost, you will have very few expenses on your roof for many years to come.

Does slate break easily?

While granite and marble tend to shatter when you break them, if you take a few precautions with slate, you can break it into roughly the size you want without fear of fracturing the stone. Slate can be cut or broken up into smaller pieces for use anywhere.

Is slate tile slippery when wet?

Slate tiles are resistant to water and this combined with their texture makes them a naturally slip-proof option that can work exceptionally well to help keep areas that are slippery when wet both safe and looking great.

How many years does a slate roof last?

''Hard slate will last anywhere from 75 to 200 years, while soft slate will last only 50 to 125 years,'' he said, adding that as a result, a homeowner trying to decide whether to repair, restore or replace a slate roof should first determine whether the existing slate is hard or soft.

Is slate tile slippery?

Also, slate's non-slippery, cleft surface and hardness provide a durable, attractive flooring option. Found throughout the world, slate is a metamorphic rock formed mainly from layers of shale subject to intense heat and movement pressure.

Is slate tile durable?

Durability: One of the strongest standard natural stone flooring materials, slate has an inherent durability that makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips. Unique appearance: There are innumerable solid colors and color combinations available when choosing slate floor tiles.

How do you cut slate?

Buy or rent an angle grinder or circular saw to cut through thick slate. Angle grinders and circular saws are suited to cut slate. Make sure to use a carbide or diamond tipped blade because slate will dull weaker blades. Also, your cutter wheel should be as thin and fine as possible, which will reduce spalling.

Are slate roofs good?

Not only does slate make a beautiful looking roof but the material itself is durable enough that it can be made into many aesthetically pleasing shapes. Slate roofs are fire resistant. Unlike many roofing materials, slate tiles are completely fireproof. Slate roofs can withstand high winds, heavy snow, and rain.

Is it OK to walk on a slate roof?

Working on a slate roof requires delicacy. Some roofs have been up for nearly a century and while the stone is still effective, damage is possible. Experienced slate installers never walk on a slate roof, but instead erect scaffolding or prop hook ladders to the side of the building before beginning repairs.

Why is slate so expensive?

Slate is expensive to produce, because much of the work is done by hand. Slate roofs are also expensive because shipping stone is not cheap. Another reason slate roofing is expensive is because the material is heavy to carry up to the roof. The lightest slate roofs weigh 650 to 800 pounds per square.

Does a slate roof add value?

Benefits of a Slate Roof
Slate is valuable because of its longevity and aesthetic appeal. In fact, slate can last for more than a century and match with virtually any style of architecture. The longevity of slate is key to its value in the eyes of homeowners. After all, roofing can be expensive.

How do you maintain a slate roof?

Regular maintenance should include cleaning gutters at least twice during the fall and once in early spring, and replacing damaged slates promptly. Every five to seven years inspections should be conducted by professionals experienced in working with slate and steep slopes.

What is a natural slate roof?

Slate roof tiles are made of metamorphic rocks which are derived from sedimentary rock of volcanic ash and clay. Slate is a long lasting product depending on the quarry. Known as the hundred year old roof, slate roof tiles are durable, fireproof, waterproof and no two pieces are alike because it's a natural product.

Can you slate a roof in the rain?

You might be surprised to find that the answer is yes. A roof repair or even replacement can be done when it is raining. The exception would be a flat roofed structure. Safety is always a primary consideration for roofers and roofing in the rain requires caution.

How much is a synthetic slate roof?

Installed, synthetic slate costs about $900-1,100 per square. By comparison, total installation cost for a real slate roof starts at $1,650, and can go as high as $3,000 per square.

How do roofers charge?

First, roofers charge labor for removing your old roof. A one-story roof with a single shingle layer costs between $100 and $150 per square to remove; a double layer, $115 to $165; and triple layer, $125 to $175. If you have a particularly high roof or one that is extremely steep, you will pay more per square.

Is slate tile waterproof?

Waterproof and Stain Resistant
An excellent characteristic of slate is that it is waterproof, thus slate can be used for bathroom floors, driveways, pool areas, etc. For the same reasons slate is resistant to stains, which makes slate flooring an ideal choice for the kitchen where drips and stains are common.