How many calories in Dole chopped salad?

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There are 160 calories in a 1 1/2 cups serving of Dole Chopped Salad Kit Caesar.

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Also question is, how many calories are in a salad kit?

Enjoy a taste of the Southwest in your next salad.

Southwest Chopped Salad Kit.

Amount Per Serving
Calories 100
Sodium270mg 12%
Total Carbohydrate9g 3%
Dietary Fiber2g 7% Sugars2g

Also Know, how many calories are in a sunflower salad with crunch? Nutrition summary: There are 180 calories in a 1 1/2 cups serving of Dole Sunflower Crunch Chopped Salad Kit.

Keeping this in view, are Dole chopped salads recalled?

Federal officials say they have confirmed Listeria monocytogenes in a packaged salad produced at the Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. plant in Springfield, Ohio. Dole recalled all products under multiple brands because state tests linked an ongoing seven-month outbreak to leafy greens from the facility.

Are Dole chopped salads gluten free?

This product should be msg free, egg free, peanut free, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, vegetarian, no artificial ingredients, nut free, vegan, corn free, dairy free, and gluten free.

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How many calories are in a bagged salad?

Nutrition Facts
Calories 15 (63 kJ)
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1%
Dietary Fiber 2 g 8%
Sugars 1 g
Protein 1 g

How many calories in Dole Southwest Salad Kit?

There are 130 calories in a 1 1/2 cups serving of Dole Southwest Salad Kit.

Is Dole Southwest Salad Kit gluten free?

Dole All Natural Distinctively Dole Kit Southwest Salad
This product should be msg free, peanut free, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, nut free, no artificial ingredients, and gluten free.

Does washing lettuce remove E coli?

Washing lettuce in water (or water combined with baking soda) may help remove pesticide residue, surface dirt and debris from produce, but Rogers cautions that washing has not been proven an effective way to remove E. coli and related bacteria. The heat kills E. coli and other types of bacteria that can make you sick.

What's wrong with iceberg lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce has very little nutritional value. Secondly, iceberg lettuce doesn't do much for your body. It's made up of 95 percent water and contains only small amounts of fiber and minerals. So while iceberg lettuce is low in calories and definitely not bad for you, it's not that good either.

Is lettuce safe now?

If the leafy greens were harvested in Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz or Ventura - don't eat them! But romaine lettuce grown anywhere else is believed safe, the FDA says. Forty-three people have been infected with E. coli in 12 states - including 16 who have been hospitalized.

How does lettuce become contaminated with E coli?

E. coli in lettuce often comes from animal feces from nearby farms or contaminated irrigation water. Because lettuce from different farms is combined when shipped to buyers, it is difficult to tie the affected greens to a particular grower.

Is Dole iceberg lettuce safe to eat?

The good news is there are a few lettuce varieties you're still safe to eat. There's still iceberg lettuce, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce and butterhead lettuce, which are still safe to eat, according to the CDC.

Is Fresh Express salad in recall 2019?

RECALL: Fresh Express Salad Kit for E. 10, 2019 -- Eight people are sick and three have been hospitalized after eating a Fresh Express salad kit possibly tainted with E. coli, the FDA says. The FDA, CDC, state health authorities, and Canadian officials have been investigating an E.

Is Dole Caesar salad kit recall?

Dole Salad Recall 2020
The products that are being recalled include pre-packaged salads, salad blends, and salad kits. In addition, leafy greens (including the PC Organics brand greens) are also being recalled. At issue is the possibility that the products have become tainted with Listeria monocytogenes.

Is Fresh Express salad in recall?

Officials have issued a recall on Fresh Express Sunflower Crisp Chopped Salad Kits as they believe the kits are likely source of an E. coli outbreak. So far, eight people have been affected in three states. Four cases were reported in Minnesota, three in Wisconsin, and one in North Dakota.

What salads are on recall?

More than 75,000 pounds of product were affected by the recall, which included 35 types of prepared salads such as Good & Gather Chicken Caesar Salad (sold at Target), Signature Café Southwestern Style Salad (sold at Walmart), and Little Salad Bar Santa Fe Style Salad (sold at Aldi).

How many servings are in a Dole Sunflower Crunch Salad?

Servings per Container: 4
Number Of Servings 4 []
Total Fat 13 ["g"]
Saturated Fat 2 ["g"]
Trans Fat 0 ["g"]
Cholesterol 5 ["mg"]

Where does most lettuce come from?

Lettuce is produce year round in the U.S. Although lettuce is produced in many states, California and Arizona dominate U.S. production. California accounted for 71 percent of U.S. head lettuce production in 2013, followed by Arizona producing nearly 29 percent.