How do you make fondant look like rocks?

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Correspondingly, how do you make fondant look like paper?

How to make a fondant sheet of paper

  1. Roll out white fondant on a sheet of wax or parchment paper. Make sure to roll it as thin as possible, just like real paper.
  2. Place a book on top of your rolled fondant and use a knife to cut around it.
  3. Remove excess fondant from around your rectangular piece.
  4. When your sheet is completely dry, draw all the details…

Likewise, what is the only edible rock? Salt (halite) is the only rock that is edible for humans.

Simply so, how do you make a waterfall cake?

Lay the fondant on the cake down the sloped side pressing lightly into the icing. Place the prepared trees on the cake. Put at least one tree on each level with a nice grouping on the very top around the pool. Set the larger rocks onto cake as well putting at least one in the middle of the waterfall for effect.

What rocks are edible?

Salt is the only mineral humans consume in raw form with any regularity, though others get eaten from time to time. Gold and silver leaf are sometimes used as edible decorations on expensive confections, and there have been people in the Appalachians who put rusty nails in molasses to increase its iron content.

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What are chocolate rocks?

Chocolate rocks are candies designed to look like brightly colored river rocks. Serve these colorful chocolate rocks as party favors for a kid's birthday or outdoor celebration, and your guests will surely get a kick out of how realistic they look. Rock candy will add color to a candy buffet or dessert table.