How do I customize my Jenkins dashboard?

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Step 1: Go to Manage Jenkins –> Manage Plugins . Click available tab and search for simple theme plugin. Step 2: Install the theme and restart Jenkins. Step 3: Go to Manage Jenkins –> Configure and search for Theme configuration and in the CSS field enter the following URL and save it.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I configure Jenkins dashboard view?

To configure it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Plugin Manager from Manage Jenkins, and click on the Available tab.
  2. Once the plugin has been installed successfully, we can create a new view by clicking on the + sign on the Jenkins dashboard.
  3. Enter a View name, select the view type, and click on OK:

Furthermore, how do I change the view of Jenkins? 1) Click on the view in which you want to add the newly created Job as shown in pic. 2) Click on Edit View on left side and then select the appropriate job under Job Filter using the check box. 3) Once you selected the required Job click on save button. This job will be now shown under the view.

Consequently, how do I create a Jenkins dashboard?

On the Jenkins main page, click the + tab to start the new view wizard (If you do not see a +, it is likely you do not have permission to create a new view). On the create new view page, give your view a name and select the Dashboard type and click ok.

How do I manage Jenkins?

To manage Jenkins, click on the 'Manage Jenkins' option from the left hand menu side. So one can get the various configuration options for Jenkins by clicking the 'Manage Jenkins' option from the left hand menu side.

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What are the most useful plugins in Jenkins?

Useful Jenkins Plugins.
  • Build Flow. Managing a pipeline in Jenkins requires moderate configurations across all the jobs participating in the flow.
  • Build Monitor. Visibility is the core aspect of the Jenkins CI tool.
  • Build Name Setter.
  • Build Pipeline.
  • Build Timeout.
  • Clone Workspace SCM.
  • Cobertura.
  • Cucumber Test Result.

What is a Jenkins view?

Views in Jenkins allow us to organize jobs and content into tabbed categories, which are displayed on the main dashboard. As a Jenkins instance expands, it is logical to create associated views for appropriate groups and categories. The default view type available in Jenkins is the List view.

What is the easiest way to get a plugin for Jenkins tool?

The simplest and most common way of installing plugins is through the Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins view, available to administrators of a Jenkins environment. Most plugins can be installed and used immediately by checking the box adjacent to the plugin and clicking Install without restart.

How do I manually start Jenkins?

Go to the Jenkins installation, open the cmd and run:
  1. To stop: jenkins.exe stop.
  2. To start: jenkins.exe start.
  3. To restart: jenkins.exe restart.

How do I start Jenkins as a Windows service?

Install Jenkins as a Windows service
First, you need to start Jenkins before installing it. This can be done from JNLP, or by running " java -jar jenkins. war ". Once Jenkins is started this way, look for the "Install as Windows Service" link in the "Manage Jenkins" page (requires Microsoft .

What is a Jenkins job?

A Jenkins project is a repeatable build job which contains steps and post-build actions. The types of actions you can perform in a build step or post-build action are quite limited. They allow you to configure build triggers and offers project-based security for your Jenkins project.

What are the different ways in which Jenkins tool can be installed?

Jenkins can be installed on different platforms (such as Linux, Windows, etc) and set-up in different ways.
  • As a jar file deployed using Java.
  • As a repository in Linux environments.
  • As a war file deployed to a Servlet such as Apache Tomcat.
  • As a Docker container either locally or on a public or private cloud.

How do I promote a build in Jenkins?

Here is how to setup the promotion on build job:
  1. You will need these plugins: Parameterized Trigger Plugin, Promoted Builds Plugin.
  2. You will also need to setup default Archive the Artifacts post-build action on this build job.
  3. Check mark Promote builds when.
  4. Define Name "Deploy to DEV"

How can I see Jenkins plugins?

From the Jenkins home page:
  1. Click Manage Jenkins.
  2. Click Manage Plugins.
  3. Click on the Installed tab.

What is new view in Jenkins?

From your Jenkins instance's root page, there is a tab called “+” at the end of all the tabs. Click on that tab to create a new view. Give the view a name, and select the type of view you want to create. View types are an extension point that other plugins can contribute. Jenkins has one built in view type, List View.

How can you tell what version of Jenkins you are using?

To identify your current version of Jenkins, you can do one of two things. From the Jenkins UI, from any screen, if you look at the bottom right corner, you'll see the current version of the Jenkins that you are running.

How do I delete a build in Jenkins?

6 Answers. If you go into the build you want to delete and if you have the permissions to delete, then you will see on the upper right corner a button "Delete this build". To delete any job from Gui,Go to your job and on left side,click on delete project.

How do I create a pipeline in Jenkins?

To create a simple pipeline from the Jenkins interface, perform the following steps:
  1. Click New Item on your Jenkins home page, enter a name for your (pipeline) job, select Pipeline, and click OK.
  2. In the Script text area of the configuration screen, enter your pipeline syntax.

Why is join trigger plugin used in Jenkins?

Join Plugin (in development) This plugin allows a job to be run after all the immediate downstream jobs have completed. In this way, the execution can branch out and perform many steps in parallel, and then run a final aggregation step just once after all the parallel work is finished.

How do I get rid of build monitor view in Jenkins?

So go to jenkins_home, and edit the config. xml, and find the "listview" which contains the build monitor view you want to delete, then delete that part of the code, it will be fine after.

Which of the following options are used for copying Jenkins from one server to another?

Follow these steps to move or copy Jenkins from one server to another:
  • Copy the related job directory and move a job from one installation of Jenkins to another.
  • Make a copy of an already existing job by making a clone of a job directory by a different name.
  • Renaming an existing job by renaming a directory.

How do you set a workspace in Jenkins?

Globally Changing the workspace location for all Jobs
Navigate to Jenkins->Manage Jenkins->Configure System and click on the Advanced Button on the right hand side. Now you can change your workspace and build directory to any other location on your machine.