Does Arccos work with Apple Watch?

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Arccos For Apple Watch: 4 KeyFeatures
GPS Distances: The Arccos app for AppleWatch provides accurate distances while you're on the golfcourse. It provides distances to the front, center and back of eachgreen. This feature is automatic, meaning there's no interruptionto your typical playing routine.

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Besides, does Arccos work with Galaxy watch?

The Arccos Golf system features apps available onthe Apple App Store and Google Play. It works withArccos Smart Sensors (formerly branded Arccos 360),Arccos Smart Grips, and the Cobra Connect system that comesstandard with most Cobra Golf drivers and irons sets.

Also Know, does Arccos work on the range? Arccos does not currently have the ability totrack your shots or the distance of shots hit on the drivingrange. Arccos uses the GPS capabilities in yoursmartphone to track your shots while playing a hole on the golfcourse.

Also question is, does Arccos work with Android?

Previously a premium feature, Arccos Caddie 2.0is now free for all users of the Arccos 360 system. WithArccos Caddie 2.0 now on Android, even more golferscan leverage the full power of data and AI to play their bestgolf.” To gain access to Arccos Caddie 2.0, simplydownload the latest version of the Arccos 360app.

Is Arccos Caddie free?

For Arccos 360 users, the upgrade to ArccosCaddie 2.0 is free of charge and is automaticallyupgraded within the app – the purchase also includes lifetimeaccess to all Arccos features.

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How do I cancel my Arccos subscription?

To cancel your Arccos subscription youmust reach out to our customer service team via email([email protected]) or phone (1-844-692-7226).

How do I use Arccos driver?

All you need to do is download the Arccos Driverapp (available on iOS and Android), set up your account, and thenpair the sensor with your smartphone. When you get to the course,launch the app and select the course you're playing. ArccosDriver allows for 9 or 18 hole rounds, and you can start on anyhole.

How does Arccos Caddie work?

Arccos is a GPS shot tracking system that usessensors you add into the end of your clubs to measure where youplayed shots from and the club you used. These are thenuploaded via an app on your phone to the internet so you cananalyse the data and improve your game.

How does Arccos golf work?

Arccos sensors are shot impact detectors. Onceinstalled on your clubs, they detect impacts when you hit agolf ball. Each Arccos sensor also has a Bluetoothtransmitter inside of it. Because Arccos sensors detectimpact, they can register shots from unintentionalimpacts.

Does Arccos measure swing speed?

Does Arccos track swing speed orswing plane? Arccos does not track swing speedor swing plane data: the data and analysis it provides arefocused on distances and shot results (e.g. distance by club,fairways hit vs. misses left/right, GIR%, sand save %,etc.)

How does Arccos 360 work?

Arccos 360 is an analytics system that tracksevery shot you hit on a golf course and provides data about all ofyour rounds. It also has a built in GPS rangefinder, so youcan get distances to the front, back, and center to anygreen. Out of the box it includes 13 regular sensors and one puttersensor.

What is Cobra connect?

COBRA CONNECT powered by the Arccos Caddie A.I.application is a fully connected 14-club automatic shottracking system with advanced tour analytics, allowing golfers togo beyond guesswork and shoot lower scores by making smarter,data-driven decisions on the course.

What's the difference between Arccos 360 and Arccos Caddie?

The Arccos 360 app will also be rebranded as“Arccos Caddie” in both the Apple and GooglePlay app stores. Arccos users lowered their handicap by anaverage of 3.55 strokes in 2017, representing a remarkable46x greater rate of improvement than the average golferwith a USGA handicap.

Is Arccos Caddie legal?

Golf's first artificial intelligence platform, ArccosCaddie is a premium upgrade to the Arccos 360 platform.This means that Arccos 360 with Arccos Caddie can beused in competitions when rangefinders are allowed.

Is Cobra connect free?

With your free Cobra Connect grip, you thendownload the free Arccos Driver app to your Android or iOSsmart phone and you are ready to go. It won't pick up two swings asyou will be in the same location, but even if it does, it ispossible to edit them in the app.

What is Arccos Caddie?

Arccos Caddie is essentially a game tracker. Itutilizes sensors on each of your clubs, along with a smartphoneapp, to track and record every single shot that you hit. Thisallows you to gain tour level statistics and analytics that havenever been available to the average consumer before.