Can you visit Gardeners World Longmeadow?

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Longmeadow is a private garden and is not open to be visited by anyone at any time.

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Herein, where is Longmeadow in gardeners world?

A playing-field was redeveloped and this garden was given the name Greenacre. This garden was intended to be a permanent home for the programme. In 2011, with the return of Monty Don, the base relocated to Don's own garden Longmeadow in Herefordshire (52°12′22.4″N 2°46′49.2″W).

Likewise, why is Monty not on gardeners world? Monty has presented the series for the past five years, but has been off our screens for the past six weeks as a result of a minor stroke. Although he is making a good recovery he feels unable to commit to regular filming for a while.” It added that Don would be 'sorely missed by viewers and the production team'.

Besides, is Longmeadow Monty Don's own garden?

Since March 2011 he has been presenting the programme from his own garden (called Longmeadow for the purpose of television) in Herefordshire. In February 2013, a companion series, Monty Don's French Gardens, was broadcast.

Does Monty Don have help in his garden?

For the last five years, he and his wife Sarah have had no help at all, until the BBC insisted on it. Don now has two full-time gardeners to assist. And Don has had to compromise in some measure as to how he wants his garden to be for the sake of the programme.

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Is it Monty Don's garden on Gardeners World?

Monty Don. Monty Don is a well-known garden writer and broadcaster. In 2011, he returned to the BBC's flagship gardening programme Gardeners' World, which he presents for the first time from his garden in Herefordshire. He has also recently made another BBC series, Monty's Italian Gardens, which aired in spring, 2011.

What time is gardeners world tonight?

Gardeners' World continues TONIGHT (Friday, October 27) at 9pm on BBC Two.

Who presents gardeners world?

Meet Adam Frost – the new presenter of BBC2's Gardeners' World. Devotees of Gardeners' World – and there are up to 2.6 million – will have noticed that the highlight of their horticultural week has grown to twice its usual length and blossomed to fill an entire hour.

How old is Monty Don's wife?

Monty and Sarah have been married for 27 years, they have three grown-up children and now live in Hertfordshire.

Who was the first presenter of Gardeners World?

The presenters of the show may have changed quite a bit since Percy Thrower first took us into his garden, sporting a smart waistcoat and tie at all times and smoking his pipe. Since Thrower launched the show in the 1960s, the green-fingered hosts have included Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarsh and the mighty Monty Don.

Where is Gardeners World filmed?

Monty Don, 62, is a prolific horticultural writer, author of 20 books and lead presenter of the BBC television series Gardeners' World, which is filmed in the garden of Longmeadow, his house in Herefordshire.

Where is Monty's Garden?

Mail readers and Gardeners' World viewers have long admired Monty Don's garden in Herefordshire, created by the writer and TV presenter and his wife Sarah.

How large is Monty Don's garden?

Monty Don: My garden has come into itself, for better or for worse. Monty Don has spent the winter battling the elements in his two-acre garden, Longmeadow. “Today is the first day when it hasn't rained,” he sighs. The 57-year- old Gardeners' World presenter has had a long, hard winter.

When did Monty buy Longmeadow?

When we bought this house in October 1991, the garden consisted of a 2 acre abandoned field out the back and a much smaller area in the front covered in builder's rubble. That was it.

Who is Monty Don's wife?

Sarah Don
m. 1983

What has happened to Monty Don's dog Nigel?

Nigel is popular with viewers who were concerned when he disappeared from the programme in September 2012. He had injured himself after twisting sideways when jumping to catch a tennis ball and had exploded an intervertebral disc in his spine.

Is Monty Don retiring?

Monty Don on Twitter: "No plans to retire and Adam @frostatwork is a superb designer and gardener and a brilliant addition to the GW team.… "

How old is Nellie the dog on Gardeners World?

Monty Don's dog Nellie is 4 years old. The stunning pup celebrated her birthday on September 22nd, 2019. The official Gardeners' World Twitter account publicly wished Nellie a happy birthday in a status. While Nellie's BFF Nigel is old and wise, at just 4 years old, Nellie is naturally the more mischevious of the two.

How do I contact BBC Gardeners World?

To find out more about subscribing to BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, or to manage an existing subscription, please contact our customer service team by one of the following methods: Phone: 03330 162 139 (lines open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday, 9am-1pm, orders only).

What is Monty Don's net worth?

According to Celebs Trend Now, Monty Don's estimated net worth is in between $100k to $1 million. Though his start was rough, he now has a useful life while earning a decent salary and net worth. The primary source of income of Monty Don is as a TV show host.

Is Monty Don married to Sarah Raven?

Monty Don, 60, has been married to his wife Sarah for more than 30 years. They live in Herefordshire and have two sons and a daughter. He's a writer, speaker on horticulture and TV presenter, best known for presenting the BBC series Gardeners' World.