Who is better Kobe LeBron or Jordan?

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LeBron James is a better NBA player than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Yes, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have six and five rings, respectively. Michael Jordan won his first ring at age 28. Kobe averaged 15.6 points on 36.7 percent shooting that series.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, who has better stats Kobe or Jordan?

Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Stats Bryant has averaged 25.4 points per game over his career, along with 5.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.5 steals. Jordan played 1071 regular season games in his career, scoring an average of 30.1 points per game, along with 6.2 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 2.3 steals.

Similarly, who is a better shooter Kobe or LeBron? Kobe is definitely a much better free throw shooter than LeBron. However, LeBron has been the better three-point shooter, and has consistently evolved as an offensive threat. He comes up with all kinds of ways to score points. James can take charge of the court like no other player in the game.

Likewise, is Kobe more skilled than Jordan?

Dwight Howard's says Kobe Bryant is better than a Michael Jordan. Even though Jordan has more accolades in his career, it was always obvious he is one of the most skilled players in NBA history.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

Ten greatest basketball players of all-time

  • Tim Duncan.
  • Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Larry Bird.
  • Hakeem Olajuwon. Regarded as the most skilled big man in the history of the game, Hakeem Olajuwon's dominance on the inside was a thing of beauty.

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Why is Kobe Bryant better than LeBron James?

Kobe is a more complete player
While LeBron is an all-around player, with explosive power that makes him almost impossible to guard, he lacks instinct and on-court elegance and style. In comparison, Kobe was a virtuoso on offense, a better finisher and a better defender.

Who was better Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe was a better defensive player then LeBron
Defense wins titles. Sure, you have to be a good offensive team, obviously, but in the nerve-racking finals, having a better defensive team has, historically, made winning the title more likely.

Who is the greatest basketball player ever?

While cases could be made for Bill Russell based on championship rings, Wilt Chamberlain on statistical dominance and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on longevity, the consensus was clear: Jordan was the greatest basketball player who had ever lived.

Why is Kobe Bryant better than Michael Jordan?

Kobe came into the league with a better jump shot compared to Jordan. This jumper has been one of Kobe's primary weapons throughout his career, which has contributed to a lower career field goal percentage as compared to Jordan (since he had less driving opportunities).

Who is more clutch Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is
Kobe has averaged 25 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 4.7 assists on 44.7 percent shooting, but that is also because of his first three seasons when his minutes were limited.

Who most NBA rings?

Bill Russell

Who is the most skilled NBA player?

Here's my list of the most skilled active players:
  • Stephen Curry - Most skilled basketball player ever. Best shooter ever and not debatable.
  • Isaiah Thomas - 5′9 playing against giants.
  • Chris Paul - 6′ on a good day.
  • Kyrie Irving - Best ball handler in the game.
  • James Harden - Best scorer in the game.

Will LeBron be the goat?

LeBron James has long been the self-proclaimed king and now he's ready to state that he's the GOAT as well. “That one right there made me the greatest player of all time,” James said on ESPN's “More Than An Athlete” series about a career that is now in its 16th season.

Who worked harder Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan worked smarter whereas Bryant worked harder. Moreover, the former Chicago Bull would play better team basketball once he was inserted back into the lineup whereas Bryant just wanted to go back to playing because of his competitive drive. Jordan is known as one of the most competitive players in all of sports.

Who is better than Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan had a better career than Kobe Bryant. But he was NOT a better player than Kobe Bryant. The difference with MJ and Kobe lies with how you view the greatness of the player. Many people say bill Russell is a better player than Kobe and MJ because he had 11 rings.

Is Kobe the most skilled player ever?

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant is the most skilled player ever.

When did Kobe die?

January 26, 2020

What did Michael Jackson say to Kobe?

Earlier in the season, Arenas stated that after a game MJ told a young Bryant—metaphorically speaking of course—that he could wear his shoes, but "never fill them".

Who is the richest NBA player?

Michael Jordan: How the richest NBA player ever spends his $1.65 billion. Michael Jordan made less than $100 million as the NBA's greatest player of all time, but is now a member of Forbes' list of billionaires with an estimated net worth of $1.65 billion.

How many 50 point games does LeBron James have?

With James' latest performance, he also broke Bryant's franchise record for most points against the Heat. He now has 12 career 50-point games, which broke a tie with Allen Iverson for sixth-most in NBA history.