Who is better Lebron or Stephen Curry?

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Lebron James is not just better than Curry, he's much better. But when you break it down, outside of shooting itself, Curry is literally only better at steals. Lebron beats him in every other category including passing. Lebron even averages more points despite Curry being the better shooter.

Also asked, why is LeBron James better than Stephen Curry?

LeBron James is greater than Steph Curry because he has the extraordinary ability to carry an otherwise inferior team. A few years later, James joined the Miami Heat and went on to win two of his three NBA championships there before returning to the Cavs in 2014, where he won his third championship in 2016.

Additionally, is Stephen Curry the best player of all time? Steph Curry has one of the best highlight tapes of any active NBA player. Curry has proven over the years that he is one of the league's best playmakers. He became the NBA's first-ever unanimous MVP in 2016 after leading the Golden State Warriors to the best regular season record in NBA history, going 73 – 9.

Likewise, who is better LeBron or James Harden?

Compare James Harden vs LeBron James James ranks 3rd with 27.5. The margin is close, but James is a slightly better passer, averaging 0.3 assists per game more than Harden. James has a significant advantage in rebounding, averaging 3.2 boards per game more than Harden.

Who is the best basketball player of all time?

While cases could be made for Bill Russell based on championship rings, Wilt Chamberlain on statistical dominance and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on longevity, the consensus was clear: Jordan was the greatest basketball player who had ever lived.

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Who is more important KD or curry?

KD is six inches taller than Curry and his wingspan is over a foot longer than Steph's. Despite the size differences, Durant and Curry are averaging very similar numbers. For the season, Curry is averaging 29.3 points and 5.7 assists per game, while Kevin is putting up 29.0 points and 6.2 assists a night.

Who's better Kobe or LeBron?

The Bottom Line: While LeBron is much more of a team player than Kobe, and is more dominant and holds better stats, Kobe was a more versatile and complete player, a virtuoso with amazing skills and defense abilities.

Is Steph Curry better than Kobe Bryant?

Kobe was a phenomenal player and a cultural icon. He scored a mountain of points, but he didn't impact winning to the same degree Curry does. Over the course of Curry's career, the Warriors' net rating is a whopping 11.5 points better when he's on the floor: 8.92 to minus-2.58.

Who is the best NBA player right now?

1. Kawhi Leonard
Rank Previous
1. Kawhi Leonard 1st
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2nd
3. LeBron James 3rd
4. James Harden 4th

Who has more rings LeBron or curry?

Until today, both Lebron James and Stephen Curry have equal number of rings at 3. Lebron won his first 2 rings at Miami heat and the last one at Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors of that juggernaut season when they broke the best season record while Steph beat Lebron to get all 3 of his rings.

Is James Harden the best player right now?

With Kevin Durant injury and LeBron James aging, Houston Rockets guard James Harden has now emerged as the best basketball player in the NBA.

Who's better LeBron or Jordan?

LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.” “LeBron and Michael have the same number of titles at age 31. LeBron has also been to way more finals. LeBron is taller and stronger and more powerful but also a better three-pointer shooter than Jordan.

Who is the best 3 point shooter?

Ranking the NBA's All-Time Greatest 3-Point Shooters
  • Stephen Curry (43.6)
  • Jason Kapono (43.4)
  • Steve Novak (43.0)
  • Kyle Korver (42.9)
  • Steve Nash (42.8)
  • Joe Harris (42.7)
  • B.J. Armstrong (42.5)
  • Klay Thompson (41.9)

Is Curry top 10 all time?

Look: Stephen Curry is a fantastic player. He is a borderline top five player in the NBA and, at worst, is in the top 10. He is the greatest shooter in league history.

Why Stephen Curry is the best?

Steph is a real cut above the rest. His basketball skills particularly his unparalleled 3pt shooting, ball handling, and defensive challenging are arguably the best in the league. More so, he is able to connect and communicate so well with his teammates.

How does Steph Curry rank all time?

If you are talking about his ranking among the greatest shooters in NBA history, I would put Steph at #1. In terms of pure shooting he is arguably the best shooter in NBA history. However, if you're talking about Best players ever ranking, I would put Steph Curry in the top 25.

Why Michael Jordan is the best NBA player of all time?

Jordan was also named the NBA's defensive player of the year in 1988. By any calculation, Jordan is the greatest scorer the league has ever seen. He won a record 10 scoring titles, and boasted a career average of 30.1 points per game, the most in NBA history. Jordan was also among the greatest winners in NBA history.

Who are the top 10 players in the NBA right now?

Ranking The Top 10 NBA Players Heading Into 2019-20
  • Damian Lillard. Lillard has rarely been labelled a defensive ace, but he's as savage on the court as he is behind the mic.
  • Paul George.
  • Joel Embiid.
  • Nikola Jokic.
  • Anthony Davis.
  • Steph Curry.
  • LeBron James.
  • James Harden.

Is Steph Curry the best shooter in NBA history?

Most agree Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is today's best shooter. Stephen Curry owns the NBA's single-season record, sinking 402 3-pointers in 2015-16. He also holds the mark for most treys in a game, at 13.

Is Stephen Curry the greatest warrior?

A six-time NBA All-Star, Curry has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice and won three NBA championships with the Warriors. Many players and analysts have called him the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Stephen Curry.
No. 30 – Golden State Warriors
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