Where can I find the most copper?

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Copper is mined mostly in open pit mines, such as those found in Utah, New Mexico, and Chile. Chile produces the largest percentage of the world's copper with nearly 33% of the world's export. Copper is also found in the U.S., Indonesia, and Peru.

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Likewise, people ask, what appliances have the most copper?

Household Appliances Older appliances have more copper which gives you more scrap and more money. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioners make great scrap appliances for their copper coils.

Likewise, where can I get copper to sell? Part 3 Selling Copper at a Scrap Yard

  • Find a scrap yard. Consult a website like 1-800-Got Scrap, Recycler Finder or iScrap.
  • Call ahead to get their prices.
  • Find out if they will pick up.
  • Haul your copper to the scrap yard.
  • Weigh your copper.
  • Unload your vehicle.
  • Register your personal information.
  • Get paid.

Similarly, you may ask, where can I find copper in my house?

Here are some of the best places to find and collect this highly sought-after material.

  • TVs and Monitors.
  • Most electronics have insulated wires inside the metal housing, including laptops, printers, radios, and DVD players.
  • Desktop towers are a great source for scrapped insulated copper wire.
  • Large Appliances.

Do pennies have copper?

If your Lincoln Memorial penny has a date before 1982, it is made of 95% copper. If the date is 1983 or later, it is made of 97.5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating. For pennies dated 1982, when both copper and zinc cents were made, and best way to determine their composition is to weigh them.

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What are the best things to scrap for money?

How much can one stand to make scrapping?
  • Light iron and other ferrous metals: $. 06-$. 10 per lb, but they are more commonly found so it's easier to get more weight.
  • Copper: $2.65 per lb.
  • Insulated copper wire: $. 90 per lb.
  • Brass: $1.60 per lb.
  • Stainless steel: $. 42 cents per lb.
  • Aluminum: $. 50 cents per lb.

What foods contain copper?

Copper — which is vital to your health — is found in a wide range of foods, from meat to vegetables. Particularly good sources include oysters, nuts, seeds, shitake mushrooms, lobster, liver, leafy greens and dark chocolate. To avoid a deficiency, be sure to include a variety of these sources in your diet.

What is the difference between copper and brass?

Copper is a base metal that has a high level of electrical and thermal conductivity while brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. 2. The color of copper is reddish-orange while the color of brass is usually yellow because of its zinc content. Brass has a lighter finish than copper.

What items have a lot of copper in them?

Small Appliances – Smaller items inside your house that may break can have a good amount of copper wire in them too. Some items like coffee makers, AC Units, Fans, Blenders, Toasters, and more all have insulated wire inside and on the outside of them.

How much copper is in an old TV?

Re: Scrapping televisions (general question)
There is a copper yoke made of No. 2 copper wire that weighs from a quarter pound on up to about a pound in weight. Figure about one to two and a half dollars there. There is also a little insulated wiring worth about 50 cents.

What is the price of copper?

Copper Prices - 45 Year Historical Chart
Copper Prices - Historical Annual Data
Year Average Closing Price Annual % Change
2018 $2.9333 -20.20%
2017 $2.8128 31.65%
2016 $2.2010 17.38%

How do you mine copper?

Copper mining
  1. Mining. The ore is removed from the ground in either open pit or underground mines.
  2. The ore. An ore is a rock that contains enough metal to make it worthwhile extracting.
  3. Grinding. The ore is crushed, then ground into powder.
  4. Concentrating.
  5. Roasting.
  6. Smelting with fluxes.
  7. Conversion of matte.
  8. Anode casting.

What household items have gold in them?

Gold can be found in many household electronics like computers, cell phones, and televisions.

Stereos and Radios
  • Car stereos: Brands like Alpine and Sony.
  • Radios: CB, ham, and shortwave radios.
  • Home audio systems: Brands like Yamaha.

Who discovered copper?

Although various copper tools and decorative items dating back as early as 9000 BCE have been discovered, archaeological evidence suggests that it was the early Mesopotamians who, around 5000 to 6000 years ago, were the first to fully harness the ability to extract and work with copper.

What would happen if copper disappeared?

In infants and children, the repercussions of copper deficiency can be worse, resulting in bone abnormalities, impaired growth, weight gain, anemia, frequent infections (colds, flu, pneumonia), poor motor coordination and low energy.

How do I remove copper pipes from my house?

If you want to remove your old copper water pipe and fit some new PVC pipe instead, then you will need to take up all of the copper pipe that is connected together.

  1. Step 1 - Shut off the Water Supply.
  2. Step 2 - Remove the Solder.
  3. Step 3 - Remove the Pipe.
  4. Step 4 - Removing the Pipe Line.

Is it worth stripping copper wire for scrap?

Once it has been stripped (56% copper content) to make 'bright bare copper' wire it will be worth $3.36. You could even buy copper wire at the going rate, strip it and make a decent profit! But any other thinner copper wire, without the insulation, once stripped will actually be worth less.

What is #1 copper selling for?

Scrap Metal Prices *See disclaimer for additional costs*
Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Market Price Your Price *
Scrap #1 Copper $2.49 lb. $2.20 lb.
Scrap #2 Copper $2.30 lb. $2.03 lb.
Scrap insul Hvy #1 copper Wire 85% Recovery $1.73 lb. $1.45 lb.
Scrap insulated Light Wire 50% Recovery $0.71 lb. $0.50 lb.

What is pure copper worth?

Industrial Metals
Name Price Unit
Aluminium 1,717.15 USD per Ton
Lead 1,904.50 USD per Ton
Iron Ore 88.05 USD per Dry Metric Ton
Copper 5,639.50 USD per Ton

What is the highest paying scrap metal?

Here are the most profitable and the best metals to scrap: Brass: This is one of the highest-paying metals. You can find it in your locks, valves, and other items that are of low friction. This is mainly because creating brass out of the raw materials such as copper and zinc is not an economical use of those metals.

How much is a refrigerator worth in scrap?

How Much Is A Fridge Worth In Scrap? The average fridge weight is 150 lbs. At . 10 a pound, that puts the value of a scrap fridge at $15 for scrap metal.

What is #2 copper scrap?

#2 Copper. Scrap copper that has a dirty appearance falls under the #2 copper grade. To qualify for this category, the material's copper content should be 94 to 96 per cent. Any unalloyed wire or pipe that has solder, paint, coating and other types of tarnishing falls are classified as #2 copper.