When did Sagrada Familia become a basilica?

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It's No Longer a Cathedral
When construction first began on La Sagrada Familia, it was understood to be a simple Roman Catholic church. Later on, it was designated as a cathedral, and then in 2010, Pope Benedict XVI declared it a basilica.

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Keeping this in consideration, when did they start building Sagrada Familia?

March 19, 1882

Also Know, how old is the Sagrada Familia? 138 c. 1882-2010

Considering this, who funds Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia is a Basilica and received the name of Expiatory temple because its construction is not supported by any government or church funds. During the earliest stage of its building, it was funded by private patrons. During decades, La Sagrada Familia received private funds from donations or alms.

What does Sagrada Familia mean?

Sagrada Familia means "Holy family" in Spanish, and is written Sagrada Família in Catalan.

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Is the Sagrada Familia free?

Sagrada Familia is not only a tourist attraction, but its true function is that of a church. Your chance to get in the basilica for free is to attend one of the weekly masses that are held there. There is a 1-hour public Mass every Sunday at 9 AM, in different languages.

What do the 18 towers on the Sagrada Familia represent?

Each of the 18 Towers is Significant
12 of the towers will represent the apostles, four of them will represent the evangelists, one will be designated for the Virgin Mary, and of course the last one, the highest one in the middle, will represent Jesus Christ. However, right now there are only eight towers.

What religion is Sagrada Familia?

Roman Catholic church

How much does the Sagrada Familia cost?

The regular admission price for adults is 20 € and children under 11-years old are admitted for free into the Sagrada Familia. Save yourself the trouble of waiting in long lines and determining which admission category applies to you.

Why is the Sagrada Familia so important?

Until his death on June 10, 1926, he worked on the Sagrada Familia. Under Gaudí, the church became so important because of its expansive dimension and lush design that it soon became known as "the cathedral". Gaudí was convinced that the city would someday be known for "his" church.

What is the La Sagrada Familia made of?

The Sagrada Família has been constructed using a large amount of concrete throughout, a material that Gaudí first used for the pinnacles of the Nativity façade.

What inspired Sagrada Familia?

Turtles, seashells, fruit, trees, and other natural forms are went into the inspiration for Gaudi's work, and it can be seen everywhere in his buildings. Above is an image of one of the spire tops at La Sagrada Familia, during the phase of the construction about five years ago.

What is the best time to visit La Sagrada Familia?

The best time to visit the Sagrada Família is on Mondays at 9am, which is the quietest slot of the week.

What are the 3 facades to the Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia has three monumental façades, each connected to a moment in life of Christ: the birth, the Passion/Death/Resurrection, and His eternal glory.

Why is the Sagrada Familia unfinished?

The Spanish Civil War ended in 1939. However, the construction of the Sagrada Familia was not resumed until the 1950s. Because most of Gaudí's original design documents were lost in the fire and the few saved had to be reconstructed the advancement of the construction was again extremely slow.

Is Barcelona Cathedral the same as Sagrada Familia?

The famous Sagrada Família currently being built is not a cathedral. The cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona, co-patron saint of Barcelona. According to Catholic tradition, Eulalia was a young virgin who suffered martyrdom during Roman times in Barcelona.

What style of architecture is the Sagrada Familia?

Art Nouveau Architecture
Spanish Gothic architecture

What is the famous church in Barcelona?

Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

How long have they been working on the Sagrada Familia?

Work on the church, which was designed by legendary Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, began 131 years ago, in 1882, and continues to this day. At the time of Gaudi's death, the church was approximately a quarter finished. It is expected to be finished in 2026, on the 100-year anniversary of Gaudi's death.