What is the Bellevue Club?

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As the premier athletic and social club on Seattle's Eastside, the Bellevue Club is a gathering place for the Northwest's most celebrated and visionary citizens. Our urban oasis is also home to the Bellevue Club Hotel, a luxury 76-room boutique hotel, and a full-service spa with cutting-edge wellness offerings.

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Likewise, people ask, how much does it cost to join the Bellevue Club?

Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road (no tennis privileges). Add-on accounts for children (Ages 9-18): $36/month. Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road locations with tennis privileges. Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road locations with tennis privileges.

Subsequently, question is, who owns the Bellevue Club? Thurston, president of Pacific Recreation Associates, the partnership that owns the property, feels that the 3 1/2-year-old Bellevue Club Hotel takes the concept to a new, higher level.

In this manner, how far is Bellevue Club from the beach?

800 m

How much does Pro Club cost?

On top of the monthly cost, the club charges an $800 initiation fee for the non-tennis membership. The all-access membership has a $1,750 initiation fee.

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Does BelleVue Club have air conditioning?

No air conditioning - Review of BelleVue Club.

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