How much does it cost to join the Bellevue Club?

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Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road (no tennis privileges). Add-on accounts for children (Ages 9-18): $36/month. Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road locations with tennis privileges. Includes access to Bellevue and Willows Road locations with tennis privileges.

Hereof, how much does it cost to be a member of the Washington Athletic Club?

Dues range from $70 a month for a non-resident (defined as someone who lives 20 miles away) up to almost $300 a month for a family membership. The club is owned by the membership, and led by 38 people on the WAC Board of Governors, with 200 member leaders serving on various committees.

Similarly, how much does it cost to join the Rainier Club? The College Club's initiation fee has been $250 for decades. In 1987, the Rainier Club cost $2,000 to join — today, the top fee is $1,500.

People also ask, how much is a pro club membership?

The club offers two types of memberships: all-access, which includes the tennis facilities and costs about $147 a month, and a non-tennis option for $110, Knight said. On top of the monthly cost, the club charges an $800 initiation fee for the non-tennis membership.

What is the Bellevue Club?

Bellevue Club. As the premier athletic and social club on Seattle's Eastside, the Bellevue Club is a gathering place for the Northwest's most celebrated and visionary citizens. It's time to belong, join the Bellevue Club community and begin your journey to wellness.

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What is the Washington Athletic Club?

The Washington Athletic Club, founded in 1930, is a private social and athletic club located in downtown Seattle. The five-story WAC includes a 25-yard pool, full-size basketball court, running track, handball and racquetball courts, and pilates and yoga studios.

How do I cancel my WAC membership?

Cancellation Policy. If you would like to discontinue your membership at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, please contact our Business Services team at 414.328. 1300 or fill out a Cancellation Request.

What is pro club?

Pro clubs is an online mode in FIFA 20 that allows you to create a Virtual Pro player and play your position on the pitch with teammates in a true representation of online football.

How much is a Columbia Tower Club membership?

Columbia Tower Club members (there are about 1,400) must invite new members. Initiation fees are about $750, with average monthly dues of about $200, Trause said.

How much does it cost to join Overlake Country Club?

At Overlake Golf and Country Club, membership runs from $80,000 and $82,000, and only three are available, a spokeswoman said.

Who owns the Bellevue Club?

Thurston, president of Pacific Recreation Associates, the partnership that owns the property, feels that the 3 1/2-year-old Bellevue Club Hotel takes the concept to a new, higher level.