What is a sash chain?

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Sash Chain. The higher initial cost of sash chain, compared to sash cord, is offset by the chain's longer useful life. Chain should be selected for material, load rating and size. Material: Sash chain is available in plated steel, bronze, and, to a limited extent, brass.

Also to know is, what is Sash chain?

Sash chain is flat chain, suitable for suspension of double hung sash, pulley applications, etc. Operates smoothly over pulleys. Steel with zinc plated finish.

Additionally, how are sash chains measured? Take one end of your sash cord and place it at the top of the pulley on the jamb you are wanting to re-rope. Holding that in place, run the rope down to the window sill. Mark that length with your finger and cut the rope right there. And that is how to measure sash cord!

Beside this, what is Sash chain used for?

Sash chain is a stamped, formed chain slightly stronger than Jack chain. It is used for operating heater controls on ducts and dampers, as well as window sashes in double hung windows. NOT FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING.

How do you attach a chain to a sash?

Attach the chain to one side of the sash, using a wood screw to hold it in place in the slot. Attach the chain to the other side of the sash and raise the window (bottom sash) to its highest position, bracing it against the parting stop.

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How long is sash cord?

To get the correct length of cord, the outer sash needs to be about 10cm above the windowsill when the top of the weight hits the pulley. Get your helper to hold the outer sash about 10cm above the sill, then pull the cord until you can hear the weight hit the pulley.

How do you replace a broken sash cord?

How To Replace a Broken Sash Cord
  1. Start by removing the trim around the window.
  2. Remove the sash.
  3. Hold the cord to gently lower the weight, then cut and remove the visible sash cord.
  4. Access the weight, pulley, and the rest of the sash cord by removing the panel cover or window casing in the jamb.
  5. Remove any remaining pieces of sash cord.

How are sash weights calculated?

To calculate sash weights we :-
  1. Weigh the top and the bottom sashes to find the total weight including glass.
  2. Add 2lb to top sash total weight (1lb each side).
  3. Subtract 2lb from the bottom sash total counter balance weight (1lb each side).
  4. Divide the total counter balance weight in half to find the weights required.