What food did Muni normally take?

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Muni would eat salted millet cooked into a little ball along with a raw onion. He was expecting a miracle food because he craved to chew drumsticks out of sauce the same morning. He knew that if he obeyed his wife she would somehow conjure food for him by evening.

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Also question is, what did Muni say about the horse?

muni interprets the statue: '' this is our guardian.at the end of kali yuga, this world and all other worlds will be destroyed, and the Redeemer will come in the shape of a horse. ''

Likewise, what did Muni dream of? Muni, dreamt of setting a small shop by putting a thatched roof and by spreading the gunny sack out on the ground and displaying on it some fried nuts, green coconut, coloured sweets on the highway for the hungry travelers. This was the dream of the Munni in the horse and two goats.

Secondly, what did Muni eat for breakfast and lunch?

Expert Answers info For breakfast, Muni's wife gives him salted millet gruel or porridge. She also packs millet for Muni for lunch. However, the lunchtime millet is always cooked into a little ball. Muni's wife usually packs the millet ball with a raw onion for his lunch.

What did Muni think of the card that the American gave him?

Expert Answers info Muni thought that the card was a warrant for his arrest. Because he could not read English, Muni could only guess at the contents of the card. When the American gave him the card, Muni immediately felt suspicion and fear.

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Why is Muni wife upset and angry?

Hello friend! Here's ur answer! Munis wife was upset and angry as they had no money and there was no food in the kitchen and all that muni got was seven drumsticks from the drumstick tree. Muni wanted to chew the drumstick out of sauce instead of eating the boiled leaves at such an old age.

What does Muni refer to?

(i) Muni refers to the body that was found mutilated, and thrown under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam, and Kuppam.

Why does Muni wife tell Muni fast till evening it will do you good?

Munis wife told Muni that fasting till the evening would do him good as he was an old man and didn't have all his teeth and would only live for few years . He could not chew food like drumsticks but had cravings tochew them out of sauce.

Why did she ask Muni not to come back home before sunset?

In the story, she did not ask muni to come back before sunset because if she would be out for a longer period of time, she would have enough time to gather money and bring back home. The money could be used to buy food so that she can keep the dinner ready for him in the evening.

Why did Muni speak in a fearful tone in the extract?

1. What did Muni speak in a fearful tone in the extract? A mutilated dead body had been found thrown under a tamarind tree at the border between Kritam and Kuppam a few weeks ago. Muni realised he could not run and spoke in a fearful tone to talk his way out of trouble.

How did Muni lose his several cattle?

Muni lost several cattle under unknown circumstances. He lost them very quickly. As of now, he has now came down to only two goats, which were tethered to the trunk of a drumstick tree. It is not actually said in the story.

How does Muni show himself as a gossip monger?

In the story - "A horse and two goats", Muni shows himself as a gossip monger by asking the red faced foreigner several questions about his family life and children and telling the American about his theatrical days, Vishnu avatars, cattles, etc. without even realising that the foreigner did not understand anything.

Why did Muni begin to talk about the horse enthusiastically?

(iv) Muni began to talk about the horse enthusiastically, because he felt relieved that the American was not there to arrest him, but to talk about the horse statue.

How old Muni actually was?

The Brainliest Answer! Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village

Why did Muni mistake the foreigner for a police officer?

It was one of the main reasons that she mistook the foreigner for being a policeman. Explanation: He gave her a card and thinking only police could present the card in such a manner she assumed him for being a police officer.

What was munis daily routine?

Muni Everyday used to take his flock of sheep on the highway for a couple of miles and there he would sit on a pedestal of a clay statue of a horse while his sheep grazed around.

What did Muni do to urge the goats to move on why didn't he want to talk to anybody?

Answer: muni urges the goats to move on because he wanted to reach his destination soon, the horse padestal ,to avoid every one coming on his way, because he was humiliated by the mockery of shopkeeper that at the age of seventy he has to wait for the summon of God rather to satisfy his tongue.

How does Muni feel after returning empty handed from the village shop?

ANSWER: Muni feel humiliated after returning free handed from the village shop as he was not able convince village shopkeeper to give him groceries and ingredients to make drumstick sauce on credit. Further on coming back to home, he was humiliated by his wife for the same.

What is meant by microscopic dot what is said about Kritam in the extract?

Microscopic dots are used to indicate some of the tiniest villages in the map. For example, Kritam is a small village that has been created by the author that is imaginary in nature. The author has portrayed a small picture of rural life in the entire story. The dot is created on a map for easy locating. 3.1.

Where would muni relax while his goat graze?

Answer: Muni rested on the pedestal of the horse statue, while his cattle was grazing.

Where did Muni lead his goats to?

Muni lead his goats to the outskirts of Kritam. He sat there near the horse's statue and saw vehicles on the road .

How did Muni care for his sheep and goats?

He carried a crook so that he can break the branches of the trees on the way to feed the goats.. Answer: Muni went outside regularly.So,the sheep and the goats can have their own food. He carried a crook with him to break the branches of a tree and to feed the sheeps and goats.