Was the Virginia Plan or New Jersey plan better?

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It also combined both plans by having a bicameral legislature and have representation with population. Also, to have equal representation through the senate. The Virginia Plan is better because it's basically saying that representation is based on the size of the state.

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Also, what is the difference between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey?

36) Virginia plan advocated two legislative houses of which membership would be based on population. New Jersey plan advocated one legislative house, membership in which would be equal for all states.

Also Know, which came first the Virginia Plan or the New Jersey plan? James Madison wrote the Virginia Plan, which called for states with larger populations to have more representation in the government. William Paterson presented the New Jersey Plan, which called for equal representation for every state no matter what the population.

Furthermore, how were the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan similar?

According to the Virginia Plan, states with a large population would have more representatives than smaller states. Large states supported this plan, while smaller states generally opposed it. Under the New Jersey Plan, the unicameral legislature with one vote per state was inherited from the Articles of Confederation.

Who favored the New Jersey Plan?

The New Jersey Plan was supported by the states of New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey. It proposed a unicameral legislature with one vote per state. Paterson and supporters wanted to reflect the equal representation of states, thus enabling equal power. The Paterson Plan was composed of eleven resolutions.

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Who proposed the Virginia and New Jersey plan?

The New Jersey Plan was a proposal for the structure of the United States Government proposed by William Paterson on June 15, 1787. The plan was created in response to the Virginia Plan's call for two houses of Congress, both elected with proportional representation.

What did the New Jersey plan call?

The New Jersey Plan was one option as to how the United States would be governed. The Plan called for each state to have one vote in Congress instead of the number of votes being based on population. It was introduced to the Constitutional Convention by William Paterson, a New Jersey delegate, on June 15, 1787.

Why is the Virginia plan better?

The Great Compromise
The Virginia Plan is better because it's basically saying that representation is based on the size of the state. If you have a big state and one representative, it won't work because one person can't make decisions for the whole state.

Which states would have supported the Virginia Plan?

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia voted for the Virginia Plan, while New York, New Jersey, and Delaware voted for the New Jersey Plan, an alternate that was also on the table. The delegates from Maryland were split, so the state's vote was null.

What was the 1787 Virginia Plan?

Drafted by James Madison, and presented by Edmund Randolph to the Constitutional Convention on May 29, 1787, the Virginia Plan proposed a strong central government composed of three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. In its amended form, this page of Madison's plan shows his ideas for a legislature.

Why did small states favor the New Jersey plan?

Each state's representation would depend on the state's population. The larger states wanted a larger influence in Congress because they has a larger population. What did small states favor the New Jersey Plan? Smaller states like this plan because it gave them equal representation in Congress.

What two things did the Virginia and New Jersey plans have in common?

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  • Virginia have bicameral (2 houses)
  • New Jersey have unicameral (1 house)
  • Virginia representation was based on population.
  • New Jersey representation was based on equal representation.
  • Executive, Judicial, & Legislative.
  • Large states favored Virginia Plan because it was based on population.

Why was the 3/5 compromise created?

The three-fifths compromise was an agreement, made at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, that allowed Southern states to count a portion of its enslaved population for purposes of taxation and representation. The compromise gave the South more power than it would have had if enslaved people had not been counted.

What is the Virginia plan and what did it propose?

The Virginia Plan was a proposal to establish a bicameral legislature in the newly-founded United States. Drafted by James Madison in 1787, the plan recommended that states be represented based upon their population numbers, and it also called for the creation of three branches of government.

Why did New Jersey's delegates object to the Virginia Plan?

Why did New Jerseys's delegates object to the Virginia Plan? They preferred a system in which all states had equal representation. It proposed different representation in the two-house legislature.

Did the Virginia Plan called for equal representation?

Introduced to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, James Madison's Virginia Plan outlined a strong national government with three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The plan called for a legislature divided into two bodies (the Senate and the House of Representatives) with proportional representation.

Did the Constitutional Convention adopt the Virginia Plan?

True or False- The Constitutional Convention adopted the Virginia Plan. True or False- Fortunately, the Constitution outlawed slavery. True or False- The New Jersey Plan favored the small states and the Virginia Plan favored the large states.

Which issue did the Virginia plan the New Jersey Plan and the Great Compromise address?

The plans and the compromise were about finding a way to equally represent all states in the congress, without making a state too powerful or too weak. The plans and the compromise resolved it by making a bicameral government with the senate and the house.

How were representatives chosen in the New Jersey plan?

Perhaps the most important of these was introduced by the Connecticut Compromise, which established a bicameral legislature with the U.S. House of Representatives apportioned by population, as desired by the Virginia Plan, and the Senate granted equal votes per state, as desired by the New Jersey Plan.

How are the Articles of Confederation and the Virginia plan different?

How were the Articles of Confederation different from the Virginia Plan? Under the Virginia Plan, the representatives would depend on the population. Where under the Articles of Confederation, only gave each state one vote. Under the New Jersey plan, the states representatives stayed the same no matter the population.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the New Jersey plan?

Like most things, the New Jersey Plan had both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of this plan is that it would have benefited the smaller states in the union. By allowing each state to have one vote rather than basing it on population, each state would have equal power.