Is it safe to go to Kauai?

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Safety in Kauai. Although tourist areas are generally safe, visitors should always stay alert, even in laid-back Hawaii. Burglaries of tourists' rental cars in hotel parking structures and at beach parking lots have become more common. Park in well-lighted and well-traveled areas, if possible.

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Herein, is Kauai worth visiting?

Why Kauai is the most underrated island in Hawaii. Kauai is often the forgotten cousin of the larger Hawaiian islands, that idyllic archipelago worth visiting any time of year. Travelers may seek the endless sun of the Big Island, the incredible scenery of a road trip in Maui, and the history and excitement of Oahu.

Secondly, what is the rainy season in Kauai? Because Kauai lies at the edge of the tropical zone, it technically has only two seasons, both of them warm. The dry season corresponds to summer, and the rainy season generally runs during the winter from November to March.

Moreover, is there crime in Kauai?

The state of Hawaii has a low crime rate compared to the rest of the USA; according to the Hawaii Almanac, the state is ranked 44th in the nation for violent crimes. On Kauai, most of the crime involves theft, and tourists are easy targets.

What is the best month to go to Kauai?

While any time of year is an excellent time for this Hawaiian island, the best time to visit Kauai is from April to June and from September to November. In the pre-summer months the temperature is still ideal, without the summer vacation crowds.

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Is Kauai or Maui better?

The waters around Maui are calmer than the waters around Kauai, especially in winter. While both islands have good snorkeling, Maui has more top-notch sites and more are easily accessible from the beach. One particularity of this island are the black sand beaches which are made of ground lava rock.

Is Kauai expensive?

A vacation to Kauai for one week usually costs around $1,066 for one person. So, a trip to Kauai for two people costs around $2,131 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs $4,263 in Kauai.

What is Kauai known for?

The Hawaiian islands are known for raging waterfalls, but Kauai is home to one of the wettest places on earth. Mount Waialeale has dozens of falls that pour into a deep canyon accessible via hike.

Do you need a car in Kauai?

Yes, it is recommended that you rent a car when you are visiting the Garden Isle of Kauai! You may want to stay somewhere with a shuttle service and simply rent a car for the day.

What food is Kauai known for?

Here are 12 of the best local Kauai dishes we recommend you try during your vacation.
  • Poke (pronounced po-kay)
  • Huli Huli chicken.
  • Lomilomi salmon.
  • Loco moco.
  • Poi.
  • Kalua pig.
  • Saimin.
  • Spam musubi.

How many days do you need in Kauai?

A Few Days in Kauai: A Guide for First-Time Visitors. Many first-time visitors stop in Kauai for four days while island hopping between two or three islands. Four days is enough time to see the best of the island (except for several days-long hikes like the Na Pali Coast).

Is Maui or Kauai better for families?

Maui and Kauai are both well-loved by visitors and for good reason; although quite different, they're both fabulous, IMO. It's generally felt that the beaches and snorkeling are better on Maui but the hiking is better on Kauai.

How do I get to the secret beach in Kauai?

To find it, take the Kuhio Highway past Kilauea and turn right on Kalihiwai Road. Follow the road for about 50 yards and then turn right into an unmarked, unpaved road. Proceed to the end and park. Nearby is the foot path leading to the west end of the beach.

Can you drink Kauai tap water?

As said, Kauai tap water is fine.

Are there any snakes in Kauai?

There are no snakes in Hawaii. We do however have the mosquito that can be annoying, so use repellent when needed. We do have centipedes, but they are rarely seen. In the rural areas you might have a rare chance of spotting a wild boar, but they are skittish and usually will keep a distance.

Is living in Kauai expensive?

The Cost of Living in Kauai Hawaii
It is true that living expenses such as food, gas, and electric are more expensive than on most of the Mainland. Yes, our gas rate is higher. We do not have freeways — it is a small island without too far to drive in either direction.

Is there volcanoes in Kauai?

The Kilauea volcano is located on northern side of the island of Kauai, and is one of the world's most active volcanoes.

What is the safest island in Hawaii?

According to Neighborhood Scout, these ten Hawaiian cities are the safest in the state.
  • 1) Makaweli, Kauai. Dave Seidman/Flickr.
  • 2) Kalaupapa, Molokai. Warren Antiola/Flickr.
  • 3) Schofield Barracks, Oahu.
  • 4) Hanalei, Kauai.
  • 5) Kilauea, Kauai.
  • 6) Laupahoehoe, Big Island.
  • 7) Haleiwa, Oahu.
  • 8) Mililani Town, Oahu.

Which Hawaiian island has the least crime?

Which Hawaiian Island has the Lowest Property Crime Rates?
  • Kauai: 2,509.
  • Big Island: 2,700.
  • Oahu: 2,774.
  • Maui: 3,454.

Can you drive completely around Kauai?

The island is circular in shape with one main road connecting the North Shore and West Side of the island. You cannot drive completely around the island, the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast makes that impossible. Drive through quaint coastal towns and rural upcountry neighborhoods while exploring Kauai.

What is the average income in Kauai?

- The average income of a Kauai County resident is $27,079 a year. The US average is $28,555 a year. - The Median household income of a Kauai County resident is $62,946 a year. The US average is $53,482 a year.

What is minimum wage in Kauai?

The median hourly wage statewide in 2017 was $20.02, so with a minimum wage of $10.10 the Kaitz index for the entire state is 50.4%. At the County level, the 2017 median hourly wage for Hawaii/Kauai was $18.51, while Maui's median wage was $19.37 and Honolulu's $20.62.