In what ways can Mrs Peters be said to be a foil to Mrs Hale?

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Peters can be said to be a foil to Mrs. Hale because Mrs. Peters kind of stands up for the men against Mrs. Hale every once in a while.

Similarly one may ask, in what ways is Mrs Peters different from Mrs Hale?

Mrs. Hale is larger and, ordinarily, more comfortable looking, whereas Mrs. Peters is slight and wiry with “a thin nervous face.” These differences are reflected in the characters of the two women.

Furthermore, why do we never see either of the Wrights directly? The ironic title of the play shape its meaning by how the women found the evidence and the men didn't ,but the men didn't think that well. We don't never see either of the wrights directly because Mr. wright is dead and the author want to have more objective thoughts.

Similarly, why do Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters suppress evidence in trifles?

Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale don't tell their husbands about the evidence they found because they empathize with Mrs. As they look through the Wright house, they see evidence that Minnie was also not valued by her husband.

How does Mrs Peters change in trifles?

Peters becomes more aware of the circumstances of Minnie Wright's life, her sense of identification and empathy with the woman increases markedly. Her compassion moves to the forefront. Mrs. Peters begins the play by saying the men have to do their duty and mentions that she is not at all cold.

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How do the men treat Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters?

The three men uniformly treat Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale with indulgent condescension, as they make gentle fun of the women for worrying about "trifles." The men do not blame the women for what they perceive as incompetence precisely of the wives' gender.

Who is Mrs Hale in trifles?

Mrs. Hale is a local farmer's wife who is generally referred to as comfortable looking but enters the crime scene with her nerves plain on her face. She's pragmatic enough to know that she might bear witness to something she would rather not see.

Who is Mrs Peters in a jury of her peers?

Mrs. Peters: Mrs.
Peters is introduced as meek and submissive. As the narrative progresses, she uses her sharp eye and intuitive mind to notice key details and clues. However, Mrs. Peters feels beholden to the societal rules and expectations of her gender.

What sort of relationship forms between Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters in a jury of her peers?

In Susan Glaspell's "A Jury of Her Peers" there is a feminine communion between the two women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, but because of their interpersonal relationships and their ways of thinking, their perspectives differ at first.

Are Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters right to withhold the evidence in the end?

Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are upright, law-abiding women, but by the end of the play they illegally withhold probable evidence of motive. In 1916, when “Trifles” was written, women in the U.S. could not vote and in most states could not serve on juries.

Why did Mrs Wright kill her husband?

Wright killing her husband. The wives piece together that Minnie was being abused by her husband, and they understand how it feels to be oppressed by men. Because they feel bad for Minnie, they hide the evidence against her and she is spared the punishment for killing her husband.

What does the birdcage in trifles symbolize?

In Trifles, the birdcage symbolizes the prison of Mrs. Wright's marriage. Glaspell draws connections between the bird Mrs.