How much did Russell Wilson get?

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But even those stars can't touch Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who is the NFL's highest-paid player in 2019 at $79 million, including $9 million off the field. In April, Wilson's four-year, $140 million contract extension set NFL records for average salary ($35 million) and signing bonus ($65 million).

Also asked, how much does Russell Wilson get paid per game?

Wilson's $140 million, four-year extension puts him at the top of the NFL salary food chain for now. He has the highest yearly average salary at $35 million per season.

Subsequently, question is, how much does Russell Wilson make per week? The Seahawks experienced peak success in 2013 and 2014. In those two Super Bowl seasons, Wilson made a combined $1.2 million. His current below-market deal pays him $1.3 million every week.

Just so, how much did Russell Wilson signed for 2019?

FOR DETAILS ON RUSSELL WILSON'S NEW 2019 DEAL, CLICK HERE The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a contract extension with their quarterback to the tune of four-years $87.6 million. The terms were first reported by Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

How much did Russell Wilson signed for?

Wilson's current $87.6 million, four-year deal was signed at the beginning of training camp in 2015 and was set to expire after next season.

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What is Tom Brady salary?

Brady's average salary of $35 million also is tied with Wilson for the richest in the NFL, although the expectation is that he'll be renegotiating his deal next offseason.

What is Tom Brady's net worth?

Earning power, endorsements and playing the real estate field have enabled Tom Brady to have a net worth of an estimated $180 million. Add to this his wife's astounding $400 million net worth and the couple is close to banking around $580 million.

Who is the lowest paid NFL player?

17 NFL Players Who Make Surprisingly Low Salaries
  • Russell Wilson (quarterback, Seattle Seahawks): $526,000.
  • Rob Gronkowski (tight end, New England Patriots): $630,000*
  • Torrey Smith (wide receiver, Baltimore Ravens): $683,000.
  • Colin Kaepernick (quarterback, San Francisco 49ers): $840,000.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul (defensive end, New York Giants): $1.25 million.

How much longer is Aaron Rodgers contract?

The team later made the deal official. Rodgers previously signed a five-year, $110 million extension in 2013 and was set to enter the regular season with two years remaining on his contract, which paid base salaries of $19.8 million in 2018 and $20 million in 2020.

Is Russell Wilson worth the money?

Russell Wilson Net Worth
That's an astonishing amount of money, especially for someone who has only played seven seasons in the NFL; but he's still in the prime of his career, and when he starts playing on his record-setting contract extension in 2020, expect that worth to skyrocket drastically.

How much is Dak Prescott worth?

We are going to have a real urgency to get this done." According to Spotrac's market-value tool, Prescott is worth $33 million per year ($165.1 million over five years).

Is Russell Wilson the highest paid QB?

Quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks reportedly came to terms on a four-year, $140 million contract early Tuesday morning, making him the NFL's highest-paid player. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Wilson's contract includes a $65 million signing bonus.

What is Cam Newton salary?

Cam Newton has a $45 million net worth
According to Spotrac, the 29-year old quarterback is making a $14.5 million base salary. He also earned a $4.5 million singing bonus. His contract caps his salary at $21.5 million.

Is Russell Wilson the highest paid player?

Russell Wilson is the highest-paid player in the NFL—here's how much he makes. In April 2019, Russell Wilson became the highest-paid player in the NFL on an annual basis when he signed a $140 million, four-year extension with the Seattle Seahawks. The deal also included a $65 million signing bonus.

How Much Does Aaron Rodgers make?

Last August, Rodgers signed a then-record four-year contract worth $134 million; his base salary in 2019 will be $20 million.

Is Russell Wilson a good quarterback?

Greatest QB of all time: Russell Wilson. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the future of the position, but his two-year resume is already good enough to consider Wilson one of the very best in the NFL today.

Why does Russell Wilson get paid so much?

The money in Wilson's extension is notable because it marks the second year in a row that a quarterback's contract extension was rumored to have the potential to change the paradigm of football contracts.

Who gets paid the most in the NBA?

These are the highest paid players in the NBA right now
  1. Stephen Curry, 31, Golden State Warriors: $40.2 million.
  2. LeBron James, 34, Los Angeles Lakers: $37.4 million.
  3. Kyle Lowry, 33, Toronto Raptors: $34.9 million.
  4. Blake Griffin, 30, Detroit Pistons: $34.5 million.
  5. Paul George, 29, Los Angeles Clippers: $33 million.

How much money does Kirk Cousins make?

Kirk Cousins makes an average annual salary of $28 million to play quarterback for the Vikings.