How do you get scraps in RoCitizens?

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How to get scraps- Kill zombies with turrets. You will get a rusty turret and! To get a REGULAR turret, kill zombies and get 200 scrap. For a flamethrower turret, get 400 scrap and talk to Survivor Steve (Next to Sal) and click the turret.

Likewise, what is the best job in RoCitizens?

These are the best jobs RoCitizens Super Market, Nurse, and Robber!

Beside above, how do you trade money in RoCitizens 2019? click on the player (around knees) and trade option will pop up, wait for the player to accpet trade request, and then type in the ammont of money you want to give to that player in "What will I give" section.

In this manner, can you trade houses in RoCitizens?

In RoCitizens, the player has the option to either roommate with another player or build and customize their own house. Once you click it, you will be able to either import an old house or build a new one.

What is RoCitizens?

RoCitizens is a ROBLOX game created by Firebrand1. RoCitizens is a game about you. The game's motto, "Your Story, Your Game" really summarizes it all. The game has been on the front page several times and has over 300 million visits! Within the game, you can choose from 6 Careers from Crime to Law Enforcement!

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What jobs are there in RoCitizens?

There are some jobs you can be: A police Officer, School bus driver, a Fast food cashier, Fast food cook, nurse, Criminal, Store cashier. They are all fun, aswell a quick way to earn money.

Where is the hospital in RoCitizens?

Location. The location of the hospital is down the street when you turn right at spawn. It is currently by the museum and across from the library. It has its own parking lot, and its own overhang for cars.

Where is the police station in RoCitizens?

The Police Station is a building in RoCitizens. It holds one job, an Officer, with a base pay of $18/hour. It has its own parking lot, and it is two stories tall. The Police Station is also where Robbers spawn when caught.

Where is the red balloon in rocitizens?

Location. Paghetti's is near the spawn. In the back of it is the highway, and in front it is, well, the parking lot. To the left of it is the Movie Theatre, and to the right of it is the Criminal Hideout.

Where are the donuts in rocitizens?

Location of donuts:
  • flag pole (Police station)
  • on diving board (small one)
  • High School (front desk)
  • super-mart (2nd Register.
  • car dealership (table)
  • ontop of gas pump (gas station)
  • Inside gas station (back on bottom shelf)
  • nomburger table (tall ones)

Where do you become a robber in rocitizens?

To become a robber, go into the gray storage unit beside Paghetti's. Enter the blue circle in the building and press the green "Start" button.