How do you cut small holes in sheet metal?

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For small holes, a gentle finger-twist of a slightly larger-size twist drill over the hole is usually enough to break down any sharp edges. For the deburring of larger holes, a handheld deburring tool offers the quickest and easiest way to clean up jagged edges.

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Similarly, you may ask, what does a metal drill bit look like?

Bits designed to drill metal have flutes that taper to a point at either a 118- or 135-degree angle. Bits with a 118-degree point are general-purpose bits, while those with a 135-degree point are self-cleaning, which means they shed shards of metal instead of allowing them to accumulate around the shank.

Beside above, can I use wd40 for drilling metal? WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is a Water Displacement (WD) coating to prevent rust. Look for a dedicated drilling and tapping fluid like Tap Magic. I like the Sulphurated oil, especially for Titanium, but it is messy.

Likewise, people ask, how do you properly drill a hole in metal?


  1. To start your hole in metal, use a sharp scriber AND SCRIBE THE INTERSECTING LINES JUST ONE TIME.
  2. Examine the punch mark in a bright light and if necessary "drift" (tilt the punch) the punch mark over (using the fine punch) to get it in exactly the right place.
  3. Use a small bit to drill a pilot hole.

Can I use a metal drill bit on Masonry?

As, said earlier, don't use the a masonry drill bit for steel or a steel drill bit for masonry. Easy drill bit recognition. Segmented teeth – This one is tricky. If they are sharp then it's for wood or metals.

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How do you drill a hole in hardened steel?

Go to a hardware or home improvement store for a cobalt bit that is designed specifically for drilling through steel. You want a cobalt bit, as it's a type of high-speed steel (HSS) that has more cobalt in it and is strong enough to cut through hardened steel.

Do you need a special drill bit for metal?

Regular drill bits can't cut through steel, so you need a heavy-duty, hard drill bit to do the job. There are two types of drill bits that you can count on for metalworking projects: titanium and cobalt. Titanium drill bits are high-speed steel drill bits (HSS) that have a titanium oxide coating.

How do you cut a rectangular hole in sheet metal?

Use side cutters to damage the metal between the holes, then man-handle the metal out with a screwdriver and / or hammer. Clamp your panel upright in a vice, and use a coarse file to square up the hole. Option 2. Drill a large hole at two opposite corners, and use a small saw blade to cut each edge.

Will a hole saw cut through stainless steel?

A good bi-metal hole saw will easily cut through softer materials, such as plastic and wood-based items, as well as harder materials, such as steel and stainless steel. In addition to using high speed steel with cobalt, the heat treatment process used by the manufacturer will impact the life expectancy of the hole saw.