How do I check my EPPICard balance online?

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To set up low balance alerts on your GA Eppicard, log in to your Georgia Eppicard online account. The last way to check your Georgia Eppicard balance is by calling the Eppicard customer service automated system 1-800-656-1347. You can call to access balance and transaction information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In respect to this, how do I check my EPPICard balance?

Eppicard Account Balance. To check your balance, visit the balance check page by clicking here. Once there, you should find your state and then follow the instructions specific to your state on how to check your card balance.

Similarly, what bank is associated with EPPICard? Comerica Bank

Furthermore, does EPPICard have an app?

Eppicard app for Android. There is an app specifically developed for android users that allows you to perform some of the basic functions that you can do on the website or over the phone. It provides a free, fast, convenient and secure way to monitor your EPPICard available balance and Card activity.

How do I get an EPPICard?

Login at and sign-up or call the toll-free customer service telephone number (877) 253-3686, TTY 1-855-249-0019. Your account is FDIC insured and protected by your personal secret code (PIN). Your web account is secured by your personally selected User ID and password.

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What does EPPICard stand for?

State-Specific Guidelines for EPPICards
EPPICards are known by different names, depending on each state. For example, Ohio child support cards are called e-QuickPay cards, and Pennsylvania child support cards are simply called Pennsylvania Debit MasterCards, but each of these is still an EPPICard.

What ATM is free for EPPICard?

Use your free withdrawals at Hancock Bank, Regions Bank, or • Trustmark Bank ATM locations, or any MasterCard Member Bank teller window.

Can I deposit money on my EPPICard?

Can I add additional funds to my debit card? No. Only the funds from your State will be applied to the debit card. Additional funds can not be added to the account.

Can you overdraft your EPPICard?

Check your account balance by using the Internet to make sure your deposits are posted to your account and to track your transactions. Since you can never spend more than the current balance in your card account, no overdraft fees will be charged.

How can I check my balance on my child support card?

Know your balance
Cardholders can check the balance on their cards and review all their account transaction activity 24 hours a day online or by calling (844) 323-7637, TTY (866) 656-5913. There is no fee for online and telephone balance inquiries.

Can I use EPPICard for online purchases?

For e-mail notification, go to 3. How to use your Card. You can use your Card to obtain cash at any automated teller machine (“ATM”), bank or credit union (“bank”), and to make purchases from merchants and at point-of-sale (“POS”) terminals that accept MasterCard debit cards.

What is a EPPICard debit MasterCard?

The new debit MasterCard® account provides access to your funds 24 hours a day at ATMs, bank teller windows and merchant locations worldwide, anywhere debit MasterCard® cards are accepted. Your debit card account is FDIC insured and your account is protected by your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How do I contact EPPICard customer service?

For all questions related to the EPPICard ™ MasterCard®, cardholders should call the Customer Service toll free number at 1-800-304-1669. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and handles calls related to: Reporting lost or stolen cards. Balance inquiries.

How much can I withdraw from EPPICard?

When using your Card at an ATM, the maximum total amount that may be withdrawn from your Card account per calendar day is $500.00. If you need to withdraw more than $500.00 in a calendar day, you may conduct additional withdrawals at a bank or credit union teller window (fees may apply).

What time does EPPICard deposit?

Phone numbers must be within the continental U.S. All calls will be made between 8 am and 6 pm, seven days a week. If a deposit is posted to your account or your balance falls below your selected threshold during off hours, the alert message will be held until the next day.

Can you overdraft a child support card?

Can the ReliaCard be overdrawn? Normally the cardholder can only use up to the amount of funds available to them. However, under certain circumstances, such as pay-at-the-pump gas dispensers or restaurants in which a tip is added to the bill, the card can become overdrawn.

Can you use a child support card online?

Receiving your child support payments through the Bank of America Mastercard® debit card offers you important benefits: Faster access to your payments. Flexibility—use the card in stores, online or by phone. Pay bills in person or online.

Where can I get money off my child support card?

You can use your card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted for purchases. You can also get cash withdrawals from your card. To get cash without being charged a fee, use any MoneyPass ATM . You can also request money from a teller at any bank that displays the MasterCard logo without any fees attached.

How long does it take to get your child support card?

How long does it take to receive my debit card? If you have a new child support case the first payment to your account will automatically trigger enrollment in the Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard program, unless you signed up for direct deposit. The debit card should arrive 5-10 days after the payment posts.

How do I transfer money from my EPPICard to my bank account?

Can I transfer the money on my Visa Debit Card to my personal checking or savings account?
  1. Call 1-888-393-5866.
  2. Enter your card number and PIN.
  3. Choose option 4 then option 2 (Transfer funds to your bank)
  4. Enter the transfer amount in dollars and cents using the * key as the decimal point (ex.

How do I get a child support card?

Once funds are applied to a Debit Card:
  1. The card should be activated by entering the DCSS IRN (Individual Registration Number), Social Security Number and Date of Birth provided by DCSS.
  2. All customer service requests are handled by EPPI Customer Service at 1-800-656-1347 or

Can I transfer money from smiONE card?

The smiONE Visa Prepaid Card is safe and easy to use. It allows money to be electronically transferred from the FSPC, the State of Missouri, or other payer you authorize to your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card account.