What's the difference between actual balance and available balance?

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Actual balance is the total balance in that particular account. Available balance is the amount which is available for any transactions like NEFT RTGS. IMPS Transfer ATM withdrawal etc. The difference may be a hold available in your account or pending charges that are to be recovered from your account.

Keeping this in view, why is my account balance and available balance different?

Your account balance is the total in your account. Available balance represents the funds you are able to withdraw, transfer and use. For transactions or savings accounts, the available balance may be more than the account balance because of an arranged overdraft.

Furthermore, why is my current balance higher than my available balance? The available balance for your account may differ from the current balance because of pending transactions that have been presented against the account, but have not yet been processed. The available balance also includes credit available if you have a line of credit linked to your checking account.

Correspondingly, can I use my actual balance?

Keep in mind that while debit card transactions will be reflected in your available balance, not all transactions will be 'held' or listed as 'Pending' on your account. For example, if you use Bill Pay, these transactions will not be reflected in your account balance until they are paid.

How long does it take for current balance to become available balance?

Your Current Balance shows Posted Transactions including any recent payments made to your Account. Your Current Balance will be updated when your Pending Transactions are posted to your Account which can take 3 to 5 business days.

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Are pending transactions already deducted from available balance?

Pending transactions only affect your available funds. While the transaction is pending, the transaction amount is deducted from your available funds. Your account balance is not affected by a pending transaction; it only changes once the payment is fully processed.

What does it mean when it says current balance and available balance?

Current Balance is the outstanding balance of your Cash in Bank. This is the balance after all deposits and withdrawals, bank charges and other banking transactions have been taken into consideration. Available Balance, on the other hand, refers to the portion of the current balance which are available for withdrawal.

Are pending deposits included in available balance?

Your available balance includes: All deposits that are immediately available and withdrawals that have posted to your account. Pending withdrawals, including debit card transactions we authorize and checks/authorized payments known to us, reduce your available balance..

Does account balance include overdraft?

So in a nutshell, your available balance will only show how much money you actually have in your account, and won't include any overdraft facility you've agreed.

Can I withdraw money from current balance?

|||You can only withdraw the "available balance." The current balance is the money you have in your account, however, all that money may not be verified yet. But your available balance is still $100. Depending on your bank and account, you won't be able to immediately withdraw the entire amount or even a portion of it.

Why is my available balance negative?

If the account has a negative balance - you have spent more money than you have. 1) the bank will allow payment for transaction to go through and then charge you an overdraft or insufficient fund fee. Therefore you will owe the bank the amount of transaction plus the fee-resulting in a negative balance.

Can I spend more than my available balance?

Not Yet Available
Sometimes you'll see an available balance that's lower than your account balance. In those cases, you can only spend your available balance (or less if you have outstanding checks), and the rest of the money is being held by your bank. Deposits to your account have not cleared yet.

Can you use a debit card with no money in your account?

If you try to use your debit card when there is not enough money in your account to cover the transaction and your account does not allow overdrawing, the transaction will be declined. No fee is charged. If your account allows overdrawing, you can be charged a fee, like with a check.