How can I find my driving Licence number by name?

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How to Find Driving License (DL) Number Online
  1. From the Menu, Click on “Apply Online” & Then Click on “Find Application Number
  2. Select your State, RTO & Enter your Name, Date of birth & Captcha Code.

Just so, how can I find my drivers license number online?

Follow the below steps to check your RC status:

  1. Visit
  2. Under the "Online Services" tab, you will find an option called "Know your vehicle details".
  3. You will be asked to enter your vehicle registration number.
  4. You will now see your RC status.

Beside above, how can I get my driving Licence number if I lost it online in India? You can apply for a duplicate DL either online or directly at the RTO without any hassles. Read on to find more about applying for duplicate driving license in India. A First Instance Report (FIR) or NCR of the licence, in case it is lost or stolen. Original Licence (if he same is in a torn, mutilated or soiled state).

Also Know, how can I find someone's driver's license number?

Drivers can find their license numbers by logging into the website of their state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Users choose their state and type their name and ID number. They will then be prompted to enter additional registration details.

How can I get my lost driving Licence number in India?

In case you have lost your original driving license or if it has been stolen or mutilated, you can get a duplicate driving license from the same RTO that issued your DL. You can apply for a duplicate DL either online or directly at the RTO (regional transport office) without any hassles.

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Are driver's license numbers public record?

The driving records maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles are referred to as DMV driving records. Most DMV records are public record, some states vary on what driving record information is publicly available.

How do I check my license?

How to Check the print status of your smart card license?
  1. Compose an SMS on your phone with the text LC<space>[application id]
  2. Send the SMS to 33001.
  3. After a while, you will receive an SMS with the print status of your smart card license.

Is driver's license number public record?

Non-personal information contained in motor vehicle and driver license records such as vehicular crash records, driving violations and driver status information are considered public information.

How can I get my driving Licence number by name in India?

First of all, you need to visit at the official website of your state RTO or RTA. Here, you need to find out an option called driver license status check. Click on the option. You will be redirected to a new webpage where you need to provide your DL number, date of birth and name.

How do I download my driving Licence smart card?

Visit your state transport department's website and download the online application form for smart card driving license. After filing the form, attach all the required documents. Visit your nearest RTO office and submit the duly filled form along with the required documents.

How can I get my mobile number from driving Licence?

Go to parivahan sewa website and then select driving licence related services then select your state then click on Apply Online then click on Service on DL enter your DL no and date of birth and click on submit then you will see the DL holder name and other info then select state and RTO office name ( ( eg MH01 ) clcik

How long does it take for your license to come after passing your test?

Providing you have a photocard provisional licence that shows your correct name, your driving test examiner will send your test pass certificate to the DVLA, you should then receive your full licence within 3 weeks.

How do I download my learners Licence?

Download Learning License Soft Copy (PDF)| Duplicate Provisional Driving Licence (LL) Online. You will See “Print” Option in the End. Clicking on “Print” Opens up the PDF file of Your Learning License Online. In order to Download the file on your Smartphone or Computer, Click on the “Download” Button.

What happens if someone has your driver's license number?

No, they cannot open a credit card or mortgage account but they can write your driver's license number on a check, give your license number (without the actual license) to a police officer at a traffic stop, or doctor/manufacture a license with your number to pass off to those who require ID (bars, employers, police,

Can I check my drivers license status online for free?

Accessing Your Record
Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles website in your state and look for the 'License Check' or 'License Status' page. To access your online records, you'll need to provide some personal information, namely your driver's license number. Some states may require more details.

What do I do if I have lost my driving Licence?

If you do not want to apply online, you can apply for a replacement licence over the phone, providing that none of your details have changed. You can call the DVLA on 0300 790 6801. You can also apply for a replacement licence by sending off a form in the post.

How do I apply for a driving Licence?

Documents To Be Submitted for Applying Learner's Licence
  1. Physical Fitness Declaration (form 1).
  2. Passport-sized photographs.
  3. Medical certificate (form 1-A).
  4. Proof of address: any one of the following can be submitted towards proof of address-
  5. Passport.
  6. Ration card.
  7. Life Insurance policy.
  8. Voter's identity card.

Is driving license valid throughout India?

Yes, a driving licence obtained in any RTO in India is valid throughout the country. What is the validity period for a Driving licence in India? Generally, in India, driving licences are valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till the holder attains 50 years of age, whichever comes earlier.