Does Erica Hill still work for CNN?

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On April 19, 2018, it was announced that Erica Hill would return to CNN as lead fill-in anchor and national correspondent. She will leave her HLN show On The Story which originated from New York City. Her replacement has not been announced.

In this regard, who is Erica Hill married to?

David Yount m. 2005

Also Know, how much is Erica Hill worth? Erica Hill net worth, career earnings and salary: Erica Hill is an American journalist who has a net worth of $6 million.

Just so, does Erica Hill have children?

Weston Robert Yount Son Sawyer Steven Yount Son

How old is Erica Hill?

43 years (July 20, 1976)

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Why did Erica leave NBC?

She's a fantastic addition to Weekend Today and I'm delighted to welcome her to NBC News." On April 3, 2016, Hill announced she was leaving the Weekend Today show in order to spend more time with family, but continue daily news reporting on MSNBC and NBC Nightly News.

How tall is Erica Hill?

1.67 m

What is John Berman salary?

With the average salary of a CNN employee listed at a decent $66K per annum, John as one of the most known faces in the network enjoys a salary higher than that. Read Also: Wolf Blitzer's Salary And Net Worth Is Massive!

What is sheinelle Jones salary?

Being a journalist & news anchor, Sheinelle earns an impressive amount of money through her profession in the field of the media industry. Based on some online reports, her current estimated net worth said to be $23 million and her annual salary is somewhere around $1 million at present.

Is Jenna Wolfe still with Stephanie GOSK?

Jenna Wolfe Leaving NBC. Jenna Wolfe is leaving NBC after eight-plus years as Today show correspondent and Weekend Today co-anchor. More recently, Wolfe has been a fitness expert for the show. Wolfe and her partner, fellow NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk, have two young daughters, Harper and Quinn.

Is HLN and CNN the same?

HLN (Headline News) is an American basic cable news channel owned by CNN.

Where is HLN?

As first reported by Mediaite, CNN executives announced the changes during company-wide meetings at HLN headquarters in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.