Can you return your phone at metropcs?

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The device must be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase with less than one (1) hour of talk time. One hour talk time restriction does not apply to tablets or devices without voice capabilities. The device must be returned in “like new condition” and contain all original packaging and accessories.

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Simply so, what is the return policy for Metro PCS?

Non-defective returns are only accepted within 30 days of the original invoice date. Return Authorization Number are valid for 30 days from date of issue. All returns are subject to inspection by Metro PC Works on the resell condition, and credit will be issued after the product have been received and inspected.

Subsequently, question is, can you return food to Metro? If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of the items you receive, you can send them back with the delivery driver at the time you receive your order or return them to any Metro store within 14 days based on Metro's return policy. If you need a refund, click here.

Just so, does MetroPCS do payments on phones?

MetroPCS' financing is only available for 4G handsets. The program gives you an additional 60 days to pay off a smartphone purchase at an APR of up to 36 percent.

How much does it cost to upgrade a MetroPCS phone?

The quarterly or every 90-day update translates to Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers up to four times a year. Customers qualify for the sale price of their phones every quarter. The upgrade fee was $10 as of 2018 when you bought a phone in-store. However, the carrier has since changed its upgrade policy.

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Does MetroPCS have a grace period?

Is there a grace period for making payments? In order to ensure continued use of your MetroPCS service, you must pay for the service by your due date. If you do not pay for your service by the due date, your service will be suspended until the payment is made.

How do you know when you can upgrade your phone?

There are a few ways to check if your phone is eligible for an upgrade. You can call #874 from your iPhone, and you'll get a text message back, letting you know when you're eligible to get a shiny new phone.

How much is the activation fee for Metro PCS?

Metro PCS does not charge activation fee. If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change. Of course free means you will still have to pay any applicable sales tax on the phone as well as a $10 $15 activation fee.

Is there a cancellation fee for Metro PCS?

Does Metro PCS have a termination fee? metro pcs is no contract. you are not bound to a contract. if you want to cancel your service you simply don't pay and it gets turned off and then if you wish to restart your service you pay and they will turn it on again.

Does MetroPCS offer free upgrades?

Claim a free phone and bonus 4G LTE data from MetroPCS. Everyone loves a clown free phone, and pre-paid carrier MetroPCS is your ticket to this deal. New or existing customers can upgrade to one of 12 free handsets. Normally, those who sign up for this tier receive unlimited talk, text and 5GB of 4G LTE Data each month

How much does it cost for a phone upgrade?

In general, upgrading to the newest model would cost you: An extra $25 a month, the typical price for financing or leasing a phone; or. $199, the typical price for subsidizing a phone with a contract; or. $650 or more to buy your phone outright.

How often can I upgrade my phone with MetroPCS?

Once you purchase a phone on Metro PCS, you automatically qualify for a promotional upgrade every 90 days after activating the phone, up to four times a year.

Can I trade in my metro phone for a new one?

Unlike other wireless carriers, Metro PCS does not have a mobile phone trade-in program. You can still trade in your phone, however, with third-party companies like Flipswap and CellForCash. These companies will pay you for your old mobile device. Trade-in phones can be sold for hundreds of dollars.

Does MetroPCS credit check?

Taxes and fees included, and no credit check
Metro is a great choice if you're looking to avoid a credit check. Since you're required to pay in advance for your service each month, the company doesn't need to collect your personal financial information.

Can you lease a phone with MetroPCS?

You may lease any smart phone of your choosing available at our in-store or online partners. Depending on where you apply, you may be able to bundle the smartphone with accessories and/or an auto-refill service plan. How much does SmartPay cost?

Can you make payments on an iPhone at MetroPCS?

Question: Q: Monthly Payments for Metro PCS
Answer: A: Yes you can. Apple sells unlocked iPhone. So you can have any sim or carrier you prefer.

Does Metro PCS carry iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 64GB Black
Experience unprecedented performance with A13 Bionic for gaming, augmented reality (AR), and photography. Do more and charge less with all-day battery life2. And worry less with water resistance up to 2 meters for 30 minutes1. At select Metro by T-Mobile stores.

How can I finance a cell phone?

How can I finance a cell phone?
  1. Financing through your current carrier. If you're happy with your current plan, many providers offer a few options to finance a new phone:
  2. Financing through a new carrier.
  3. Manufacturer financing.
  4. Retailer financing.
  5. Personal loan.
  6. Credit card.

What are the best phones at MetroPCS?

Best Metro By T-Mobile phones
  1. iPhone 11 Pro Max. The best phone money can buy.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Our favorite Android with stellar battery life.
  3. iPhone 11. Great cameras for a great price.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10e. The most compact flagship you can buy.
  5. iPhone 8. The best compact iPhone.
  6. Moto G7 Power.
  7. Moto E5 Play.

Can you upgrade on Metro PCS?

You can upgrade Metro phones, but you won't get any trade-in credits for a discount, and you'll have to pay an upgrade fee along with the full price of the phone.

What Finance does MetroPCS use?

Both carriers are using a company called Progressive Finance to handle the loans to customers, while MetroPCS says it is also partnering with BillFloat to provide the service.

How many metro points is a dollar?

Each quarter the points were converted into a dollar value ($500 spent in Metro equals $4 in rewards though members also receive personalized coupons as bonus points) and paper “cheques” for that amount were mailed out to members.