Can you rent a code reader?

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The best place to rent or borrow an on-board diagnosics (OBD or OBD II) scanner is often at a mechanic's office or garage. Scanning may or may not be a free service that they will offer. Oftentimes, a mechanic will scan your vehicle for free if you will be buying repair services from his shop.

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Also know, can I borrow a code reader from AutoZone?

We're here to help by providing these specialty tools with our AutoZone Loan-A-Tool service. It's the most complete selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own, specialty tools that will help you do the job right. When you're done with the job, just return it to get a full refund of your deposit.

Likewise, can you rent tools? With rental centers available in most of our stores nationwide, we make renting tools easy. We offer competitive prices for all of our rental services, and several different tool rental rate options for your convenience. You'll find all the moving supplies and equipment you need to relocate your home or office.

Moreover, does O'Reilly have a code reader?

O'Reilly Auto Parts offers free check engine light testing to help you diagnose the problem. Most of our stores can loan you a code reader for OBD 1&2 systems for vehicles from 1996 and up, except in areas where it is prohibited by law.

Does AutoZone rent jack stands?

i work at autozone they dont rent jack & stands, what u could do is buy them and then return them with the reciept. all depends on the store.

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Will AutoZone read ABS codes?

The Actron scanners that specifically mention ABS are do read ABS codes (as libertyforall said above) these are what some AutoZone store loan out (for refundable deposit). Same with AutoXray (the one that mentions ABS).

How does loan a tool at AutoZone work?

Just put down a deposit for the equipment and, then take your gear back to the garage and get down to work. After you've finished the job, return the tool to AutoZone within 90 days and get your deposit refunded, or keep the tool and pay for it with the deposit.

What does OBD stand for?

On-Board Diagnostics

Where can I read car codes for free?

Most auto parts stores will have an OBD-II scanner on hand to check the OBD-II PID service codes, and will do it for free.

At a local auto parts store
  • Advance Auto Parts.
  • AutoZone.
  • Napa Auto Parts.
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts.
  • Pep Boys Auto Parts.

Can you rent a torque wrench?

Just rent one from your local auto parts store and then return it if you don't want to have to pay for one. If they don't have one, you can buy a cheap beam torque wrench in 3/8" or 1/4" drive for like $20 and whip it out for peace-of-mind components (drives smaller than 1/2" will probably get you your 100in-lb).

What scanner does AutoZone use?

Product Details
Part Number: 3100
Scanner Compatibility: OBD2 Vehicles
OBD II Cable Included: Yes
PC Interface Cable Included: Yes
Package Contents: 3100 Tool, 3 x AA Batteries, USB Cable, OBD2 Cable, Quick Reference Guide

Does AutoZone do free OBD scans?

Does AutoZone Scan Check Engine Lights? AutoZone does. If your light is on, and you are wondering why, head down to your local AutoZone where one of our store associates can help diagnose the issue through our free Fix Finder service.

How much is an OBD reader?

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How much is an OBD scanner?

There are hundreds of OBD-II scan tools and code readers on the market, and they cost anywhere from $50 to $3,000. The variety of options is a boon for consumers, but if you're not properly informed, you could easily purchase a scanner that reads only a small amount of your vehicle's available information.

Will Oreillys scan codes for free?

"Pep Boys offers free engine light code retrieval designed to provide the answers you need when your Check Engine light comes on." AutoZone and O'Reilly also offer this service. Most auto repair shops do too, and that's not surprising. After all, if you've got problems, you've got to get them fixed somewhere.

Will O'Reilly install my battery?

Yes they will install your battery for you. If you buy a battery from some other place and they install it for you, first they will check the battery to make sure it good.

How do you check engine light?

Check your dashboard gauges and lights for indications of low oil pressure or overheating. These conditions mean you should pull over and shut off the engine as soon as you can find a safe place to do so. On some cars, a yellow check engine light means investigate the problem and a red one means stop right now.

What does O'Reilly do?

O'Reilly Auto Parts is an American auto parts retailer that provides automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the United States serving both the professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers.

Which auto parts stores will check engine light?

Many drivers don't realize that AutoZone, the nation's largest auto parts chain, will do the following services free of charge: Read the codes on your check engine light. Test your battery's voltage. Check your alternator and starter.

What is the best engine code reader?

Our 7 Favorite OBD2 Scanners
Product Connection Cable Length
Autel AL319 Cable 30"
Actron CP9670 Cable 30"
Ancel AD310 Cable 30"
Veepeak Mini WiFi n/a

How do I turn my check engine light off?

If it does not go off, then your engine has a problem.
  1. 4 Ways to Turn off the "Check Engine" Light. Method.
  2. Drive Your Car and Let the Light Go off by Itself.
  3. Turn the Car on and off Three Times.
  4. Disconnect and Reconnect the Battery.
  5. Use an OBD Code Reader.

What years does obd2 cover?

All cars and light trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 were required to be OBD II equipped. In general, this means all 1996 model year cars and light trucks are compliant, even if built in late 1995. 2) There will be a note on a sticker or nameplate under the hood: "OBD II compliant".