Can you make money selling pecans?

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They can actually make money for their owners. Grow the finest pecans you can. If your pecans have a low shell out rate of 50 percent or less you will not make much money. Sell directly to commercial purchasers if you have a large pecan crop.

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Also, how much money can you make selling pecans?

“Pecans offer more profit potential than a typical row crop enterprise, a cow/calf farm or a stocker operation, even at peak cycles,” Locke says. But it takes good yields to make good money. “We set a target of 2,000 pounds per acre,” Rohla says. With a $2 per pound retail market, opportunities are pretty good.

Additionally, how much do pecans sell for 2019? 2019 Pecan Color Sorter Technology

3 MONTH $6.25 % 3.39
6 MONTH $6.25 % 5.48
9 MONTH $6.25 % 4.84
1 YEAR $6.25 % 4.68

In this way, how much is pecans per pound?

According to, hard-shell pecans are selling for $6.99 per pound and paper-shell pecans are $7.49 per pound. Pecans with no shells are $13.99 per pound.

Are pecans profitable?

Pecans can begin bearing lightly at four years, with commercial production in eight years. Nut production continues to increase until 20 years of age. A mature pecan orchard can yield from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds of nuts per acre.

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How many pecan trees can you plant on 1 acre?

Pecan trees are most frequently planted at densities ranging from 12 to 48 trees per acre, making it possible to produce over 1,000 pounds per acre per year. With many varieties requiring 50 nuts to make a pound, a single acre of pe- cans may yield 50,000 nuts which must be harvested.

How much does a five gallon bucket of pecans weigh?

Approximately 15-20 lbs. of whole pecans can fit into a 5-gallon bucket.

How many pounds of pecans does a mature tree produce?

A mature pecan tree requires nearly 34,000 gallons of water per year. With annual average yields of 40 to 50 pounds per tree, this amounts to nearly 680 to 850 gallons of water per pound of nuts, depending on soil type. Proper management of these practices will result in fast growing productive trees.

What state has the best pecans?

The top pecan-producing states are Georgia, New Mexico and Texas.

How much does it cost to have pecans shelled?

Shelled Pecans
Shelled Texas Pecans
1 pound - package shelled pecans $10.95 ($10.95 per lb) OUT OF STOCK
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3 pounds - package shelled pecans $32.75 ($10.91 per lb) OUT OF STOCK
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How much is a full grown pecan tree worth?

He figures a mature pecan tree is worth $2,500 to $2,850. He estimates the direct costs of buying and growing the original tree to age 12, when the value of the tree's production equals the cost to produce the nuts, at $309.

How many ounces is 1 pound pecans? : Fisher Pecan Halves, 16 OZ 1 LB Bag : Snack Pecans : Grocery & Gourmet Food.

How many pecans are in a cup?

How many pecan halves are there in one cup? There are (±1) 66 pecan half kernels per 1 US cup and 70 of them in 1 Metric measuring cup size.

How many pecans are in an ounce?

15 pecan halves are present in one ounce. The recommended amount of nuts to consume daily is 1.5 ounce. You can either have a small handful of pecan nuts daily or mix in other staple nuts.

How many types of pecans are there?

500 different varieties

Can dogs eat pecans?

Pecans contain a toxin called juglone, which is toxic to dogs. If a dog ate pecans in any great quantity, it would suffer gastric intestinal upset or an obstruction. Although overdoing it on pecans would not be fatal to your pet, it could make him very sick.

How are pecans sold?

Farmers can sell their pecans in-shell or shelled. They also can sell straight to consumers through farmers' markets and online websites for retail prices or to accumulators, wholesalers and shellers for wholesale prices. Buyers are mainly concerned with the price they can receive for the pecan nutmeat.

How much are pecans selling for in Louisiana?

Improved varieties of pecans are fetching $2.80 to $3 per pound, which is “very good,” Graham said. Natives, which make up most of the Louisiana crop, aren't faring as well, selling for between 40 cents and 60 cents per pound.

How much are pecans selling for in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma pecans are going for 60 to 70 cents a pound, the USDA said. Last year, producers were getting $1.50 a pound. “It was a windfall for the growers last year,” Spradling said. “It's going to be a windfall for the shellers this year.”

Why are pecans expensive?

Pecan farmers say bad weather and demand from China are forcing prices up. Their growing economy means they're more willing to pay higher prices, and that's raising prices everywhere. The demand is also moving faster than the pecans can grow.