Can rabbits eat cereal?

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In very small quantities, unsweetened dry cereal is safe for most rabbits. In the wild, rabbits normally don't eat large quantities of grain, except during certain seasons when fresh foliage is scarce. You should never feed cereal to rabbits that are under 12 weeks or obese due to their high carbohydrate content.

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Also question is, can I give my rabbit cereal?

Yep, cereal is a bunny no no. Fruit (banana, strawberry, apple but NO seeds, or others on the approved list), raisins, carrot, all in moderation. Oat hay tops are ok too. You can also set aside some of your bunny's pellets for the day and hand feed as treats.

Also Know, can you feed a rabbit Cheerios? The occasional five pieces of Cheerios is fine, but serving your pet rabbit a bowlful of Cheerios can have unpleasant effects. Rabbits do eat grains, but once grains are processed (especially when manufacturing Cheerios), there is the inevitability for grains to lose its natural nutritional value.

Thereof, can rabbits eat cornflakes?

Along with that, the way that cornflakes are processed as well as the sugars and other stuff added, they are really not safe for rabbits. There are much healthier treats out there like small pieces of dried fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

What foods can kill a rabbit?

Foods that can harm or kill your rabbit

  • AVOCADO. Avocados contain a nasty toxic principle known as “Persin” which can put a rabbit in a fatal position.
  • MEAT.

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Can rabbits eat cucumber?

Yes, but in very small amounts. Cucumbers can be a healthful and fun snack for your rabbit but not to a greater extent. Don't feed him too much as it can cause digestive problems that could lead to runny stools (rabbit diarrhea) and a poor appetite. Cucumber is not a nutritionally dense food for your bunny.

Can bunnies eat celery?

Rabbits love to nibble on different vegetables, including carrots celery. Celery is safe for your bunny but it is recommended to start them off with small amounts. You can gradually increase the amount over a few days if your pet doesn't show signs of stomach upset or diarrhea.

Can rabbits eat lettuce?

Rabbits shouldn't eat some lettuces (e.g. iceberg) as they contain lactucarium which can be harmful in large quantities. Some lettuce is "worse" than others - light-coloured varieties are high in water and have very little nutritional value, so are not recommended.

Can rabbits have broccoli?

Although eating broccoli is good for humans, it is not recommended for rabbits. Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is known to cause gas. Some rabbits may be less or more sensitive to broccoli than others. You can feed your rabbit a small amount of broccoli and observe how he reacts.

Can rabbits eat apples?

Giving Apples to Rabbits. Among your responsibilities is ensuring your rabbits have a nutritionally sound diet. Your rabbit needs lots of hay, some pelleted feed, and some vegetable and fruit matter. Your bunnies can eat apple in moderation, but be sure they eat no apple seeds.

Can rabbits eat banana?

Just like other fruit and vegetables rabbits love to eat bananas. You can also feed your rabbit the banana peel but make sure you do so sparingly. Please note that banana must be fed to your rabbit in moderation due to its high sugar content. Remember to always wash bananas before feeding them to your rabbit.

Can bunnies eat grapes?

Yes, but make sure that you regulate its intake. Just like other fruits, your rabbit should not be given too much grapes in its diet. Grapes are something that they would happily nibble on because they taste sweet. After all, rabbits have sweet tooth and would gladly devour all that you offer to it.

Can rabbits eat cheese?

No, definitely not. A bunny cannot eat cheese. Some digestive-strong rabbits will be able to nibble on cheese but that doesn't mean that they are healthy or that this is the good way to go. Dairy products (cheddar, cottage, or cream cheese, milk, cream, or yogurt) are not good for rabbits.

Can a rabbit eat Weetabix?

Each rabbit, as you will find with your own, has a preference on which vegetables and treats it likes the most. Our favourite fruit and vegetables to offer include: carrots, swede, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, apple and grapes. Some of our rabbits also like crusts off bread, weetabix and crackers from time to time.

Can rabbits eat sunflower seeds?

To answer this question yes, rabbits are able to eat sunflower seeds but there are few things that need to be taken into consideration before you give them this treat.

Can bunnies eat Rice Krispies?

No. Rabbits should never be feed rice. However, you can feed very small quantities of rice krispies as a treat infrequently and in small quantities.

What can rabbits eat?

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits need to eat more than just carrots and lettuce. They require a balanced diet of hay, fresh veggies and fruit, and a few pellets.

Vegetables that can be fed to a rabbit daily:
  • Bell peppers.
  • Bok choy.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Carrot tops.
  • Cucumber.
  • Endive.
  • Escarole.
  • Fennel.

Can rabbits eat raisins?

So can rabbits eat raisins? Yes! A rabbit can eat raisins they are small, easily digestible and sweet. Raisins are dried grapes so caution should be taken not to over feed them as the high concentration of sugar may cause obesity.

Can rabbits eat Lucky Charms?

No. Do not give your rabbits cereals whether they are in their whole form or have been processed. No Honey Nut Cheerios, frosted flakes, honey bunches of oats, Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, and so on. Bunnies definitely require all these nutrients.

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes, rabbits can eat tomatoes, but only as a treat. Either small or large, juicy or not, red or yellow, cherry or not, tomatoes are not poisonous. The fruit is not bad for rabbits excepting all plant parts like the leaves, vines, flowers, and stems which are toxic. The green fruits are also toxic.

Can rabbits eat potatoes?

While potatoes aren't necessarily harmful to rabbits, the truth is potatoes really don't have a positive impact in your pet rabbits diet. Rabbits do not need high amounts of sugar and starch. The peels of potatoes are rich in starch too and there is a risk of your rabbit having an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Can rabbits eat bread?

Actually, rabbits can eat bread, but they should not eat this household food. Although rabbits would not find a piece of bread in the wild and it is not a natural part of their diet, bread is safe for rabbits. Bread is on the list of foods that rabbits can eat as a treat.