Can Pleco Fish live in cold water?

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The pleco is about 3 inches long, he is the biggest fish in the tank. That is much, much too cold for a pleco. They are tropical fish and need temps of around 74-80 degrees F. They come from tropical water and have no business living in a cold water tank.

Accordingly, what pleco can live in cold water?

Most plecos are tolerant of waters ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18-30°C), though they prefer temperatures between about 75 and 82°F (24-28°C). With that being said, there are some pleco species that are hardier than others, and may be able to withstand some cooler waters. A Bristlenose Pleco.

Additionally, can algae eaters live in cold water? Many so called algae eaters live in water that is quite fast flowing. Hillstream loach species are frequently sold as algae eaters for coldwater or temperate tanks.

Just so, what temperature can Plecos live in?

Most fish aquariums are “tropical setups” in the water temperatures of 72-84 F range. Plecos will do just fine in that and even lower temps. Even down in the mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

What fish can live in cold water?

Coldwater fish are fish such as goldfish, koi, and other members of the carp family that are able to survive in cold water temperatures.

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Can you put Plecos with goldfish?

It depends on the individual fish. Also, if you don't maintain the tank then your fish probably won't live as long. Pleco can be known for sucking on goldfish since they have a thicker slime layer on them. Plecos can also live for a long time too, so there really isn't any issue in pairing it with a goldfish.

Can a pleco live without a heater?

No, not really. Like Bunji said, they'll do ok so long as it's in a coldwater tank. That means a tank that doesn't have a heater, but is indoors. The water will always be at room temperature, (about 72F), which isn't too cold for a plec.

Can two Plecos live together?

"No" to Multiple Plecos Together
They often do wonderfully alongside other types of community freshwater fish. When plecos reach maturity, they simply cannot get along with fellow plecos. They can be highly territorial around each other. Therefore, it can be extremely dangerous ever to house them together.

How long does it take for a common pleco to reach full size?

He then said to me that I should be fine with a small (1 - 1 1/2") common pleco since it will take 10 years to get to full size, or 5+ years to get to a size too large for my 29 gallon.

Can a pleco live in a lake?

Don't release it! However, plecos can live fine in lakes, ponds or rivers as long as there are no hard freezes.

How long does a pleco live?

This fish is also available as an Albino Pleco. In the wild these fish gets up to 24 inches (60 cm) in length, though they seldom exceed 12 - 15" (30.5 - 38 cm) in the aquarium. They are fast growing, and have an average lifespan of 10 - 15 years in captivity. In the wild they can live more than 15 years.

Do Plecos need heated water?

Plecostomus Water Requirements
A pH between 7.0 and 8.0, alkalinity between 3° and 10° dKH (54ppm to 180ppm), and temperature between 74° and 80° F will suffice for most captive bred species. If the aquarium is kept in a room below 74°, use an Aqueon aquarium heater to increase the heat.

Why is my pleco attacking my other fish?

It's rare for a pleco to bite, but they can. Plecos can be pretty aggressive to other fish, and it's not uncommon for them too suck the slime coat off of other fish. I'm pretty sure that's the type of wound he's referring to.

How many Plecos Can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

These guys need around 200 litres as a minimum for them to be happy, and yes they do create a lot of waste matter, the filter on a small 10g tank may not cope. What type of pleco? No type would fit in a ten gallon. Even bristle nose plecos need atleast 15 gallons.

Will Plecos eat dead fish?

Plecos have a super complex diet. To be 100% healthy your pleco should eat drift wood, algae, biofilm, dead fish, fruits and plants. There is no single diet for all plecos. And plecos don't need to eat dead fish to be healthy, that's completely silly.

Can plecostomus live without air pump?

They will not need a air pump if there is a good filter that causes lots of surface disturbance. If it every looks like your pleco is gasping for air and not swimming a lot then you need to get a air pump.

Why do Plecos die?

If your tank doesn't have plants and special lights there is not enough algae to eat for pleco. If your saw betta consuming pleco's algae wafers, pleco was probably starving (curved in stomach is a sign). Plecos are mainly nocturnal, this means they are active at night. Drop the algae wafer when the lights are off.

Does Pleco eat poop?

While plecos will eat most foods, it is best to feed them algae pellets or specially formulated sinking pellets also. This is because they sometimes do not get enough to eat on their own. Plecos does eat fish poo. While poo eaten is a weird concept, it is actually not unusual for animals.

Can Plecos live in sand?

Actually, they shouldn't suck up the sand. Gravel is probably way more dangerous, because it can get lodged in their throat. I've had plecos, and they never died from sand. Sand is sctually the preffered substrate, cause using gravel can make their mouths sore and raw, inviting infection.

Do Plecos clean your tank?

Some species of pleco do in fact eat algae such as the bristlenose, but plecos are also infamous for their waste, being able to double of triple the total bio-load of an aquarium. No cleaner type fish will tidy up your aquarium better than you can, and all of them will add to the biological load on the tank.

Can Plecos eat fish flakes?

Pellets and Flakes
To feed a plecostomus, use normal commercially available fish food. A plecostomus will eat flakes that have fallen to the floor of the tank. However, if competitor fish continue to eat the floating flakes, switch to a pellet form of commercial fish food.