Can I use my game card at Makro?

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The Makro Credit Card can also be used to purchase at Game, DionWired, Builders and any other store within the RCS retail network.

Considering this, can I use my game gift card at Makro?

Gift Cards can be redeemed in-store only, at all Makro stores. Gift Cards must be presented in conjunction with a Makro access card. Makro Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit notes and cannot be returned. For a balance enquiry, SMS your Gift Card number to 34543 or call 083 918 7700.

Beside above, can I use my game card at clicks? You can now use your RCS Card at Clicks, which means you'll be able to get all your health and beauty products with an easy swipe of your card. Looking beautiful this summer has never been so easy! Spend R500 on your RCS Card at Clicks, Musica and The Body Shop and earn double club points.

Hereof, which stores can I use my game card?

Ackermans, Bata Shoe Stores, Boardmans, Builders, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Chamberlain Stores, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Clicks, CNA Stores, Contempo, Dion Wired, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Red Square, Game, Game Liquor, Hyperama House & Home, Hungry Lion, Jet, Makro, MediRite, OK Furniture, PEP

Where can I use my RCS card at game?

The RCS Card is issued to customers in retail stores, and has credit limits ranging from R1,000 to R40,000. Our Private Label portfolio currently includes Game, Dion Wired, Makro, Builders, Queenspark, Tekkie Town, Spitz, Kurt Geiger, Green Cross, Carvela, Cotton On, Typo and Factorie.

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What is a gift card number?

With a physical gift card, your number is located on the back of the card. Next to the gift card there will be a sticker with a silver scratch off coating. With a virtual gift card, the gift card number and pin will be sent directly to the recipient's email.

How does a game gift card work?

They are simple to use, either pay for your entire order or use them as a part payment towards your order total. Once spent, you can simply top up your card in any of our GAME stores.

What is a virtual voucher?

A Virtual Voucher is an SMS version of the current gift card. Maximum purchase value R5 000. 3 years from date of issue to use the Virtual Voucher. Virtual Voucher may be used across all categories, including Liquor.

Can you buy online at Makro?

Register for Online Shopping
When you register to shop online or for a Makro card, your information is kept safe and will not be shared or sold. Your privacy is important to us.

Can I shop at Makro without a card?

You need a Makro card in order to shop in-store or online at Makro. Yes, but if you don't have a Makro Card yet, you can still continue to register, as a card will be instantly issued to you. Current Makro Cardholders can use their existing Makro Cards to register.

Do Makro cards expire?

Your Makro trade card accounts will remain open for a period of 2 years, with no activity on them. If the account has no purchases through it for a period of 2 years, it will automatically close down, you will need to re-register the account at your local store.

Can I get an eBucks card at Makro?

You must have a Makro Card to earn and spend your eBucks at Makro. To order a Makro card you can: Sms "eBucks" to 31144. Apply online at

Can I use my RCS card at Toys R Us?

TIME TO PLAY! Your RCS Card gives you access to the RCS Shopping Network of over 24 000 retailers, including Toys R Us – so swipe your RCS Card, and treat your child to something they'll love!

Can I use my game card at Shoprite?

These cards are accepted nationwide at any Checkers, Shoprite or Usave store, as well as at selected OK Furniture stores.

Can I use my game card at Supa Quick?

Use your card for purchases at over 24 000 stores where you see the RCS sign, including Checkers, Shoprite, PnP, Foschini, Edgars, Coricraft, Supa Quick, Totalsports & many more.

Can I withdraw cash from my RCS card?

Access to cash - your RCS Credit Card can be used to withdraw cash anywhere, anytime. Shop anywhere – accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard sign. Free SMS notification - so you can manage your RCS Credit Card safely and securely.

Can I use my RCS card at Pick n Pay?

Pick 'n Pay's reply:
Kindly note that the RCS card can be used at any PnP Supermarket or Hyper store. that has an RCS sign.

Can I use my Truworths card at sportscene?

Your fashion gift card can be used at any one of our Truworths, Truworths Man, Daniel Hechter, LTD, Inwear and Uzzi stores in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland. You may also use your gift card to credit your account but normal instalments still apply. Your gift card may not be redeemed against cellphone purchases.

How do I activate my game card?

To link your reward card to a GAME account, follow the registration steps in any of the channels above and during registration under the GAME Reward section, change the button from 'Create new Reward Card' to 'Link an existing Reward Account' and then enter the 13-digit Reward number from your Reward card.

Can I use my Ackermans card at Tekkie town?

Use your Shoe City Card at any Shoe City, Ackermans, Dunns, John Craig, Refinery or Tekkie Town store nationwide, or any stores that display the A-plus sign. When carrying your Shoe City Card, there's no need to carry cash when shopping at your favourite store.

How does RCS card work?

RCS is a registered consumer finance and financial services provider that offers financial services to suit consumers' lifestyle needs – including cards, loans and insurance. The RCS Card is one of RCS's service offerings and can be applied for online. It has credit limits ranging from R1, 000 to R40, 000.

Can I use my game card at builders?

The Makro Credit Card can also be used to purchase at Game, DionWired, Builders and any other store within the RCS retail network.