Can I use Delta miles for hotels?

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Redeeming Delta SkyMiles for Hotels. Medallion Members and Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members can redeem miles for a wider variety of merchandise, in addition to hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, gift cards and more through the SkyMiles Marketplace.

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Also question is, can I use Delta miles to book hotels?

There are more ways to use your miles than ever before when you shop in the SkyMiles Marketplace. Medallion Members and Delta SkyMiles Amex Card Members can redeem miles for a wider variety of merchandise, in addition to hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, gift cards and more. All SkyMiles Marketplace terms apply.

Additionally, what hotels give Delta miles? Earn miles at more than 6,900 participating hotels worldwide. Choose to earn miles with Delta by saving your SkyMiles number in your account.

Earn 500 miles per eligible stay at Hyatt Hotel & Resorts.

  • Andaz®
  • Grand Hyatt®
  • Hyatt®
  • Hyatt Centric®
  • Hyatt House®
  • Hyatt Place®
  • Hyatt Regency®
  • Hyatt ZivaTM

Also to know, can you use airline miles for hotels?

Frequent flyer programs offer a wide variety of ways to redeem miles. Aside from flight and upgrade awards, you can use miles to pay for hotels and rental cars, merchandise, experiences and more. United's MileagePlus Hotel and Car Awards provide a perfect example.

Does Delta partner with any hotels?

Earn more miles in your sleep when you stay with any of our SkyMiles hotel partners around the globe, including brands like Marriott®, Westin®, Sheraton®, InterContinental® and dozens more.

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How do I use Delta miles for hotels?

Redeeming Delta SkyMiles for Hotels
  1. Once you're logged into the SkyMiles Marketplace, head to the “Travel” option, which will pop open a new screen where you can then search for either Hotels, Car Rentals, Activities, or Cruises.
  2. As you see there are tons of hotels that came up with our search results.

What do Delta miles get you?

Earn When You Fly
As a SkyMiles Member, you'll earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on Delta flights*. So when you pay a higher price, you're rewarded with more miles — up to 75,000 miles per ticket. How to Earn on Flights: When you book a flight, enter your SkyMiles number - it's that easy.

How many Delta miles does it take to rent a car?

Only one SkyMiles member per car rental will be credited with miles. Base Miles: Earn 500 Miles per rental. Offer valid for rentals at participating National locations in United States and Canada. Bonus Miles: Earn 200 Miles per rental day when booked directly on

How many SkyMiles do I have with Delta?

How many Delta SkyMiles® do I have? You can view your Delta SkyMiles® balance through your online account, at the top right side of the page. You can also visit or call Delta Airlines toll free at 1-800-323-2323.

How do you spend SkyMiles?

More Ways to Use Miles
  1. Elevate Your Travel. Treat yourself to an even better travel experience, by using miles to upgrade your seat or get a Delta Sky Club membership.
  2. Vacation. Go beyond the flight with Delta Vacations®.
  3. SkyMiles Experiences®
  4. Delta Gift Cards.
  5. SkyMiles Marketplace.
  6. Buy, Gift, Transfer or Donate.
  7. Magazines.

Can I transfer Delta miles to Marriott?

You can also earn Marriott points and transfer Marriott points to Delta at a transfer rate of 3:1. Plus, for every 60,000 Marriott points that you transfer, you'll receive an extra 5,000 Delta SkyMiles bonus.

Can I redeem Delta SkyMiles for cash?

Delta Airlines has added a new way for flyers to redeem their SkyMiles. Now, SkyMiles members cancash out” their miles for Delta gift cards. Below are the miles needed to redeem for a gift card. Unfortunately, there's only five different redemption levels, so you'll need a certain number of miles to redeem.

How many Delta miles does it take to get a free flight?

Delta's SkyMiles charts say the minimum number of miles required for a free U.S. trip is 25,000. Mile requirements have been lowered on certain flights in both business and first class. One-way award tickets will start as low as 12,500 miles plus taxes and fees.

Can you book a hotel with Delta Miles?

With the Miles to Go program, you can redeem miles when booking flights, hotel stays, rental cars and activities as part of your vacation package to any of our more than 300 destinations worldwide. You can redeem up to 999,999 miles on a flight and hotel packages to any Delta Vacations destination.

Can you convert American Airlines miles to hotel points?

Convert your hotel points to miles
Convert your hotel points into miles and redeem them for award travel on American Airlines.

Can you convert AA miles to Marriott points?

Unfortunately for Mei, there is no straightforward strategy for transferring AAdvantage miles to Marriott. The rewards exchange lets you move points and miles between different programs (at a generally terrible rate), but Marriott isn't one of the site's hotel partners.

How much is an AA mile worth?

The Value of Airline Miles by Airline
Airline Frequent Flyer Program Average Value of One Mile
American Airlines AAdvantage 1.0 cents
Delta SkyMiles 1.3 cents
JetBlue TrueBlue 1.6 cents
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards 1.5 cents

How much do American Airlines miles cost?

The regular price of buying miles from American is ~3.17 cents per mile ($29.50 per 1,000 miles plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax) — before a $30 Processing Charge per purchase — but with the maximum bonus offer, it'll actually drop your price down to just 1.89 cents per mile.

How many AA miles does it take to rent a car?

American Airlines AAdvantage® members earn 500 miles per rental on all qualifying rentals at participating airport rental locations in the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. No American Airlines flight, ticket or boarding pass is required to earn miles.

What airlines can you use American Airlines miles on?

You can book any American Airlines' flight with miles on, but for three partners (China Southern Airlines, Interjet and LATAM Airlines) you'll need to call to book.

American Airlines oneworld award chart
  • British Airways.
  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Finnair.
  • Iberia.
  • Japan Airlines.
  • LATAM Airlines.
  • Malaysia Airlines.
  • Qantas.

How do I redeem SkyMiles?

How do I use Pay with Miles?
  1. Log in at
  2. Search for flights.
  3. Select a flight marked as Pay with Miles eligible.
  4. On the Trip Summary page, view Pay with Miles options.
  5. Choose to pay in miles, money or a combination of both.
  6. Pay the remaining ticket price with your Delta SkyMiles Amex Card.
  7. Book your selections.

How many airmiles Do you need to book a hotel?

Therefore, we are looking for AT LEAST 8 Air Miles for $1 and the lower we can get that number the better. Therefore, in the case of a hotel room which will cost 8.3 we can pass, pay cash and wait for a better Air Miles deal to come along!