Can I return an item to next without a receipt?

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You can return any unworn items (in their original condition) within 28 days of receiving your order for a full refund. This doesn't affect your rights to return faulty items. You can't return an item purchased online to a Next store. Keep your proof of return until you receive confirmation you have been refunded.

Furthermore, how many times can you return at Home Depot without a receipt?

You can exchange the item for one in better condition within the given period as well as long as you provide the receipt. If you are returning an item after 90 days, or if you have no receipt but provide a valid form of identification, you can still receive store credit.

Subsequently, question is, what stores can you return items without a receipt? Most of the stores listed below will return or exchange an item without a receipt and give you 90 days or more to make the transaction.
  1. Nordstrom.
  2. Kohl's.
  3. REI.
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond.
  5. L.L. Bean.
  6. J.C. Penney.
  7. Wal-Mart.

People also ask, can I return an item to B&Q without a receipt?

You'll just need the receipt, order confirmation, or sales invoice and we will exchange the product or issue a refund. Products can be returned to any B&Q, whether bought in-store or online. If the product you purchase is faulty, or not as described, we may offer an exchange, refund or repair as appropriate.

Does Home Depot take returns without a receipt?

Returns made without a valid sales receipt may be refunded as a Store Credit at the lowest advertised price. Cash and cash equivalent purchases exceeding $1,000 may be refunded by check sent from The Home Depot's corporate office.

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Can Home Depot look up my receipt?

Yes, if you go to your local Home Depot service desk you can get a duplicate receipt printed if you have the transaction information off of your receipt. You can also get a copy if you have the credit card # you made the purchase with. You can also get a copy if you have the credit card # you made the purchase with.

Do stores track returns?

Many retailers track returns with the help of The Retail Equation, an Irvine, Calif. The most popular choice among retailers is the Verify Return Authorization system, which uses statistical modeling and analytics to detect fraudulent and abusive behavior when returns are processed at store return counters.

Does Walmart check serial numbers on returns?

Yes they will match the serial number on the device to the receipt, as well as to the box. If you lost your receipt, they can look it up, provided it is the same store you purchased the item at.

What is the return policy at Home Depot?

In-Store Purchase Return Policy Basics. Returns within 90 days of purchase and with a valid sales receipt will be exchanged, refunded in cash, credited to your account or refunded via The Home Depot store credit. Visit our Return Policy Page for exceptions to our in-store purchase return policy.

Can you use the same receipt to return something twice at Home Depot?

You cannot return the same item twice. How would that be possible? Now, if you mean can you buy something and return it, and then buy the same thing and return it, sure. As long as the item fulfills the return policy requirements, there should be no issues.

Will Home Depot return opened items?

If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items.

How long does Home Depot refund?

After returning an item to a store or by mail, it may take two to 10 business days for the refund to appear in your account, Home Depot says.

Can you return a toilet seat?

Toilet Seats – Due to the nature of the product, TOILET SEATS CANNOT BE EXCHANGED. Toilet seats can only be returned if they are damaged in shipping or if you receive the wrong toilet seat. The seat must be returned in original packing and original UNOPENED box.

Can you return 3 for 2 items?

Hi, yes you can exchange it for something of the same value or lower if you don't have the reciept or if you do have it your best to take the 3 items (though not necassary) and they will put the 3 for 2 though again- all depends on whether it's the cheapest itam you return or if you chose something of a higher/ lower

Can you return unused paint?

Paint Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your interior or exterior liquid paint purchase, simply return the unused portion in the original container within 30 days of purchase.

Can you return paint if you don't like the color?

There actually are simple Most times the answer is yes, if you watch their commercials, they tell you they will make you happy with the color. Even if you, as a customer, picked the paint color. They then turn around and discount that can of paint and someone else has a great can of paint at a discounted price.

How long does a refund take on debit card?

A debit card refund can take as long as 10 working days to arrive.

Can you take paint back to B&Q?

If you have unopened cans, still have the receipt and purchased less than 45 days ago, you may be able to return the paint to B&Q for an exchange or refund.

Can Valspar Paint be returned?

No, you cannot physically return mixed color Valspar paint to the store, but you can get a refund. Terms and conditions are limited, so obtaining a refund does entail a minor amount of work. Limited though it is, this return policy is still better than that of other retailers and paint companies.

Do B and Q deliver from store?

Home Delivery Charges From Store
Orders containing only items with free delivery will be delivered free of charge. For orders containing items with free delivery as well as items with standard delivery charges, the flat rate of £5 delivery will be added to the order.

How long does a B&Q credit note last?

Just please bear in mind that a gift card will expire and any remaining value will be removed if it is not used to make a purchase, top-up or balance enquiry during any period of five consecutive years.

What do stores do with returned items?

Basically, they take a returned item, refund the customer. Then, they charge back the vendor (sometimes for the retail amount refunded, in other words, MORE than they ever paid for the item to begin with, then sometimes tack on added “processing fees”.