Can I read the infernal devices first?

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I initially read the first few Mortal Instruments books, found out about The Infernal Devices, and read Clockwork Angel before finishing up The Mortal Instruments books. I would recommend beginning with The Infernal Devices books and then read The Mortal Instrument ones.

Similarly, what order should I read Cassandra Clare's books?

The first way to read the Cassandra Clare books in order is by publication date

  • City of Bones.
  • City of Ashes.
  • City of Glass.
  • Clockwork Angel.
  • City of Fallen Angels.
  • Clockwork Prince.
  • City of Lost Souls.
  • Clockwork Princess.

One may also ask, is Clockwork Angel a prequel to City of Bones? "The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel" Constantin Film, producers of "The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones" will develop a prequel to the film, adapting the 3-part series, "The Infernal Devices", by author Cassandra Clare.

Considering this, is the infernal devices worth reading?

Infernal Devices is a prequel to City of Bones so you may want to read that series first. If you enjoy YA Fantasy then it's worth checking out. I found that the writing was more mature then the Mortal instruments and the story more involving. I also liked that it more steampunk-y horror then urban fantasy.

How are the infernal devices and mortal instruments connected?

The Infernal Devices are a trilogy of prequels to the Mortal Instruments books, set almost 130 years ago. They deal with the adventures of a Downworlder girl named Tessa in a Victorian London where the Accords have only just been finalized and tensions between Shadowhunters and Downworlders are running high.

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Is there going to be a 4th dark artifices book?

There are three Dark Artifices books: Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows, and Queen of Air and Darkness. Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows are out now. The Silver Mask, the fourth book in the Magisterium series, will be out in October 2017. There will be one more Magisterium novel, and the series will wrap up next fall.

Does Tessa end up with will or Jem?

At the end of the series, Will marries Tessa, having two children, Lucie and James, with her. Jem has to separate from both of them now that he is a Silent Brother, however, when Will dies in 1937 of old age, his family and friends, Tessa, and Jem are all by his side.

Is the mortal instruments appropriate for 12 year olds?

The Mortal Instruments books are “Young Adult” for sure. Which means they are not written for “kids.” The movie is rated PG-13 for “intense sequences of fantasy violence and action, and some suggestive content.”

Do you have to read the mortal instruments before the dark artifices?

You most definitely need to read the Mortal Instruments before Lady Midnight because you will be so so so spoiled for everything, and you will not understand almost anything! Clare says that each series can stand on it's own without havibg to read the others but I highly recommend reading TMI first.

Do you have to read tales from the shadowhunter Academy before Lady midnight?

Can you read Lady Midnight/Lord of Shadows without reading the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy novellas? Yes, definitely. Yes you can, but you should read it first.

Do you have to read the bane Chronicles?

There is one short story in The Bane Chronicles that is entirely based off of the Infernal Devices trilogy, and if you read it before you finish Clockwork Princess everything will be spoiled for you. So for your own mental well-being, I beg you, DO NOT read The Bane Chronicles before finishing The Mortal Instruments!!!

Do you have to read the mortal instruments before Lady midnight?

Yes, you do have to read The Mortal Instruments before reading Lady Midnight. Lady Midnight doesn't provide any intro into the complex world that the book revolves around, and characters, inside jokes, and hidden meanings are all in The Mortal Instruments.

What comes after Mortal Instruments?

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City of Bones City of Ashes City of Glass City of Fallen Angels City of Lost Souls City of Heavenly Fire
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback) Audiobook
No. of books 6
Preceded by The Last Hours
Followed by The Dark Artifices

Do Jem and Tessa have a baby?

After accepting some herbs from him, Tessa allowed Jem to walk her back towards the house, where she later gave birth to her daughter. They named her Wilhelmina, after their beloved Will, nicknamed Mina.

Who did Herondale marry?

The family tree shows that: James Herondale married Cordelia Carstairs, Christopher Lightwood married Grace Blackthorn (born Cartwright) and that Jesse Blackthorn married Lucie Herondale.

Does Tessa Gray marry Jem?

She eventually got engaged to Jem, but this had to end after Jem became a Silent Brother in order to stop him dying (as he had ran out of his drug yin fen) as Silent Brothers cannot marry. After this, Tessa married Will (until his death in 1937) and had two children named James and Lucie.

What is Tessa's Warlock mark?

A warlock mark is a distinct or strange physical feature that identifies warlocks. Warlocks may hide or disguise their more extraordinary marks with glamour to blend in among mundanes.

Who was brother Zachariah Parabatai?

Brother Zachariah was a Silent Brother, a feared and respected figure in the Shadow World. He was the most frequently called upon Silent Brother in London until the 1900s, and in New York in 2007 after the death of Brother Jeremiah. Zachariah was the name used by Jem Carstairs during his time among the Silent Brothers.

How are Jace and will Herondale related?

Will was named after his grandfather, William Herondale. Will is the direct ancestor of Jace Herondale, one of the main characters of The Mortal Instruments. Like many of the Herondales that came after him, Will has an intense dislike of ducks.

What order is the City of Bones series?

City of Bones is followed by the second book, City of Ashes, and the third, City of Glass.

Is there a movie for the infernal devices?

Now Constantin is turning to the prequel book series Infernal Devices for yet another potential film franchise. Hit the jump for more. Per Heat Vision, Constantin has hired actress-turned-screenwriter Stephanie Sanditz to pen an adaptation of Infernal Devices and the search for a director is currently underway.