Can chrysanthemums be eaten?

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You might know chrysanthemums, or mums, as a many-petalled flower found all over the world in garden beds and flower pots. Chrysanthemum blooms range from palest yellow to bright red, with a few varieties in green and purple. Chrysanthemums are also edible and have been used for medicinal purposes for many years.

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Then, are chrysanthemums poisonous?

All parts of the chrysanthemum plant are potentially harmful if ingested by mammals, especially the flower heads. Symptoms of toxicity include nausea, vomiting, rashes, increased salivation, diarrhea and lack of coordination.

Also Know, are chrysanthemums edible? All chrysanthemum flowers are edible, but the flavor varies widely from plant to plant, from sweet to tangy to bitter or peppery. It may take some experimentation to find flavors you like. You can buy traditional Chrysanthemum morifolium plants for your garden at Companion Plants.

Consequently, can rabbits eat chrysanthemums?

Mums are somewhat resistant to deer and rabbits, which tend to avoid plants that have fragrant leaves or a fuzzy texture -- both of present on many varieties of mums. Some chrysanthemums have stems and leaves that are poisonous to rabbits, although that probably won't stop them from nibbling on the tender flowers.

Is chrysanthemum tea safe to drink?

Chrysanthemum Tea Side Effects You should not consume chrysanthemum if you are taking drugs to suppress the immune system or if you are allergic to ragweed. There is not enough evidence to know that consuming chrysanthemum over the long term is safe.

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