Why does Capulet think Juliet is crying?

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As a result of believing that Juliet wants revenge like herself, Lady Capulet and Juliet also discuss sending a man to Mantua to poison Romeo, which is an ironic use of foreshadowing. Hence, Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is grieving over Tybalt and that her grief is becoming excessive.

Keeping this in view, why do Lord and Lady Capulet think Juliet is sad?

The Friar explains to Romeo that he must leave Verona and never come back. Lord Capulet is sad that Juliet never married Paris because he thinks that it would have made her happy. Lord Capulet promises Paris that the wedding will be on Thursday.

Similarly, what does Lord Capulet tell his wife to say to Juliet? Capulet tells his wife to tell Juliet she is to be married to Paris on Thursday. Later, why does Juliet think Romeo should leave? He doesn't want him to die because of her.

Regarding this, why is Juliet really crying?

Juliet was actually crying for Romeo after finding out because he was to be banished from Verona . Juliet was sad about Tybalt's death at first , but then she thought that if Romeo didn't kill Tybalt then Tybalt would kill Romeo eventually .

Why does Paris believe Juliet is weeping?

Paris believes that Juliet "weeps for Tybalt's death." In truth, she weeps because? Depicts the fall and death of a noble character who is in conflict with forces beyond his/her control.

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What does Capulet demand of Juliet?

Lord Capulet demands that Juliet marry Paris on Thursday. Lord Capulet's decision affects the future for Romeo and Juliet because he gave her an ultimatum. He has told her to marry Paris or never return home. She feels trapped and feels that she must act.

What happened in Act 3 Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet?

Summary: Act 3, scene 4
Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris walk together. Capulet says he thinks his daughter will listen to him, then corrects himself and states that he is sure Juliet will abide by his decision. He promises Paris that the wedding will be held on Wednesday, then stops suddenly and asks what day it is.

What is Mercutio's threat as he dies?

Romeo blames fate, or fortune, for what has happened to him. Mercutio curses the Montagues and Capulets. He seems to see people as the cause of his death, and gives no credit to any larger force. Elizabethan society generally believed that a man too much in love lost his manliness.

What is a desperate tender?

A "tender" is an offer; Capulet's offer of Juliet's love is "desperate" in the sense of "bold" because he has made the offer without knowing how Juliet feels about Paris. But the more common meaning of "desperate" is "reckless" or "thoughtless," and it certainly seems that Capulet didn't think before he spoke.

What does Juliet threaten Lady Capulet with?

What does Juliet threaten Lady Capulet with and how does Lady Capulet respond? Juliet says she will kill herself if forced to marry Paris. Her mother basically tells. her to go ahead.

What does Lord Capulet decide in Scene 4?

What decision does Lord Capulet make in Scene 4? Lord Capulet decides to let Paris marry Juliet. Lord Capulet becomes extremely angry and tells Juliet that if she doesn't marry Paris he will kick her out on the streets and disown her. Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet and even the Nurse all want/advice Juliet to marry Paris.

Why does Lord Capulet tell Tybalt to leave Romeo alone?

Old Capulet doesn't allow Tybalt to confront Romeo because Capulet (and Montague) has been scolded by the Prince to stop fighting because it causes a big scene and puts others in danger. He did not want the violence to occur at his place and so he bid Tybalt to halt his agression.

How does Juliet respond to her mother's announcement?

When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about getting married, Juliet replies: "It is an honour that I dream not of." There is a clear hint of sarcasm in Juliet's response. It was seen as an honour for Veronese women to be married, especially to someone of rank and title.

Did Paris really love Juliet?

Later textual evidence does indicate that Paris harbors a legitimate love for Juliet, and though he arrogantly assumes Juliet will want to marry him, Paris never treats her unkindly. Nevertheless, because she does not love him, he represents a real and frightening potentiality for Juliet.

How does Juliet kill herself?

Romeo takes poison
Juliet finally awakens to see Romeo there with her - however, she quickly realises he has drunk poison. She kisses his lips to try and taste the poison herself, but it doesn't work. So, instead, she kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

How old is Juliet?

thirteen years old

Who married Juliet?

Juliet Capulet
Created by William Shakespeare
Affiliation The Nurse (surrogate mother)
Family Romeo Montague (lover/husband) Lord Capulet (father) Lady Capulet (mother) Tybalt Capulet (cousin) Rosaline Capulet (cousin)

What is the nurse's advice to Juliet?

in Act III, Scene 5, the nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, because Romeo is banished and Paris is, in her words “a lovely gentleman.” This is crucial because up until this point, Juliet had trusted the Nurse with her secrets and accepted her advice.

What four things does Juliet fear?

Quote the lines which support your answers. – Juliet 4 fears are: => she afraid that the mixture won't work. => so she would be married to Count Paris by tomorrow's morning.

How does Lord Capulet react to Juliet's death?

The nurse and Lady Capulet tell him that she is dead and he, too, becomes very upset. He says her death is unfair for someone so young and beautiful, like a strange unseasonable frost killing the most beautiful flower in a field. Friar Laurence, Paris, and the wedding musicians enter.

What happens when Juliet drinks the potion?

The Friar will give Juliet a potion to make her appear dead. After drinking it, her family will lay her apparently lifeless body in the Capulet tomb. The potion will last for 24 hours, during which time Friar Lawrence will send news to Romeo. He only hears that Juliet is dead and leaves for Verona immediately.