How does Shakespeare present Capulet as a good father?

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In 'Romeo and Juliet' Lord Capulet, Juliet's father, is presented as a good father in many ways throughout the play and particularly in this extract. This shows that although Lord Capulet is a good father because he cares about her feelings, he does not want Juliet to have her own voice or opinions outside his.

Keeping this in consideration, what type of father is Capulet?

Capulet - The patriarch of the Capulet family, father of Juliet, husband of Lady Capulet, and enemy, for unexplained reasons, of Montague. He truly loves his daughter, though he is not well acquainted with Juliet's thoughts or feelings, and seems to think that what is best for her is a “good” match with Paris.

Likewise, how is Lord Capulet presented throughout the play? Throughout the course of the play Lord Capulet goes from calm reasoning to spontaneous anger to contrition. Lord Capulet is Juliet's father. In the beginning of the play, he is in a good mood. He is throwing a big party to show his beautiful daughter off, though he tells Paris she is too young to marry at fourteen.

In respect to this, why are the Capulets good parents?

He initially is considered a good father because he throws the party so Paris can see what other young women are available, rather than just giving Juliet to Paris (which would have given the Capulets an important leg-up on the Montagues, since Paris is a kinsman of the prince).

How is Lord Capulet presented in Act 1 scene5?

Act 1, scene 5, shows Tybalt infuriated over Romeo's presence at the Capulet ball: "Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, / To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin." Lord Capulet tells Tybalt to ignore Romeo's presence and insists Romeo's reasons for attending are not malicious: "Therefore be patient, take no note of

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How is Lord Capulet a bad father?

Lord Capulet is the strong, authoritative father figure in this tragedy. The character is not drawn as a bad father. He protects his family. When the audience discovers that the Countie Paris wishes to marry Juliet, we first see Lord Capulet putting him off, telling him to wait because she is too young.

Is Mercutio a Montague?

Romeo and Juliet Act III Scene I The Death of Romeo's Friend, Mercutio. He is a close friend to Romeo and a blood relative to Prince Escalus and Count Paris. As such, being neither a Montague nor a Capulet, Mercutio is one of the named characters in the play with the ability to mingle around those of both houses.

How old is Juliet's father?

Answers 2. Juliet is turning fourteen years old. Her father would like Paris to wait another two years before marriage.

How old is Juliet?

thirteen years old

Is Rosaline a Capulet?

Rosaline (/ˈr?z?l?n, -iːn/) is a fictional character mentioned in William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet (1597). She is the niece of Lord Capulet. Although an unseen character, her role is important. Scholars believe Romeo's early experience with Rosaline prepares him for his relationship with Juliet.

What does Capulet call Juliet?

Lord Capulet, none too pleased to learn that his daughter is refusing to marry Paris, calls Juliet a "mistress minion", a "green sickness carrion" and a "tallow face." This is a very interesting question, because its explanation requires some knowledge of the superstitions of Renaissance thinking.

Is Benvolio a Montague?

Benvolio. Benvolio is a fictional character in Shakespeare's drama Romeo and Juliet. He is Lord Montague's nephew and Romeo's cousin. Benvolio serves as an unsuccessful peacemaker in the play, attempting to prevent violence between the Capulet and Montague families.

Is Peter a Capulet or Montague?

Romeo and Juliet: whose side are they on
Romeo Montague
Mercutio Montague
Nurse Capulet
Paris Capulet

What is the nurse's advice to Juliet?

in Act III, Scene 5, the nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, because Romeo is banished and Paris is, in her words “a lovely gentleman.” This is crucial because up until this point, Juliet had trusted the Nurse with her secrets and accepted her advice.

How does Lord Capulet react to Juliet's death?

The nurse and Lady Capulet tell him that she is dead and he, too, becomes very upset. He says her death is unfair for someone so young and beautiful, like a strange unseasonable frost killing the most beautiful flower in a field. Friar Laurence, Paris, and the wedding musicians enter.

How does the nurse react to Juliet's death?

In this scene of Romeo and Juliet, the first person to react to Juliet's apparent death is the Nurse. On discovering Juliet's lifeless body, she repeatedly cries out for "help" while also cursing the day she was born: Oh, welladay, that ever I was born!

What is Lady Capulet personality?

Lady Capulet is Capulet's wife. Lady Capulet is quite a timid, unknowing and selfish character, as she appears to be frightened of her husband and does not love her daughter like a mother should. In the play, she forgets Juliet's age and they have a formal relationship, illustrating the distance between them both.

What does Capulet say about Romeo?

Capulet says that Romeo is a respectable lad. And, to say truth, Verona brags of him/To be a virtuous and well-govern'd youth. Lord Capulet thinks of Romeo as a gentleman, someone who is virtuous and respectable.

How old is the nurse in Romeo and Juliet?

The nurse's age is not given in the play, but we know that she is old. She gave birth to a daughter who was the same age as Juliet and who died; therefore, the nurse was able to nurse Juliet. The nurse makes references to her age; for example, she says "how my bones ache" when Juliet sends the nurse after Romeo.

Who is illiterate in Romeo and Juliet?

Peter. Peter - A Capulet servant who invites guests to Capulet's feast and escorts the Nurse to meet with Romeo. He is illiterate, and a bad singer.

Why is Lord Capulet happy?

Lord Capulet feels that Juliet is "unworthy" because she is so ungrateful about the marriage. He also seems angry that Juliet questions his authority. If Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Lord Capulet tells her, "

How old is Lord Capulet?

Lord Capulet (a.k.a. Capulet) is Juliet's daddy. At first, he seems like a pretty good dad. When Paris comes sniffing around for thirteen-year-old Juliet's hand in marriage, Capulet puts him off, citing Juliet's young age and even suggesting that he'd like his daughter to marry for "love" (1.2).