Why did Kendall choose Jo?

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Kendall must choose between Jo and Lucy Carlos and James' friendship is tested. With Jo returning to the Palm Woods because of her movie's production being canceled from the set burning down Kendall has to choose between Jo and Lucy.

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Hereof, why did Kendall and Jo break up?

They almost break up when Kendall accuses Jo of telling her costar that she liked him when really she just told him he was a good actor.

Additionally, did Kendall and Jo dating in real life? Yes,Kendall is dating Jo in B. In real life though, actors Kedall Schmidt and Katelyn Tarver are good friends, but are not dating.

Additionally, who does Kendall choose between Jo and Lucy?

She returns in Season 3 Big Time Surprise right after Kendall and Lucy kiss. At the end of Big Time Decision, Kendall walks through LA, and sees several things that remind him of Lucy. He goes back to the Palm Woods and chooses Jo as his girlfriend, which causes Lucy to leave the Palm Woods.

What episode does Jo leave Kendall?

Big Time Break-Up

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Did Joe and Kendall break up?

“Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and Kendall Long from 2018's “Bachelor in Paradise” have broken up. Joe has made the decision to move back to Chicago while Kendall will be remaining in her hometown of Los Angeles,” the former couple said in a joint statement to Bachelor Nation.

Does Jo come back to BTR?

Big Time Surprise may count as a special just like Big Time Break-Up. Jo Taylor (Katelyn Tarver) makes a return in this episode. Jo returns in this episode so this episode is the one that was known by fans as Big Time Jo Returns.

Who did Kendall date in BTR?

Kendall Knight
Relationships: Jo Taylor (girlfriend) Lucy Stone (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies: George Hawk Jett Stetson (former) WayneWayne
Other Information
Talent: Singing

How did BTR break up?

Big Time Rush announced their split back in 2013 after four albums and four seasons of their hit show-also called Big Time Rush-together. Kendall chimed in saying, "It's sort of like a thin line to walk on, because we have a lot of fans who love Big Time Rush and we don't want to ever disappoint them.

What episode does Jo Come on Big Time Rush?

She did not leave forever however because in Big Time Surprise she reappears seeing Kendall kissing Lucy just as he asks Lucy out. In the next episode Kendall took Jo back.

Jo Taylor
First appearance: Big Time Love Song
Last appearance: Big Time Dreams
Portrayed By: Katelyn Tarver

Are Joe and Kendall together Bachelor in Paradise?

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long got together on 'Bachelor in Paradise' They met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 and sparks flew. They also managed to stay together when he joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Afterward the couple talked about their plans together.

Is Big Time Rush a real band?

Big Time Rush (also known as BTR) is a band in real life and in the show. Big Time Rush is an American boy band formed in Los Angeles California in 2009. The band consists of members Kendall Schmidt James Maslow Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.

Do James and Lucy get together?

In season 4 James is still seen flirting with her. In Big Time Dreams James and Lucy end up together. In Big Time Pranks 2 Lucy appears to be falling for James and they nearly kiss but are interrupted.

How old are BTR?

Big Time Rush Birthday's & Ages(:
Ranking: James: born July 16, 1990 . Age: 21 Kendall: November 2, 1990 Age: 20 Carlos: August 15, 1989 Age:22 Logan: September 14, 1989 Age: 21.

Is Big Time Rush on Netflix?

With all the new Nickelodeon shows coming up Big Time Rush has been pushed into the weekend schedule and on very early mornings. They are saddened by the fact they can't find all BTR episodes on their favorite place to be… NETFLIX! (Only the 1st season is shown on Netflix.)

When did big time rush start and end?

Season Episodes Originally aired
Last aired
Film March 10, 2012
3 12 November 10, 2012
4 13 July 25, 2013

What happened with Big Time Rush?

In 2013, after the end of the run of the Big Time Rush television series, the group members continued touring until March 2014 and later put the band on an indefinite hiatus, and went on to pursue solo careers. Kendall Schmidt later reformed the band Heffron Drive with Dustin Belt In May 2013.

Do Joe and Kendall get back together?

"We have decided mutually to go our separate ways," the pair wrote in a statement to BachelorNation.com. "Joe has made the decision to move back to Chicago while Kendall will be remaining in her hometown of Los Angeles. Our family and friends have always been an extremely important element to who we are as people.

How old was Kendall in BTR?

29 years (November 2, 1990)