Why did Joe not learn to read as a child?

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Why did Joe not learn to read as a child? What made him marry Pip's sister? His father was a drunk, and his mother ran away. He never went to school because he did not really get the chance because his dad did not approve.

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Consequently, what does Joe gargery symbolize?

Joe Gargery is the ultimate symbol of good and caring in a world surrounded by of evil and deceit. He puts up with Mrs. Joe in the foulest of her moods and continues to support and care for Pip even after he had been tossed aside.

Furthermore, why do the soldiers want to see Joe? It is his way of comforting Pip. Why do the soldiers want to see Joe? He tells everyone that he stole the food and file to keep Pip out of trouble.

Simply so, why did Joe give pip more gravy?

Joe gives Pip more gravy to comfort Pip because grown adults are picking him on about his gender and his gratitude for being raised by his sister. We know that Joe is kind and caring because he just let a convict steal a lot of food and a file from him.

What reasons does Joe give PIP for not standing up to his wife?

Joe tells Pip he doesn't stand up to his wife because she is a master-mind.

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How does PIP feel about Joe?

When Pip leaves for London, the gap between Pip and Joe increases physically and emotionally. At the beginning of the novel, Pip describes Joe as a “larger species of child”. This quotation suggests that Pip views Joe, who is much older than him, as more of an equal and companion in comparison to a parental figure.

Why is Miss Havisham's house called satis?

Satis House is a symbol of frustrated expectations. The word "satis" comes from the Latin word for "enough," and the house must have been given its name as a blessing or as a premonition that its residents would be satisfied with the lives they led between its walls.

What does Joe represent in Great Expectations?

Joe Gargery. Joe Gargery functions as a symbol of the life Pip tries to reject, but ultimately comes to value. Joe is described as “mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going,” and provides a loving and nurturing presence during Pip's childhood.

How old is Joe at the end of Great Expectations?

The book says it was about a year after he met Magwitch on the marsh, but Estella, in particular, seems somewhat older than 8. Pip is apprenticed to Joe at around 14.

What does the cake symbolize in Great Expectations?

The cake symbolizes holding on to the past. Miss Havisham has refused to let go of her past and that is why she has kept her wedding dress and wedding cake. The cake is not longer edible, therefore, it is a symbol that lets the reader know how holding on to the past can rotten one's life.

What is the marshes in Great Expectations?

Later in the novel, the marsh is the setting of Orlick's attempted murder on Pip. Beginning in his childhood, the marshes have come to symbolize uncertainty and danger. The mists that sit on the marsh, and later on the streets of London have a similar meaning to the marshes; a foreshadowing of negative consequences.

What are symbols in Great Expectations?

In Great Expectations Charles Dickens uses three major symbols: Tears, Satis House, and Money. Dickens also relates these symbols to the major themes. For example, the symbol of money relates to social class and ambition because it deals with how members of various classes use money.

What does Pip represent in Great Expectations?

It tells the story of Philip Pirrip, or Pip. Pip is the protagonist (main character) and the narrator of the story. Pip tells readers the story of things that took place in his life as he grew into adulthood. Pip lacks knowledge of the world and the ways of people.

Why does Joe Call Pip sir?

Joe calls Pip sir in recognition of his 'gentleman' status. It also suggests the disconnect between Joe and Pip that now exists because Pip has become a snob. Pip's snobbish nature is horrible. Joe tells Pip that Wopsle has left the church to become an actor.

Why does Pip say the children are tumbling up?

Herbert Pocket is the son of Matthew Pocket who is Pip's tutor. Wemmick is Pip's friend and I believe Jaggers clerk. Why does Pip describe the seven little Pockets as "tumbling up" instead of "growing up" Pip describes them this way because the Pockets are active and not watched over by, by their parents.

Why doesn't PIP tell the truth about Miss Havisham?

Pip didn't want to tell the truth about what happened at Satis House (playing cards with Estella whilst Miss Havisham watched) because he didn't think they'd understand Miss Havisham's weirdness. Pip's expectations have changed because he now knows he can control his fate through hard work.

Who nurses PIP back to health?

Pip also gets very sick and is himself arrested for not paying his debts. Joe comes and nurses Pip back to health and tells him Miss Havisham has died, leaving a large amount of money to Mr. Matthew Pocket. Before returning to his forge, Joe also pays off Pip's debt.

What does Pip ask Biddy to do for Joe?

Pip asks Biddy to help Joe improve his manners. She tells him that he is too proud for this, and that he does not have any desire to rise in station. Pip assumes that she is jealous. Biddy assures Pip that she will always care for him regardless of his opinion of her.

Why doesn't PIP feel ashamed for stealing Mrs Joe's food when he does feel guilty for not telling the truth to Joe?

Pip doesn't feel ashamed for stealing Mrs Joe's food because he doesn't love her. However, he loves Joe and so the lies make him feel bad. Mr Pumblechook declares that the convict climbed the outer walls and used his bedsheets to clamber down the chimney and exited out the same way.

What happened when Pip meets the convict in the marshes the second time?

What happened when Pip met the convict in the marshes the second time? He runs in to another convict, and gives the first convict food and the file.

What does Pip learn from Jaggers?

Jagger's housekeeper is the mother of Estella. Thirdly, Pip has learned that good people do not have to have money or social class. He realizes that awkward Joe is a truly good man as is Magwitch and Joe and Biddy. He has learned a new sympathy for those of noble nature, no matter their social class.

Why is Pip in Miss Havisham?

The first answer is the reason that Miss Havisham actually gives at the time that she invites Pip. What she says is that she wants someone to keep Estella company -- someone young to play with her.