Who won Season 1 total drama?

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Contestant Original team Finish
Duncan The Delinquent Killer Bass 4th place
Heather The Queen Bee Screaming Gophers 3rd place
Gwen The Loner Screaming Gophers Winner/runner-up
Owen The Party Guy Screaming Gophers Winner/runner-up

Also, who won Total Drama Island Season 1?

Season 1: Total Drama Island

Winner Runner-up Third place
Owen Gwen Heather
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$1,000,000 $100,000 $10,000

Additionally, did Gwen win total drama island? Gwen wins Total Drama Island in her ending. In Owen's ending, she is winning until Owen gets motivated to run by the brownies that Izzy made and runs all the way to the finish line, pushing Gwen aside along the way and causing her to be the runner-up.

Also know, who won Season 2 of Total Drama?

The Total Drama Action winner was Duncan. Beth wins in the alternate ending.

Why did total drama end?

All in all, the reason why I think Total Drama ended is because the broadcasters don't have an interest in it anymore. Seasons that got decent treatment like All Stars didn't perform well enough. RR was basically screwed over. The show's format just isn't something CN is looking for in their shows now.

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Why is Trent obsessed 9?

Trent reveals that his obsession originated with a toy train that his grandfather gave him and shortly before he died a wheel fell off, leaving only nine the toy had only nine wheels, Trent's mother convinced him to use this as his lucky number.

Who is the robot in total drama all stars?

Alejandro is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures. He is first introduced as "The Robot", while stuck inside the Drama Machine.

Why is total drama censored?

The censorship of the words "heck", "stupid", "shut up", and "hot" stand out the most, because Cartoon Network had allowed their shows that had a TV-Y7 rating to use those words for years prior to Total Drama's premiere on the network.

What is after total drama all stars?

Total Drama All-Stars and Pahkitew Island. It is a sequel to Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The season was produced by Fresh TV and the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and distributed by Cake Entertainment.

Is total drama Appropriate?

The show's theme song, "I Wanna Be Famous," says it all. For all its satiric qualities, Total Drama Island actually manages to pull viewers in. Overall, it's an enjoyable, smart show for anyone old enough to watch "real" reality TV.

Why did Gwen and Trent break up?

Trent made decisions for Gwen because he didn't trust Gwen enough to make her own, and Gwen feared the worst out of Trent's behavior because she didn't trust Trent enough to talk it over one more time before the breakup.

Who won all the total dramas?

Contestant Original team Finish
Duncan The Delinquent Killer Bass 4th place
Heather The Queen Bee Screaming Gophers 3rd place
Gwen The Loner Screaming Gophers Winner/runner-up
Owen The Party Guy Screaming Gophers Winner/runner-up

Who won Tdroti?

Contestant Original team Finish
Scott The Devious Toxic Rats 4th place
Zoey The Indie Chick Mutant Maggots 3rd place
Lightning Uber Jock Toxic Rats Winner/runner-up
Cameron The Wide Eyed Bubble Boy Mutant Maggots Winner/runner-up

How old are the Total Drama contestants?

Total drama island: pretty self explanatory, every character is 16 as mentioned by Chris and some other character's. Total drama action: tda takes place only 2 days after tdi, which obviously means everyone is the same age.

Who does Duncan end up with in total drama?

Duncan's relationship with Gwen starts to strain at the beginning of the season. Duncan is one of seven original cast members competing the season. He is placed on the Villainous Vultures in Heroes vs. Villains along with his girlfriend, Gwen, who is unhappy to be on a team of villains.

What happened to Ezekiel total drama?

Total Drama All-Stars
Chef drops Ezekiel out of the helicopter. Ezekiel reappears in Heroes vs. Villains. He is first seen being dropped from the helicopter by Chef and is introduced as the fourteenth contestant of the season.

What does Alejandro's last name mean total drama?

Alejandro's last name is Burromuerto, as revealed in Slap Slap Revolution. In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, it is revealed that this means "dead donkey". However, his last name is pronounced "Burromuertos" several times during Total Drama All-Stars.

Do Gwen and Duncan end up together?

Duncan then becomes guilty of his actions. Alejandro and Heather eventually use Duncan's guilt to get him eliminated. Once Duncan is eliminated from the competition again, he is reunited with Gwen, and the two of them continue their relationship.

Why does Total Drama Island have alternate endings?

There are alternate endings so fans can see what would've happened had the other contest won.

Was total drama Cancelled?

Total Drama has officially been cancelled :( : survivor.

When did total drama end?

November 20, 2014

Is there a season 6 of Total Drama?

Total Drama: Season 6 (working title) is the sixth season of Total Drama and the eighth installment in the franchise. It will likely consist of thirteen or twenty-six episodes. The season is set to premiere sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.