Who plays Wilson in the night shift?

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Cast (in credits order)
Eoin Macken Dr. TC Callahan
Luke Macfarlane Rick Lincoln (as Luke MacFarlane)
Edwin Hodge Pvt. Bauder
Devon Graye Pvt. Wilson
Mandy Levin Marcie

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Besides, who plays Thad in the night shift?


Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Eoin Macken Dr. TC Callahan
Megan Stevenson Candy
Robert Hoffman Thad Callahan
Derek Webster Nick

Furthermore, who stole the drugs on night shift? As such, on their way out, Mac put his life on the line to ensure the others' safety. After the smoke proverbially cleared, Jordan gave Scott the bad news, that it was Annie who stole the drugs from the hospital.

Furthermore, who plays Maya in the night shift?

Olesya Rulin

Why did Ken Leung leave night shift?

Leung reportedly had an option in his contract to leave after three seasons; the show wanted him back for Season 4, but he is choosing to pursue other opportunities. Leung has played ER surgeon/former Army Ranger Dr. Christopher “Topher” Zia since Season 1 of the hit summer drama.

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Does Jordan and TC have a baby?

Jordan also finds out she is pregnant with TC's child, and once she tells him, they are happy (Need to Know). They start planning what they have to do before the baby arrives. In the end, Jordan loses the baby and TC is upset that he was not with her when this all happened.

Is Night Shift Cancelled?

The Night Shift Cancelled at NBC. The Night Shift has officially ended: NBC has axed the summer medical drama after four seasons, TVLine has learned. The Season 4 finale, which aired August 31, will now serve as the series finale.

How did Topher from the night shift die?

Jordan announces Topher's death in a speech made to the staff at the hospital, after receiving a text from the hospital's legal department and over a SAT phone to TC: "At 9:37 last night, Dr. Christopher Zia and his daughter Lynn were in a head on collision with a drunk driver on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Why did they kill Topher?

In the second episode of the fourth season it is revealed that Topher, along with his oldest daughter, were killed in a car accident (offscreen) after being hit by a drunk driver.

Do Jordan and TC break up?

No. Following Jordan's loss of her baby, she and TC have broken up but are still working together.

Will night shift have a Season 5?

NBC has opted not to go forward with a fifth season of The Night Shift. The army vet medical drama, created and executive produced by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, flew under the radar for most of its run.

What hours are night shift?

Definition. The night shift -- also known as the third shift -- is between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., according to PBS.

Does Jordan on night shift die?

When TC returned from the war it was Jordan and Topher who helped him find his way. Jordan's father died because he refused medical treatment and chose prayer instead.

Jordan Alexander.
Jordan Elizabeth Alexander
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Resurgence
Actor Jill Flint

What episode does Jordan tells TC she's pregnant?

"The Night Shift" Storm Watch (TV Episode 2014) - IMDb.

What happened to Dr Landry on the night shift?

Danielle Alonzo dropped from NBC drama The Night Shift
Alonzo's character of psychiatrist Dr Landry De La Cruz will not be returning for the second season of the medical drama. The Night Shift follows the staff who work the late night shift in the Emergency Room at a San Antonio hospital.

How many seasons of the night shift are there?


Does Kenny on night shift get paralyzed?

Kenny Fournette. Kenny Fournette is an RN at San Antonio Medical. He is known for being a ladies' man. Kenny also had a paralysis scare after going to Drew's MMA class, but he regained mobility after some steroids.

Does Brianna get adopted by Drew?

Drew strikes up a relationship with the girl, Brianna, who has cystic fibrosis. They take both the mother and Brianna back to the hospital, where despite their best efforts, the mother dies. Drew comforts Brianna, and, not wanting her to go back into the foster system, decides to adopt her with Rick.

Do TC and Jordan get together in Season 5?

TC (Eoin Macken) decided not to return to Syria and stay with Jordan (Jill Flint), not in the romantic way we were hoping, but at least the two will continue working together at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. In a shocking twist, Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.)