Who is Bill Simmons wife?

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Kari Simmons
m. 1999

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People also ask, what is Bill Simmons net worth?

Bill Simmons' Salary. Bill Simmons Net Worth and salary: Bill Simmons is an American sports columnist, analyst and author who has a net worth of $100 million.

Likewise, did Bill Simmons make 30 for 30? In 2007, Simmons and Connor Schell conceived the idea for 30 for 30, a series of 30 documentaries commemorating the 30th year of the "ESPN era." Simmons and Schell took special interest to "stories that resonated at the time but were eventually forgotten for whatever reason."

Just so, does Bill Simmons own the ringer?

More Stories By Peter. Spotify is to acquire Bill Simmons' pop-culture and sports site and podcast company The Ringer. The music streaming service confirmed that it has entered a “definitive agreement” to buy the company, although terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

How old is Bill Simmons?

50 years (September 25, 1969)

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Is the ringer owned by HBO?

The entertainment company HBO also owns a 10% stake in The Ringer. Simmons, a former ESPN journalist, founded The Ringer in 2016.

How much is Stephen A Smith worth?

Stephen A Smith has a net worth of approximately $10 million, earning a salary of approximately $3.5 million through his work as a sports analyst at ESPN, where he appears with Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim.

Who owns the ringer?

Spotify is acquiring The Ringer, founded by ESPN alum Simmons in 2016, as part of bulking up its portfolio of podcasts. The Ringer produces more than 30 podcasts from Simmons and the startup's staffers as well as personalities including David Chang and Larry Wilmore.

What happened with Bill Simmons at ESPN?

Simmons recently said most of his Grantland staff now works for his new site, The Ringer. Toward the end of the tumultuous relationship with ESPN, Simmons, on air, dared his bosses to reprimand him after he criticized NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Simmons was finally fired in May 2015.

Does Joe House have a job?

Now, despite having a day job in consulting totally unrelated to sports writing or commentary, Joe House has a regular weekly podcast with Simmons and a public profile with a huge following on Twitter. It's near the top of most podcasting charts.

Does the ringer make money?

And while The Ringer has a web publishing operation and has made forays into videos and TV shows, the bulk of its revenue comes from podcasting. Last year, the Journal reported that the company was generating more than $15 million a year from podcasts.

How much is the ringer worth?

It's unclear how many people listen to Simmons' show, although The Ringer says it receives more than 100 million podcast downloads per month, and in 2018, its podcast revenue exceeded $15 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Why did Grantland shut down?

Former Editor-in-Chief Bill Simmons called the shut down “simply appalling.” ESPN president John Skipper said the decision to shut down the site was not a financial matter and instead was done because ESPN did not see the value in spending the time and energy necessary to continue the excellence of Grantland.

How much did HBO invest in the ringer?

Simmons then started The Ringer with backing from WarnerMedia's HBO, which also hired him to create a short-lived TV show he hosted, along with other programming. Simmons has never disclosed if he has other investors; a person familiar with HBO's initial investment says the company put in less than $10 million.

Is the ringer successful?

Of course, the Ringer isn't just a sports-media company; it also does a lot of successful work in the pop-culture space (think Binge Mode and The Rewatchables). With some caveats, a successful acquisition of the Ringer makes a good deal of sense for Spotify.

Are Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal related?

Cousin Sal is the cousin of Jimmy Kimmel and a frequent podcast guest with Bill Simmons, so when he went on to do his usual segment on SportsCenter, you knew he would have to mention, in some way, the messy breakup between Simmons and ESPN.

How much did Spotify pay for the ringer?

Spotify to pay up to $196 million in cash for The Ringer. Spotify disclosed in an SEC filing Wednesday that it is paying up to $196 million for The Ringer, a sports media company founded by former ESPN personality Bill Simmons.

Did Robert Mays leave the ringer?

Robert Mays Missing the Ringer NFL Show Conspiracy Theories. He interacted with Clark on Twitter yesterday. Honestly, my guess is his contract ends December 31, and he's moving on. So he still does his work/articles, but they're phasing him out of the podcast since they'll need a new format for the playoffs.

Who is Mallory Rubin?

Mallory Rubin is the Editor in Chief of The Ringer, and one of the founding editorial members of the site. She and Jason Concepcion co-host the "Binge Mode" podcast, which has covered "Game of Thrones" and "Harry Potter", among other pop culture and literary obsessions, and which was named Time magazine's no.

What is a ringer in sports?

Ringer, in sports idiom, an impostor, especially one whose pretense is intended to gain an advantage in a competition.

Who left the ringer?

Nearly four years after breaking away from a large company to run his own digital operation, Bill Simmons is going back into business with a corporate behemoth. The Ringer, the website and podcasting network founded by Mr. Simmons in 2016, will soon become the property of Spotify, the companies said on Wednesday.

Does Bill Simmons still work for HBO?

Bill Simmons will remain at HBO for the foreseeable future. The sports journalist and podcaster inked a new deal with the network, where he'll continue to produce sports content across its linear and digital platforms, according to the Hollywood Reporter.