Which side of Kauai is best in February?

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In February, your best bet weather-wise is the south part of the island - Poipu Beach area. If it does rain, take a drive somewhere else on the island and you'll likely find the sun. It's rainier and the water is rougher in the north in winter. Condo or hotel - personally, I always prefer a condo.

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Correspondingly, what side of Kauai is the best to stay on?

A good option for first time visitors is to stay on the East side, with equal distance to the North shore and the South and West sides. In the Kapaa or Lihue area, you are centrally located for sightseeing in either direction - and close to shopping for supplies for your longer stay.

Furthermore, what is the best month to go to Kauai? While any time of year is an excellent time for this Hawaiian island, the best time to visit Kauai is from April to June and from September to November. In the pre-summer months the temperature is still ideal, without the summer vacation crowds.

Furthermore, what is the best Hawaiian island to visit in February?

With lots to see and do, here's our guide to the top three islands to visit.

  • Oahu. Hawaii's third largest island is possibly its most thriving, being host to Hawaii's capital city, Honolulu.
  • Kauai. If you're looking for the quiet life and getting back to nature, then Kauai is the island for you.
  • Maui.
  • Before you travel.

Is February a good month to go to Hawaii?

Even in February, the weather is pleasantly warm at the beaches with average daytime high temperatures ranging from about 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Though most of Hawaii's annual rainfall comes in winter months, February is relatively dry-ish compared to the other winter months.

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What is the cheapest way to stay in Kauai?

The cheapest accommodation is on the East Coast where you can find budget hotels such as Kauai Palms Hotel near the airport for around $100 a night. A budget beachfront option with pool is Kauai Shores in Kapaa with rooms for under $150. Airbnbs in Kapaa are also great value.

Are there snakes in Kauai?

There are no snakes in Hawaii. We do however have the mosquito that can be annoying, so use repellent when needed. We do have centipedes, but they are rarely seen. In the rural areas you might have a rare chance of spotting a wild boar, but they are skittish and usually will keep a distance.

How many days do you need in Kauai?

A Few Days in Kauai: A Guide for First-Time Visitors. Many first-time visitors stop in Kauai for four days while island hopping between two or three islands. Four days is enough time to see the best of the island (except for several days-long hikes like the Na Pali Coast).

Is Kauai more expensive than Maui?

Kauai is cheaper. Just like Maui, food will depend on where you eat. Gas and electricity are a bit cheaper too. Residents find that Kauai is less expensive than Maui (energy costs, food, etc.), but my tourist dollar goes farther on Maui.

What is better Maui or Kauai?

The waters around Maui are calmer than the waters around Kauai, especially in winter. While both islands have good snorkeling, Maui has more top-notch sites and more are easily accessible from the beach. One particularity of this island are the black sand beaches which are made of ground lava rock.

What is Kauai best known for?

The Hawaiian islands are known for raging waterfalls, but Kauai is home to one of the wettest places on earth. Mount Waialeale has dozens of falls that pour into a deep canyon accessible via hike.

What side of Kauai has the best beaches?

Kauai's South Shore offers plenty of beaches, shops, restaurants and other amenities within an easy stroll, especially around Poipu. You're staying at Koloa Landing Resort where there is world-class snorkeling right outside your door and beautiful Kiahuna Beach is just a ten-minute stroll down a paved road.

Where should I go on vacation in February?

13 of the best places to visit if you're planning a vacation in February
  • New Orleans, Louisiana. A Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Park City, Utah. Park City, Utah, in February.
  • Maui, Hawaii. A beach on the island of Maui, Hawaii.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  • Curaçao.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Patagonia.
  • Abisko, Sweden.

Which Hawaiian island is warmest in February?

Big Island is the warmest and Kohala coast the driest. Second warmest and driest would be Maui, Wailea.

Where should I stay in Kauai in February?

In February, your best bet weather-wise is the south part of the island - Poipu Beach area. If it does rain, take a drive somewhere else on the island and you'll likely find the sun. It's rainier and the water is rougher in the north in winter. Condo or hotel - personally, I always prefer a condo.

Is February a good time to go to Maui?

I agree that February is a great time to visit Maui, but Whale watching should be good in March too. We get some showers and wind, even some full-day rains once in a while, even in South Maui -- more rain and wind in West Maui in the winter/spring.

What is the cheapest month to go to Maui?

I have found November and May to be the cheapest times to visit - both airfare and accomodation-wise. Generally there are two "low seasons" on Maui: Mid-April through the first part of June and Early Sept until Thanksgiving. Condo's generally rent for 20% less during these periods and airfare can be 50% less or more.

Is Hawaii crowded in February?

Hawaii Crowds in February
You will see smaller crowds at this time of year, especially when compared to the peak seasons; therefore, it's an ideal time to visit popular sightseeing areas.

What places are warm in February?

Escape the winter blues and head to somewhere warm and sunny in February with our list of destinations.
  • Cairo.
  • Orlando.
  • Auckland.
  • Melbourne.
  • Cape Town.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Barbados.
  • Singapore.

What is there to do in Kona in February?

Here's a list of 25 things to do in Kona (or at least the Kona side) of the Big Island:
  • Snorkel Kealakekua Bay.
  • Night scuba (or snorkel) with the manta rays.
  • Visit the summit of Mauna Kea.
  • Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm.
  • Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park.
  • Tour a coffee plantation.
  • See historic Kona town.